Everybody doing today this is your host rich from rich tv live and i’m here with a very special guest the ceo of m cloud universal m cloud corp russ mcmicken how you doing today russ very good so let’s just get started let’s get right into it tell us a brief summary about universal m cloud corp and how long you have been with the company wow and tell us a little

Bit about the deal with fulcrum automation technologies limited and what it means for universal m cloud so it was a very deliberate strategy in there we’ve been working with fulcrum since december first of all with customers and seeing if they’re ready yet we’re things like industrial iot and ai and the specific customers we address and we had it especially with

Work exxon aramco shall be well we talk to the big guys then it’s not it’s resuming where we came from from dk i can recall tino and i before we were in those were all our customers wow and we were doing very early versions of data in the cloud it’s with the enzi’s your connectivity some of the challenges the rumor was not ready microsoft was behind five years ago

Four years ago it was amazon some degree google so a lot of things have happened in three years since we left or we sold our other company started this one so the discussions from so now have been very productive with real people and in summary industrial iot is definitely directly applicable to very critical asset types in the oil and gas industry so compressor

Trains we use hydrogen h2 scan on transformers those saying h2 scans are used in refineries and will be used in refineries witness reformers and hydrogen units in fact there are some early applications already being done so this has been a very deliberate very surgical approach with the largest players in the space and if you look at who our customers are in the

Other vertical markets in buildings we have bank of america 3,300 branches connecting to a branch of the largest bank in the world well i need to be very mission critical and secure that impresses big people of course absolutely similarly rai is used with lockheed martin that’s on the fighter jet program that impresses big very good now i was doing some research

On your company and it was said that your company has a potential to grow into a billion-dollar company is that realistic is that something that you gasps a spectator simple a zb n trayz at 14 times revenue has been our traditionally been our competitor from from my early twenties when i was at honeywell that’s always been we can do it so that’s their multiples so


You’re looking to go that’s assumed with the addition of fulcrum now we were trailing 12 points 14 to 15 million dollar company most analysts believe they’re right that would do somewhere around 19 million before fulcrum now you add on fulcrum and you know that low to mid 20s so now you’re fit to be applied ten times multiple year a third the distance there right

One hundred million revenues good flying unit discount ass context multiple there’s a million right so the answer to your question is that achievable yes is it achievable in a really reasonable period of time we were a us traded company using appropriate multiples for business like we do i think we get there with distance that all right so our problem losses when

It’s pure group order in a sector in canada were multiples of sats are pretty much non-existent so the chain okay very good now how long has universal m cloud corp been developing it’s artificial intelligence for the oil and gas sector that’s great now i keep hearing this word artificial intelligence what is so exciting about this this new world of artificial

Intelligence what is it really what is it what is it that makes artificial intelligence so special then everyone wants to get their hands on now yeah so there are two types or two macro types right i’ll describe why ours isn’t that name is just say it’s just because of a modern compute cloud and costs that were able to do cost-effectively very effectively and

Distributed anywhere and everywhere from the file so in our case the original the the initial principle of how something was built why it was built and how much to behave and the laws of physics around it exist and so we use things like cognitive learning we use a lot of methods to in real-time assess how things are doing we take predictive actions we have to take

Direct control or we advise and we how it should behave so that’s our probes there’s the i think the kind of you refer link to the new way it is i don’t have a clue what the answer should be i have many many mris of things i have technicians been collecting at the mayo clinic data for decades what does this all mean is there a cure for cancer somewhere in this data

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And i have no clothes so we start with no known answer we use very advanced methods like watching at ibm and in the end you start finding patterns and methods of behavior and researchers look up and say i think there’s something here that’s not what we do so in our case we we use outdoor temperature we always use something that’s very well known that can never be

Wrong the course correct our models are ai some which as we make them better the beauty is they don’t sleep they don’t they’re not unionize they don’t do anything they keep getting better or get better they keep they predict better they predict more accurately so eventually a ge turbine our model if it’s wind blade data all the data it has our model is more accurate

More about the behavior at that point in its life and going forward than the original maker of the turbine so that’s what we and we so that’s that’s possible because of things like azur and modern compute makes it very very technically effective and very little possible that’s why i do big crates now you can apply that to cars automate car test a little drive cars

On their own as soon as next year so that’s the same approaches that how the car should drive is known therefore i have to do is use a i to make sure it doesn’t correctly next very good very good and what is universal and clouds i know that you guys just announced some very strong revenue for 2018 do you have any revenue projections for 2019 or expectations for

The company there’s minimums in it so i think it’s pretty simple math big analyst that expectations at fulcrum convert the canadian dollars and we’ve already started so even though it’s march now it’s not like we just woke up yesterday started working on for from so i think that’s a pretty robust picture of what twenty thank you very good and is there anything

Behind the scenes that you guys are working on that you can talk about or anything the exciting thing the reason we went public in canada isn’t because we had some accurate aspirations of watch our stock price every day that was not the reason we did it we did it create a currency so we can develop a playbook or execute on a playbook that builds a real big player

That’s formidable so that we just entered the oil and gas business there’s a lot in that market going to be optimized bigger business in the business so you’re planning to move to the nasdaq very good and as an investor what would you know if i was at an investor presentation for your company what would be some of the key highlights that you would want to kind of

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Let me know as an investor obviously you can’t give me any forward-looking statements but what would be some of the key highlights that you know i should know about as an investor that’s watching we have some investors that are watching right now what should they know about your company absolutely a fighter jet obviously it’s not hype is real right because

Controlling banks 3300 of them in the united states of america over 1200 starbucks in california it’s not hype that’s real and these are real companies doing real things so i think the key message i’m sure you attend conferences where you know you hear high key thing right this is not like and the people who deal with with exxon and she’ll and aramco in saudi arabia

That’s a next big target that’s part of our planet minimum revenues for this year way there why it’s not it’s real so i think the key message you walk away with in the whole and what like your share structure i looked into the share structure it was actually quite tight i like that and as an investor that’s vital are you guys working with lik large institutions

That are taking positions in the company are there any large debt holders like canaccord involved or any bought deal financing within the company that people should be aware of or anything like that now russ we’ve got some people watching and from all over the world and if there was anything else that you want to leave them so that they can remember well that

Sounds great russ well listen russ thank you very much for joining us today we wish you all the best of luck our entire community will be watching very very closely anytime there’s any news we’ll definitely bring it to our community and we’d love to have you on our show again hopefully soon if you have any big news we’d love to have you back on rich tv live okay

Great enjoy your weekend have yourself a great day and thank you very much for your time today cheers

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