Chaincoin Holders We Have a Secret Mission

Chaincoin Holders We Have a Secret Mission

Join forces so i got some big meetings today but before i go to those meetings i want to kind of tell you guys about the new plan here now a lot of you guys are wondering what’s going on with chained coin it’s not just chained coin guys everybody in the cryptocurrency space right now is panicking because of the august first bitcoin fork now now what’s up food stabbed

What’s up ron what’s up james what the secret mission is which honestly i don’t really like sitting on the sidelines as a general as our army gets slaughtered and it took me a while to kind of comprehend this strategy and in fact i was fighting this strategy initially because i didn’t like it because i like to fight i like to go into battle like the fight i want to

Engage i want to win the war that’s how i fight battles but mr. max lee he’s a little bit more strategic he’s like i told you he’s a mad scientist he’s a genius max lee’s strategy our captain strategy right now is to do nothing don’t buy chain coin don’t sell chain coin just huddle just follow now you’re probably thinking like me well this is not really a good idea

It’s gonna go down what like why would we do that and initially what’s up guys initially i was very very much against this strategy i still don’t know you know about the strategy but how can i argue with the guy that has already been extremely successful so the strategy right now on chain coin is to just huddle don’t by chain coin hotle your chain coin definitely

Don’t sell any chain coin just huddle we want to see how low these wheels want to take this the reason behind this is if they take it to 30 40 50 cents that’s a fantastic time for us to get in pick up our masternodes on the cheap so that when we do go in and we fight this battle we can skyrocket it back up and we can make a nice return on our investment so it seems

Crazy right now when we’re watching it go down and watching the whole market go down we’re watching everything in the red i know it seems crazy but ultimately in the long run it seems like actually a very brilliant idea because if we can let it go down to 30 40 50 cents like it did last time and then we can all pick it up at 30 40 50 cents then technically when it

Goes back up to $1 all of us are able to instantly double or triple or coins so that is what the secret mission is guys the secret mission is to do nothing hold on buddy be hard lers don’t buy at any price right now just huddle strictly just huddle just chill out and huddle i know it’s hard i’m sitting here watching going down i know you’re sitting there watching


Go down i think it’s crazy you probably think it’s crazy but there’s a reason why master li is our captain so we need to follow our captain our captain knows what he’s doing okay remember he’s the guy that started this revolution that started at six cents and went to seven dollars so who am i to argue with a guy who’s been able to already take this up thousands

Of percent in fact when i launched the rich coin if max would love to be a part of it i will follow his lead to the end because he’s been hugely successful with chain coin now there’s been some more new there’s been some more new theres a new pic ok guys this is a new pic i want to tell you guys how this pic is done because it’s been spectacular so yesterday max

Talks about linda and says linda’s our side and if you guys want i bought some linda he said it three satou cheese you know it looks like a good company to me what do you think happens linda skyrockets yesterday goes up like a hundred and fifty percent stays up is still up one of the hottest pics in crypto p if not the number one pick in crypto p right now one

Of the hottest picks in the crypto currency space just because max mentioned it so this man is powerful needless to say so what happens today today max mentions another coin the coin is el doge el doge the new coin is el doge so max mentions el doge instantly again within seconds it goes from three satochi to seven satoshi instantly giving anybody who is watching

The opportunity to instantly double their money in like minutes minutes so what does this tell you this tells you that this man knows what he’s doing this tells you that we have a very powerful captain it also tells me that hodler nation is extremely influential extremely influential so i’m not gonna fight against them i’m not gonna try to go against the movement

I’m not gonna try to ever question max lee’s motives question his ability to move the market question his ability to create liquidity and question his ability to pick coins because he’s proven with three coins in a row chain coin going from six cents to seven dollars which is where you guys should have sold linda coin which has gone from two to three satoshi to

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Now being at i think something like thirty satoshi and now today l doge which he brought to our attention at three satoshi and where is it now let’s take a look let’s play some by it goes back just taking a look at the pitbull the bluenose pitbull so yeah man yeah the music’s off man sorry about that i just get excited get excited i apologize guys you guys have

Very sensitive ears very sensitive ears i like to pump the music i like to get excited music drives emotion music drives emotion so that’s the plan guys that’s the new plan nobody touched chained coin just hot hot oh and be ready like a ninja like a sniper and when it goes down to 30 cents 40 cents 50 cents that’s when we want to start getting ready to sniper it

And pick it up lower our cost if we’re higher and then when we see go back to $1.00 then we can instantly double or triple our money and then we can just have more ammunition to buy more chain coin when it goes back down again that’s how we make money in this war we buy low sell high buy low sell high and in the meantime we huddle strictly huddle those are the

Instructions guys don’t touch chain coin just leave it alone let them crush it and then we’ll get it on the cheap we’ll get our masternodes on the cheap we’ll position ourselves in the cheap and then when it goes back up that’s when we’re winning and which coin are we buying right now l do ge now if you missed it it’s okay there may be another coin tomorrow so

Master li knows what he’s doing but make sure you watch all the videos if you want to get in and you want to win because anybody that bought a trip below three at three satoshi you’re already up and you’re already winning that’s a hell of a lot of chicken dinner hell of a lot of chicken dinner well the music’s off so hopefully you guys can hear me now yeah i can

See all you guys messages man i could see all your guys messages man i could see you guys messages yeah i think if you guys really want to get in what you gotta do is you gotta make sure you’re watching max’s live streams okay always hit the bell button on my stream on a max’s stream okay on random tandem stream anytime there’s a new pic anytime there’s any new

News anything that’s going on i’m gonna come live as long as i can go live i’m gonna go live soon as i can okay i’m gonna bring you guys the information live and in real time i can see you guys messaging i’m here man i see you guys messaging i’m here yeah lots of other youtubers are talking about l doge but nobody called it first max called it first and if you’re

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Watching his livestream like i was and i was on my crypto p alive when he gave the pic when he gave the alert i literally saw it go from 3 satoshi to 6 satoshi instantly as soon as he gave the alert those are the facts you guys can watch his video look at the time look at the time of the sales and literally instantly when he gave the alert it went from 3 satoshi

To 4 satoshi to 5 satoshi to 6 satoshi to 7 satoshi instantly while he was live and talking about it there’s nobody on youtube that has that power only one guy one guy his name is max lee and he is our captain the captain of the chain coin nation and do you think he doesn’t have a plan for chained coin of course he does so his plan right now is let it go down let

Us all accumulate it for cheap let chain coin be the people’s coin let us get it for cheap believe me i didn’t like the strategy either i don’t like the strategy either but then the more i thought about it i was like okay i guess it makes sense let’s just pick it up on the cheap let’s get our master notes for 300 bucks when it goes to 30 cents we buy a thousand

Coins at 30 cents we just picked up a master node for 300 bucks now that’s a lot cheaper than it was two weeks ago when you could have picked it up for $3,000 i want to pick up my master node for 300 bucks maybe i’ll pick up ten i mean i’m good with that i’m good with just accumulation accumulation at the lowest possible price buying the red cell in the green and

Hottel buying the red cell in the green and hotle buying the red cell and green and hottel look at the last three coins he talked about chain coin went up from 6 cents to $7 linda has gone from 2 to 3 satoshi to where it is today and today aldo’s a coin that has been doing jack as soon as max mentioned it instantly up 100% the results speak for themselves guys you

Can hate or you can participate i’m just letting you guys know what our secret mission is now you guys ready to take on the mission cuz your general is ready to fight the war alright peeps

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