Charmin vs Kirkland Toilet Paper Test

Solving the modern problems we have, which toilet paper brand to buy at Costco? The Kirkland one or the Charmin one? Which is more cost effective and how much better is the Charmin one since it is obviously more expensive. Watch as I do various strength, size, and absorbency tests on the two toilet papers to see which one is better.

When you go to costco should you buy the charmand toilet paper or the kirkland brand this charming goes for 22.49 and the kirkland brand for 30 rolls it goes for about 16.49 the price might fluctuate a little bit depending on if there’s a coupon sale or whatnot for some weird reason they tell you about the per square foot price which is 2.7 cents per square foot

For charmin and 1.0 cents per square foot for the kirkland now i don’t know about you when i am in the toilet i don’t take out one square foot at a time i take out one square at a time the sherman is a little bit longer they’re both four and a half inches wide the charmin is 4.2 inches long whereas the kirkland is four inches long so it’s a tiny bit smaller all

You care about is that the toilet paper is big enough if it’s big enough for your usage you’re going to use a certain number of squares charmin each roll has 214 sheets and their 2 ply kirkland 425 sheets and also 2 ply so close to about twice the number of sheets that you can get in the kirkland and it’s a little bit cheaper if you work out how much it cost per

Sheet this is about 0.35 cents per sheet whereas the kirkland brand is about 13 cents per sheet this translates to the charmin being 270 percent more expensive per sheet so if you go to the bathroom whatever number of sheets that you always use if you don’t change the number of sheets that you use this is going to cost you 270 percent more to go to the bathroom

Today i’m going to open these up and do a few tests to see how they are in performance both of these come in five packs or six so 30 rolls for both of them i’m gonna take the kirkland one out this is the charmin here’s the sherman let’s weigh this 5.01 ounces and the kirkland 7.27 ounces so wow about 45 percent heavier sherman squeeze test i’m squeezing this

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With a reasonable amount of force and you can see 13 16 inch at the minimum point kirkland about 14 16 inch so roughly about the same volume after squeezing it this is the sherman and the kirkland it does feel slightly beefier in terms of squeezing the charmin does feel a little bit softer just to yeah yeah it does feel softer but this is not bad itself as well

The charmin does have their logo whereas the kirkland is just pattern print let’s look at the charmin i can rip it like that i try to tear the two sheets apart it’s quite clingy together let’s do the same thing with the kirkland seems like the second layer on the kirkland has to go a longer distance so it accumulated so much that there’s an offset in the toilet

Paper itself by the time it gets here so as you kind of go further in i’m sure it’s gonna correct itself a little bit whereas on the sherman it is aligned already if you care about the alignment of your toilet paper at all i rolled out a little bit of the kirkland i’m going to tear it again and you can see it’s aligned a little bit better now i’ve created a small

Strength test over here i’m just gonna pull this until it tears two ounces four six i gotta try to make this kind of parallel 14 15 16 17 18 ounces okay it won’t tear even with about one pound of pull i have this scale so let’s try this test again i gotta do it slowly one pound looks like one pound it does it let me try this again i’m making sure i’m pulling it

Parallel so that it doesn’t give extra stress to these corners one pound it looks like a little bit over one pound in tear 1.2 pound or so try this again with the kirkland brand start to pull one pound oh a little bit less is about point eight pounds let’s try this again with the kirkland about one pound i think so the kirkland has point eight and one pound and

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The charmin over here has one pound and one point two so i’m gonna say point nine versus one point one pound pull this is roughly a 20 strength increase since there are twice the number of sheets in the kirkland i’m gonna use two sheets to compare to one sheet of charmin this might be quite an unfair test because four sheets probably will be a lot stronger than

Two ply of the charmin but you’re looking at about the same cost even slightly less cost in the kirkland brand so let’s do a pull test on this as well 1 1.2 1.5 1.6 1.7 or so it does reflect that it’s close to about twice the strength which is reasonable because you have twice the number of tissue paper here so let’s say you normally use four sheets of charmin

And going over to the kirkland you’re like oh it’s not strong enough so you use eight sheet instead it still will be cheaper but i think choosing between the charmin or the kirkland you can’t really go for the performance test at all how much is something really soft against your butt really worth you’re paying more for something that is of higher quality but

A lot more around 270 percent more i’m gonna put this against my face this is soft this is not as soft but reasonable i don’t know subjectively this is 30 it’s quite a bit softer 30 40 percent softer but it’s not 100 softer which is what you’re paying for 30 to 50 softer you’re paying 270 percent more so you have to really consider is that small extra softness

Worth it to you to pay 270 percent more now let’s move on to the absorbency test i’m gonna put some water here i’m gonna put the tissue paper on here absorb as much water as possible when i remove everything it’s gonna read a negative number here and that’s how much water i’ve taken out of this plate indicating the absorbency of each toilet paper let’s start

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With the charming i’m gonna just drip everything it shows about 0.25 ounces i’m going to tear it out i’m going to do the same thing with the kirkland minus 0.14 so wow it’s 0.25 absorbency versus 0.14 ounce absorbency let me do this test again here’s the charmin yeah i let it drip a little bit you know because i don’t want it to be runny so 0.25 here is the

Kirkland probably gonna be 0.14 again so let’s see let it drip a little bit yeah about 0.14 so if i have two of these it’s going to be 0.28 versus 0.25 for one of these so in terms of absorbency you can actually use two pieces of kirkland instead of one piece a sherman and it would perform better and it will cost you less for the charmin you basically have to use

One sheet minimum you can’t just cut a sheet in half in terms of strength tests it is about 20 better in terms of absorbency it is significantly more absorbent than the kirkland but you can just use double amount of sheets for the kirkland overall i think going forward i probably would just get the kirkland because it’s cheaper and i don’t really mind it being

Slightly less soft than the charmin you should probably just use a bidet anyway and you can significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper that you use i think charmin is more for people that don’t mind spending 270 more for toilet paper just kind of like a luxury spending thing maybe you’re flexing to your friends or something and if they go to your restroom oh

You use charmin all the nice stuff but overall if you’re looking for value kirkland is the way to go so that’s my view on these things thanks for watching you

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Charmin vs Kirkland Toilet Paper Test By BeatTheBush

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