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Mixcder Drip Wireless Headset:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush make cber give me this wireless headset so i’m gonna review this for you today it comes with this no frills packaging here’s the top the bottom now it comes with the manual to charge cable and this three-and-a-half millimeter cable just in case you run out of battery on your headset and you can still use it as a headset

This is pretty no-frills you just have your basic packaging here so it’s good because they’re not spending that much on the packaging and you don’t have to pay for it it’s folded up like this you can open it up to extend it it has this protective layer that you need to removed to reveal the shiny part of it like this it’s no surprise that you probably never heard of

Mixie ber before and i actually have not heard of them either until they contacted me and sent me this headset i was a bit reluctant in reviewing this headset because i haven’t heard of the brand before i was a bit skeptical on the quality on the build quality audio quality pairing quality but i was pleasantly surprised and i should be ashamed of myself because i’m

All for brands that you don’t hear as well but they make quality products or styling wise if you look up mix edr on amazon they sell various headsets one or two of them are actually dr. dre the beats knock-offs okay so that to me they initially started off copying the industrial design of various beats headsets not exactly right it wasn’t exactly the same but the

Shape resembles the beats so when i look at this drip unit it doesn’t really resemble any of the other brands that i’ve seen before which is good because it’s good that they go towards making their own brand name and their own industrial design and i’m all for that now comfort wise when i put this on i’ve used this for about an hour on a computer and it actually

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Kind of warms up my ears a little bit too much when i put my ear and there like this it gets too hot so sometimes i got to put it over the ear like this so for the ease of use this is really easy to use in terms of pairing because i used to use a headset that was using an early version of bluetooth and it takes forever to pair with a certain device it takes like

30 seconds-1 min and sometimes you can’t even do it you gotta delete every all the profiles and then reconnect or something so every time you bring out the headset and you want to connect to something it’ll take you like a couple of minutes just to connect not with this one let me show you how fast it is to pair this thing i’m just gonna turn the unit on i push

The power button i’m gonna hold it until the red light comes on the red lights flashing right here flashing red-and-blue mix cdr drip is on so i’m just gonna click on that it’s in pairing mode one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand so five seconds it’s connected and right now it’s ready to play music already so i

Have the headphone paired with the device but it’s not turned on like as if you stowed it away and you just took it out of your bag you can see you can play an audio book right now you see nothing is connected it’s playing through the speaker but for example let’s say i just took this headset out of my bag and i turn it on like this press it up for a few seconds

And you can hear that beep and you see right here it says there’s another connection here if i click that it says mix evr drip that means it’s connected to the headset see if i play it it’s playing through the headset already so this is pretty seamless because i can just turn on the headset and it’s paired already i don’t have to do anything and and you can play

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Whatever you need to as if it’s wired actually i’ve actually used this device to connect with my desktop computer my laptop and also my phone now after you pair each one which takes only about 10 seconds right when you turn on this unit it will pair with the last device let’s say i want to switch from connecting it with my computer to connect it with my phone so

I just click disconnect on my computer and if i have to prove through preference on in my phone i just click connect and it would immediately connect and the whole process was so painless it only takes like several seconds that’s i think it’s very easy to use now the quality of is not bad you can see that has all this synthetic fiber here it’s soft to the touch

The hinges here are made of metal when you feel the weight of this thing it’s a slightly lighter than the beats let’s say i can’t see much about the durability of this thing because i actually haven’t used it for many many years it does last 18 hours on a full charge now this fake fabric is usually the first disintegrate so if you put any kind of like oily motor

Oil stuff any kind of caustic stuff on it and you touch this right even if you wipe it off it’s gonna get absorbed and eventually it’s gonna disintegrate so usually when i see really worn down electronics this fabric part is the thing that goes and you know it would last maybe 10 years or something but you probably won’t be using this in 10 years yes it will last

At least 5 i’m sure but if you’re trying to like shoot for like endurance thing with this and use this you know forever then it’s not gonna happen this is a low-cost headset so when i look at the wireless beats this is what it looks like it’s competing against or wireless beats is $250 this is less than 50 so it’s at a fraction of the price of the beasts and to

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Me this functions well enough the sound profile of this is very similar to dr. dre the beats where the bass is slightly emphasised so if you like to listen to thumping beats type of things this would go well with that i listen to the details in the high end i couldn’t find any fault with it the details in the high end were clear so for the low price of this thing

And given that it pairs very well the sound is not bad it’s not a name-brand so you’re not gonna get a name brand recognition to show this thing off or anything it’s just gonna be a wireless pair of headsets that you can use but the mic portion of it if you’re gonna use it for calls and stuff does have noise cancelling one thing i want to mention is that when i

Try to put this on really low volume i typically listen to music at a very low volume i have very sensitive hearing and so the lowest volume was still a slightly too high for me i wish it went down maybe like one or two more notches if you go any lower it just kind of cuts off completely so that’s my only concern with this when it’s on a person so you know look

Like this so that’s it for this review of this mix cdr drip headset if you’re interested in getting a pair of this wireless headset i’ll leave a link down below in the video description don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below let me know what you think of off-brand headsets that are actually high-quality and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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