Chemistree Announces DTC Eligibility (CSE: CHM) (OTCQB: CHMJF)

Chemistree Announces DTC Eligibility (CSE: CHM) (OTCQB: CHMJF) – RICH TV LIVE – November 28, 2019 – VANCOUVER, Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Chemistree Technology Inc. (Canadian Securities Exchange: CHM) (US OTCQB: CHMJF) (the “Company” or “Chemistree”) is pleased to announce that its common shares are now eligible for electronic clearing and settlement through the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) in the United States.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we’re having a nice green day in the markets chemistry announces dtc eligibility november 28 2018 this from pr newswire in vancouver chemistry technology inc canadian extruders exchange ch m and in the us on the otcqb market ch mjf is pleased to announce that it’s common shares are now eligible for electronic

Clearing and settlement through the depository trust company dtc in the united states dtc is a subsidiary of the deposit trust & clearing corporation a us company that manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded companies securities that are eligible to be electronically cleared and settled through dtc are considered to be dtc eligible dtc

Eligibility is expected to simplify the process of trading and enhance liquidity of the company’s common shares in the united states the biggest market in the world for trading this is what they need the ability to have chemistry shares electronically transferred between brokers in the united states is significantly more convenient and reduces the costs incurred in

Trading shares stated carl cotton mere president of chemistry with our shares now traded electronically is existing investors benefit from greater liquidity and execution speeds while we’re also opening the door to new investors that may have been previously restricted from our stock this is huge news i expect this to really help chemistry about chemistry technology

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Ink chemistry technology inc is an investment company dedicated to the us cannabis sector a sector that’s going to be legalized soon providing turnkey solutions for the us regulated cannabis industry the company’s corporate strategies to acquire and develop vertically integrated u.s. cannabis assets love it leveraging management’s decades of expertise in the

Cannabis industry and corporate finance to own and operate licensed cultivation processing distribution and retail facilities throughout the us the company currently owns assets in washington state used to operate the shirley brand prospective cannabis cultivation lands in california and has a robust pipeline of assets to grow its base of business across the us

So this is big news the company in forms company wishes to inform shareholders that there are significant legal restrictions and regulations that govern the cannabis industry in both canada and the united states so obviously in the united states still not legal the concept of medical cannabis and recreational cannabis do not exist under us federal law the federal

Controlled substance act classifies marijuana has a schedule one drug under us federal law a schedule one drug or substance has a high potential for abuse no accepted medical use in the united states and a lack of safety for the use of the drug under medical supervision as such cannabis related practices or activities including without limitation to manufacture

Importation possession use or distribution of cannabis are illegal under us federal law but for how long for how long that is the key now i’ve been showing you chemistry a lot the last couple days and i want to continue to because i really like this company i think they’re dirt cheap they got a small share structure and they are focused in the right market in america

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Look at this how to capitalize in the cannabis boom these are the guys that are doing it and these are major players in the cannabis industry so remember wears tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes california the fifth largest market in the world we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest

In anything that we talk about here in rich tv live do i think the chemistry is a winner hell yeah do i think that this is big news yes i do but the reality is we are just getting started people the market is once again in the green we are seeing a jump in the cannabis sector we had to what goes down must come up and what goes up must come down what do you think

About this news do you think chemistry is going to be a winner here we are we are green we are green throughout north america as you can see oh we are slightly green across north america and if we scroll down i mean it’s gonna get more green i see a big green day coming you can see that jumper in here nice little jump today and bam aurora cannabis of 4% can it be

Growth up 3.4 7% a free up almost 6% mpx down a little bit cron is up 2.4 1% namasté up 3% fire up 2.5 6% always down 7% see webb is down 8% wow and h exo is up 1.7 9% so lots of news happening is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re definitely not watching if you like this video smash the like button comment down below what do you think about chemistry now

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Becoming dtc eligible in america it’s true holler at your boy mo peace

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Chemistree Announces DTC Eligibility (CSE: CHM) (OTCQB: CHMJF) By RICH TV LIVE

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