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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i have chicks on my shoulders today i don’t have time to make a video at home so i’m gonna have to take this on the go this morning i’m at a fedex office because this is a weekly occurrence to me because usually i always ship something you can see over here in my car i got one package two packages this thing’s gonna net

Me about about $80 after the fees and stuff this one’s about $50 and i do this usually so it’s a natural occurrence here so since i hate waiting in line all these things have labels in it i just go drop it off and then off i go this morning i was supposed to have a laptop delivered somehow this ups guy calls me on a cell phone saying oh i can’t find your address on

The gps this sounds very fishy to me because i never had a problem entering my address into the gps so we’ll find out i’m not at home to pick it up so i’m gonna have to get this package later by the way the laptop the brand-new laptop is an xps 15 4k display i7 processor 32 gigabyte ram one terabyte solid-state disk so this is like almost top-of-the-line computer

It’s fully loaded and i’m gonna get it and evaluate it a little bit later on so part of my day involves going to the usps over here this is where my peel box is for deep the bush i’m only showing this because this is one of the last times i’m coming to this peel box i’ve changed it to a different one so you can see inside it has like all these boxes over here and

I’m gonna go to one of my box so today happens to be some review units that i picked up at the post office i’m gonna put these in my car and get going so i popped over here in mountain view i’m gonna have lunch with my friend at samsung over here and this is a you know a couple building campus over here you can see it’s about four or five floors up and we’re in

The public space over here and i’m pretty sure they don’t want me filming when i’m inside i don’t really want a ball they’re filming and the cafeteria or anything it’s over there right on the first floor over here so let me go get to it one thing i forgot to mention about that dell computer is that i did get it highly discounted because it’s a refurb unit through

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The dell outlet store so i got another 10% off through mr. rebates now this is a one of those shopping sites portal where you go through it and then you get a certain percentage cashback now if you remember to go through that portal then you would get your rebate but if you forget then you’re not gonna get it if you’re interested in this mr. rebate thing i’ll leave

A link down below in the video description now in my own experience i don’t really ever have that many problems with refurbished units they have a warranty period where you know you can just make sure nothing goes wrong and then you can return it if something goes wrong within that period so to me whenever i have a reverb unit it’s never that big of a problem and

From what i can see in the comment section of dell refurbished units are actually pretty good anyway it’s almost time for me to meet up with my friends so let me go get to it so now i’m getting some agates mmm delicious this is a gets in what city are we in i don’t remember it’s somewhere on the peninsula the trick to these being good is that the outside needs to

Be very crunchy and the inside being very chewy if you look at the inside here it’s a little bit chewy so we’re trying to get into our friends place but she’s not around so i’m gonna look at this it’s a little baby chick who hatch them over there she did it this one’s called number one how old are you i don’t know just about two months old what i think i’m two

Months old two months old how old am i we can to date yeah yeah see that’s about enough that’s close enough hello everybody i have a chick on my arm look at this he or she just wants to sit here i think it’s because of my jacket feels comfortable maybe this one wants to sleep in my hand it’s as black as black stripes you try holding it if you put your hand over

Them they get sleepy very fast like ten seconds yeah the middle one the middle one is very easy to take sleep so after checking out the chicks we’re going to an escape room thing this thing is called real escape room calm is starting soon in a few minutes so let’s i probably can’t take the camera in there or anything so i’m just gonna go in and finish and tell you

About it after i’m done so we ended up not being able to get out of this escape room we were really really close about five or ten more minutes and we would have made it out my whole experience with this was yeah it was pretty fun it costs $30 per person and it was about 90 minutes to two hours worth of your immersive kind of puzzle solving experience is it worth


It well if you go your first time yeah and if you like that kind of thing sure for me i am not too sure if i’m gonna go to something just like it again like another kind of escape room like this i had fun but then i don’t think it was $30 fun it might be if i have to put a dollar amount on it fifteen dollar fun it was if it’s something like this for $15 yeah then

Maybe i might go again afterwards i went to an indonesian dinner with some friends and then i dropped off my friend at the bar say now i came home there was some stuff already waiting for me at the door i have a package which is this thing i ordered a set of dewalt screwdrivers now i have a set already there nickel-cadmium the battery basically died on it and

I’m not too appreciative of this big old battery anyway so then i decided to upgrade to something like this this is the most awesome thing ever when i went to home depot and i saw this i was like wow this is really small and i want an electric screwdriver details because i do a lot of repairs with electronics and i want to just pop something in and have something

Really reliable and small so that i can just go you know and kind of remove all the screws and this thing is one of the smallest dewalt screwdrivers there is there’s like these little led things by the way they’re not a sponsor or anything i just really like this little gizmo and this thing it’s about $220 or so it comes with this impact driver these are 12-volt

Machines and it also came with a third battery seat 1/2 a third battery and the charger right here some little belt clip thing and i think that’s it and it comes with this bag but the main thing i’m looking for here that i really really wanted was just this screwdriver there were other cheaper through diverse that was on sale but then i looked at this i really

Wanted it and i really have to evaluate to myself which one do i really want i want the smallest one something handy like this i did not want something a little bit bigger that’s not exact i just kind of looked at this and i’m like wow i really want this i like it’s it’s smallish just perfect for electronic servicing and which is the main thing i would do rather

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Than doing contractor work you know putting bunch of screws into homes and stuff that’s is something that i normally do not do i mean once in a while i might put up picture frames and stuff but this is more purpose-built for me so then i think it’s even if i’m spending like forty fifty dollars more than if i got something else which i couldn’t have this is worth

It for me and by the way this two hundred twenty dollars is not out of my own pocket because i got this five hundred dollars from that american express gold card i signed up for i spent two thousand dollars where did i spend it for i pre pay my mortgage and you know prepay our mortgage get a whole bunch of dough wall tools for free just look at this thing i don’t

Know i think it’s really really awesome and i’m gonna have a great time using this anyway the xps 15 machine i got i called fedex up it turns out that they really could not find my address and after a little bit of searching on google and stuff on the other end on their side they were able to find it and then i told them they need to deliver tomorrow because i’m

Out all day so i will get that tomorrow and tomorrow we will see how that machine is that thing turned out to be sixteen hundred dollars retail is for twenty six hundred dollars or so or a little bit more this is before tax so i know all of this does not really have to do with finance or anything i just wanted to make sort of like what a day in life is like for

Me i mean today is a one of the busy days that’s why i could not make a video at home so in place of this i just kind of put together you know all the busy things i’ve been doing today i hope you guys enjoy hope you guys kind of get a little idea of what i do on a busy day it’s not this is not like this every single day so i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t

Forget to give me a like over here comment down below i don’t know just say something if you’re interested in supporting this channel i’ll leave a link for this little favorite screwdriver i have down in a video description below i get an audible over their patreon and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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