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Don’t be scared, just try some chicken feet! They taste just like a wing tip except it has more skin and more cartilage.

Hello everybody today we’re gonna make some chicken feet for those that refuse to eat chicken feet you can just skip this video if you never have chicken feet before is actually pretty good it’s mainly skin and cartilage so you’ve got to like tendons and and the like to like chicken feet i know what you’re thinking oh chicken feet who eats that kind of making

Today is not the brown dim sum style ones but it’s dull white ish bouncy kind you might wonder why i want to eat this i’m not even off you’re factor to some people it’s just really strange to eat chicken feet i mean the foot is on the ground all the time and it’s touching the ground so you don’t want to put something like that in your mouth right feet feet are

Naturally dirty the thing with chicken feet is there’s an extra layer on top and when they clean it they do remove all of it but when i clean it you want to remove the rest of it if any of it got stuck on there trying extra layer of skin there – most people eating chicken feet is probably a weird part of the chicken they eat like nobody eats a head or the foot

But in hotdogs i mean they have all kinds of cow parts in there and i mean if they have chicken dogs – all kinds of weird chicken parts are in there – it’s just how it’s presented it’s just getting closer to what you really do eat okay now let’s start cleaning the chicken feet so you can see here i got the chicken feet at ranch 99 over here in the bay area let’s

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Open this package and dig into this deliciousness mmm look at that delicious let’s just take one of them well this is a chicken foot it kind of looks like looks like my hand like this ah not much you need to do to clean it some people would want to clean off the fingernails i mean chicken nails cut them off like this so it’s a bit more pleasant looking for me i

Don’t really care so i’m just gonna cook them without without doing the pedicure you know why not i’ll just give it i’ll just cut all the all the nails off i guess here you see unclean part so what you want to do is just kind of rip rip off the last bit here i know a lot of people would refuse to eat chicken feet clean that off they also call these chicken paws

So depending if you actually eat chicken feet or not this may or may not gross you out but look at all this chicken toenail clippings i got mmm delicious well you don’t have to eat this so that’s good okay boil some water add some salt and put in your chicken feet you don’t want to just cook the chicken feet you need to boil them until they’re tender so this may

Take about 20 to 30 minutes okay so it’s been in there for about half an hour to take them all out and rinse them with cold water to stop them from cooking and just rinse them with cold water okay so put one cup of vinegar and then add about half a teaspoon of sugar mix that transfer your chicken feet into a big container and then pour the vinegar over and then

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Fill it up with water until it covers all the chicken feet now let stick this in the fridge for about an hour and you can start eating after marinating in the fridge for one hour take them out and strain out all the water and put it back after draining the marinade for a while and letting it dry it’s ready to eat look at this chicken foot it tastes a little tangy

From the vinegar and the best way i can describe it it kind of tastes like the the skin part of a chicken wing if you like the cartilage part of a chicken wing then you’ll like the chicken foot let me show you what this looks like close up look at this delicious chicken feet mmm delicious i hope you enjoyed this video and maybe i convinced you to eat some chicken

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