China Based exchange BTCC shutting down September 30

China Based exchange BTCC shutting down September 30, 2017 – September 14, 2017

I see em read a sea of red and what’s the mothership do in your ass well not very good three thousand five hundred and twenty-five dollars what what the mothership is down and out well why do you ask why is this happening i’m gonna let you know right now right what’s up crypto court we have a sea of red bitcoins down 8% that theorem is that 11% litecoin is

Down 17% bitcoin cash is down 30% everything is on sale my narrow is down 11% ripple is down 9% omg is down 16% etherium classic is down 15% oh yoda is down 40% and neo down 16% everything in the top ten is on sale boom why what’s up nancy smith well let’s get right into it shall we now there’s a reason why these things go down and i’m gonna tell you why bitcoin

Exchange btcc to halt trading as regulatory star storm brews in china this is the reason why everything is in the red people as we speak we see everything in the red this past week there’s been many rumors that chinese cryptocurrency trading platforms would be shutting down shortly due to regulatory concerns now the china based exchange btcc has announced it will

Be shutting down operations on september 30th btcc exchange to cease trading operations at the end of the month it seems the circulating stories of chinese bitcoin exchanges having to shut down has turned out to be true on september 14th today the exchange btcc announced it would be suspending all trading on saturday september 30th wow the exchange is the first

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Major trading platform in their region to announce this decision following the exchanges statement the price of bitcoin has dropped significantly to a low of 3500 on thursday morning after carefully considering the seven regulatory bodies announcement of preventing risks associated with token fundraising btcc has decided to immediately stop accepting new account

Registrations on the btcc exchange explains ceo bobby lee’s translation of the unam mint btcc will stop all trading on the exchange on saturday september 30th we apologize for the inconvenience ya think please note that btc sees pool is not affected customers will still be able to use our mining pool services oh thank you for that wow other chinese exchanges have not

Issued closure announcements yet according to china based bitcoin and blockchain twitter personality cn ledger the exchanges ok coin and who hope i have not received a notice from regulators also note that btcc previously listed an ico coin a token specifically used to raise funds for ico projects is issued by co-founder yang explains cn ledger on twitter however

The shanghai news outlet zai chi has detailed that the country’s municipal financial service office has told all trading platforms based in china to stop operations immediately this is huge news what’s up kenny lee did you see this news this is nuts what absolutely nuts george timman on twitter says i thought the regulations were about icos but not btc well this

Is a serious crackdown since the news has been released bitcoins price has dropped below the 3500 range this is also not the first time chinese exchanges had to comply with regulations as earlier this year deposits and withdrawals were suspended are you listening the price dipped at that time but rebounded shortly after the central bank’s original announcement last

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January this time around the ico market has seemed to affect bitcoin negatively even though it’s not associated with these recent crowdfunding token investments bitcoiners across social media are not pleased with the ico movement tarnishing bitcoins reputation and believe the news from china is the direct result of that particular market wow this is huge absolutely

Huge as we speak the price of the mothership is that three thousand five hundred and sixteen dollars let’s look at all the exchanges first of all let’s look at litecoin little alight poin currently at 51 doors look at that drop that’s a massive drop people let’s take a look at this real quickly let’s give it a thumbs down right here that’s a big thumbs down and

Let’s draw an arrow right here of how bad it came down so it’s a sharp drop from $71 yesterday all the way down all the way sorry two days ago all the way down to 48 it’s rebounded a little bit back to 51 this is not good news people let’s take a look at the entire market once again everything’s in the red in the top 11 and if you guys want to learn about icos go

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Remember all i do is bring you breaking news it’s your boy rich saying hey i know everything shutting down everything shutting down my eyes are bleeding from all the red

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