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One way of quickly building wealth is to minimize spending. You do this by spending as little as you can per year for a product that you use. Hence, the cheaper you can get it initially and the longer you can use it, the lower the average cost. In the case of an iPhone, using it for more than 2 years becomes a huge challenge due to the planned obsolescence of the device. This is mainly contrived using an aggressive OS update that is very difficult to get around. Let me discuss how to do this.

Probably going to brady’s does is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about circumventing apples planned obsolescence on their iphones you see part of building wealth is to minimize your yearly cost for any good that you’re using now if you’re able to buy something at a really low price and use it for as long as possible then your average yearly cost is going to

Be very little this is my iphone 5 in two months i would have used it for three years you see it’s really banged up around the edges but i did not crack the phone i’ve had previous versions of the iphone before and what i’ve noticed is that every time i upgrade to ios the whole thing gets a little bit slower it may not be very noticeable the first time that you

Upgrade but if you upgrade the os maybe two three times you’ll start to see it slow down now there’s no reason to force you to get an update that makes your phone slower other than trying to make your phone slower and slower so that you would actually upgrade later on now on their end there’s no real proof saying that they’re actually doing this on purpose kind of

Like using hard disk space when you have it you tend to use it up so i assume those guys in cupertino they have all this faster and faster iphone hardware each generation that comes after they might go oh yeah let’s use all this fancy graphics because they have all this extreme cpu cycles to use so even when you’re at the home screen and you’re just moving it around

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It’s going to use more and more cpu power as you upgrade the os now if they’re designing it to the latest latest hardware every single time they upgrade one it is hardware it’s like oh one and a half times faster two times faster that means if you upgrade to the latest os on your older devices your older device is going to be one and a half or 2x slower now how do

They get you to actually upgrade the os it’s actually very very persistent and very very annoying now the os on these things actually downloads itself if you barely have enough room it would still download it and take up all this space now what you can do with your phones is actually go and delete it manually but even if you delete it if you have enough space it’s

Going to try to redownload it every single time anyways so you’re going to get one of these pops like this so every time you turn on your phone it’s going to go hey why don’t you update and you have to go later later later later to me this is really unreasonable because i am personally trying to use this phone as long as i can other people that upgrades think that

Oh yeah it’s just something that they do to upgrade the security features to add features etc so people are willingly upgrading but yet they do not know after they do it a couple times three or four times usually their os gets slow enough that they really go all my phone is so slow they have an iphone 6 they mean the next iphone or something if you do the update

It doesn’t take much to realize that yeah you’re going to go and update it right here you get all these new features but then you’re getting screwed on the other end now if you research how to actually circumvent this updating what you can do is just go into your settings over here and actually delete the update file every single time it downloads now this is not

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Going to work very well if you ever log into a wi-fi hotspot where it counts your data such as one of the lte hotspots that you have to pay per gigabyte and it’s not going to end very well because it’s going to download all the data and you’re going to end up having to pay for it now you can say don’t ever download the update through cellular it’s still going to

Update it through wi-fi so whenever you connect your device to wi-fi it’s going to do this in the background pick up data and then you’re going to end up with the update file again one of the things you can do to prevent the update it’s go inside your router and block the update address so that your phone can never reach it this is a good solution for the most

Part but if you ever connect to a free wi-fi hotspot it’s going to get download again and while you’re connected to this free hotspot it’s going to suck up all this data your phone is going to drain in battery because it’s downloaded all this stuff so blocking the update server is one method but it’s not a foolproof method one idea that i came up with is you can

Actually go in your phone go to your camera and record the highest quality video that you can record one minute increments and you just stick them somewhere until you fill up all your space just enough so that it’s more than update file size for example the current ios update is 10.2 i’m still on 9.2 the size of the update file is about 913 megabytes so if you go

In your preferences and you just record a whole bunch of videos until you have less than 913 or something it’s never going to be able to download this update file for you whenever you’re low in space you can go back to your video file delete some of them and then you got to make sure to delete it from the recently deleted as well in order to free up that space

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And then you can delete up to the point where it’s less than the size of the update file and then the thing will never update again i hope these tips help you be able to prolong the usage of your phone just remember that if you do refuse to update to the latest ios you’re not going to get the latest features of course and sometimes they might say oh yeah they’re

Plugging up some security holes but when you fall into this trap of actually needing those features then yeah your hardware is going to get slower and slower as you install these new updates it’s a bit of a trade up and you might just have to stop updating at some point in order to prolong your phone otherwise your phone just is going to get obsoleted by this

Forcing of the ios i hope you enjoyed this way of circumventing apple’s planned obsolescence don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you actually do the same thing or maybe you prefer to upgrade every two years i don’t know if you do then let me know if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out

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