Claiming Jansport Lifetime Warranty

Do you just throw out a Jansport backpack that has run its course? Well don’t! You could send it in for warranty service and keep it running for… a lifetime! Check out the video for full details.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about durable products and lifetime warranties in particular i’m gonna talk about the brand jansport today now as you guys know i created a website called fish centcom fis hce anti comm on that website atlas products that has a very low cost per use in other words if a single product is reasonably

Price is not that much higher than the other products and yet it can last you a lifetime that means if you average over a lifetime every single time you use it the cost per use is gonna be very very low you’ll notice i have two jansport backpacks over here i waited until i got my warranty back before i make a video about it just so that i can see what they

Actually did when i send in or a warranty now jansport offer a lifetime warranty so you two if you have a broken jansport backpack laying around you can just pack it it up send it to them and then they’re going to either repair it or send you a brand new one if they cannot this backpack i bought many many years ago however at some point this phone thing over

Here got deteriorated and it got scrunched up and it’s not as elastic and i told them what happened in the letter and then they actually replace the strap over here this foamy part of the strap and i think this part is old over here so they somehow open this up put in two new straps everything else is as is and well now i can actually use this backpack again this

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One over here i actually sent in a jansport black backpack with a single pocket in the front now they sent me back this one where i believe is a lot better for one it has the dual pocket nothing in the front pocket over here in the previous backpack that has dual pockets it does not have this little hook thing i think and it also does not have these sub pockets

In here for three pens and another little pocket over here inside that looks pretty much the same except this new one has this laptop subdivision over here so this is completely new and each sent this to me in order to replace one that was broken of mine that i only have one pocket in the front the thing that was broken with it was this leather section where i

Carried something that was too heavy or something and it actually poked a hole in this about one inch across and one inch down so it’s kind of like a little l cut into it and i’m like okay you know i thought if they can at least add a little leather patch over just kind of cover up the hole i would have been fine with it if they just repaired it because then i

Can actually use the backpack again before this one where it was all wrinkly i could not use it because if you carry on your backpack it’s just did not have enough foam support and it just makes your shoulders sore if you use that backpack as it was before but now it’s completely fixed to me it’s all completely functional and i can use this again so to me jan’s

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Port is definitely a durable product and i’m gonna list this on my fish centcom website jansport in itself the backpacks are not all that much more expensive than any other brand sometimes when you look for bags i actually has a lifetime warranty or brands i actually have that inclusive they would sell you a bag like this for 130 to 150 dollars so in those cases

Yeah you know if something breaks yes they would offer you the lifetime warranty but jansport does the same thing with a reasonably priced bag already and so that is why i think the jansport brand is really really worth it because it’s at a reasonable price point and you get the lifetime warranty now a little thing about lifetime warranty sometimes they require

Receipts jansport did not require because they do have this visual logo you know when you buy it’s definitely from them so they don’t require receipt or anything in order to claim the lifetime warranty lifetime warranty for other brands sometimes require the original receipt so i recommend that whenever you buy a product and then you see the lifetime warranty be

Very very careful of those take the receipt put it separately in everything else that has warranty just put it all together all those things with lifetime warranties and i recommend you to search for those kind of products and once you acquire that product put it in a little folder so that you would always have the receipt so that you can claim the warranty because

Most of time you cannot most of time when something breaks you go oh you know you never give it a second thought of about the lifetime warranty or not so when you have a dedicated spot with all those lifetime warranty receipts you’re gonna go okay you know i know that’s lifetime warranty i can claim the warranty and then you know you can basically get like a whole

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Backpack for free like i did right here thanks for watching everybody i hope this saves you money in the long run because if you do something like this you essentially don’t have to buy two new bratz backpacks over here before i had two backpacks that are completely useless not completely but very close to it but now after about four weeks it took for me after me

Sending it in and then i get it back after four weeks now i have two backpacks that i can completely use thanks for watching everybody i hope this really saves you a lot of money in the long run and you know you give jansport another try by the way jansport is not a sponsor of this video if you’re interested in supporting my channel check out my audible link down

In the video description below where you can get a free audio book and you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you don’t have to pay a thing and also help enough at this channel and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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