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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking a little politics which we very rarely ever touch on on this channel but i had so many you guys request to do something about the trump versus clinton and how it may affect the stock markets and all those kinds of things so what i’ve

Decided to do is i’ve decided to make a video just focusing on what their economic plans are unfortunately the media so caught up in the personalities and what this person said or what this person did that millions of voters that are going to be voting this week have no clue whatsoever about the majority of economic policies and where each of the candidates stand

So that’s what this video is about if you came to this video hoping i would give a biased agenda 21 canada the other then you can go ahead and click off this video now because i am not here to do that if you want to hear me talk about hillary and fbi and emails and talk about trump and sexual assault cases and things like that then you clicked on the wrong video

Because that’s not what we’re discussing today if you want to watch that go watch your tv out there because there’s plenty of crap that’s all they talk about constantly they almost never touch on economic policies in the economic policies or what is actually going to possibly change yours and your family’s life for the better or for the worse depending on where you

Stand so i just want to share with you guys where they stand on some of these big economic issues and you can decide for your else yourself what side do you actually stand on now also i would love to see in the comments section what you guys think about some of these economic policies and if i miss anything on one of the candidates you want to go more into depth

On something i might not have covered i would love to hear that what i don’t want to see in the comments section is you guys talking about negatively about clinton because of something or trump because of something as far as his things they’ve done in the past and whatnot in bad decisions they made it are those kinds of things because that’s what basically has

Filled up everybody’s mind in the media has focused around that and not focused around the economic policies so i would love to see some economic policy to sucks discuss if you guys want to share let’s go ahead and get into this right off the bat guys so first big economic policy we’re talking about is taxes now clinton stance on this she would largely maintain

The current tax code so the poor people middle-class you know going to be staying around the same tax rate and she would be doing increases for wealthier taxpayers meaning pretty much mostly the top 10% of the country would see tax increases everybody else would see about the same trump however he feels like he wants to do broad across-the-board tax cuts so tax

Cuts for you know poor people tax cuts for the middle class tax cuts for the wealthy it doesn’t matter who you are you gonna get a tax cut under trumped plans that’s what his plans are so you know right then there you can see a clear difference on what you feel you know tax wise you or do you want to pay the same rate you’re paying now and see wealthier people pay

More or do you want to just see everybody’s taxes go down where do you stand on that so next one’s up is minimum wage another very simple subject minimum wage clinton wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 nationally in some some locations so some states up to $15 now minimum wage federally i believe is around 825 currently so that’s a substantial increase in the

Minimum wage trump says he he is said that he does not support a federal minimum wage but wants the states to set their own minimum wage so basically that means the states could decide hey you know what we’re going to pay fifteen dollar minimum wage hey we’re paying an eight dollar minimum wage so that’s another one you know where do you guys stand on that next one

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Up and this one i’m going to go more into depth because a lot of people do not even know what it is it’s tpp which stands for the trans-pacific partnership clinton helped negotiate that but now recently she’s expressed some skepticism on tpp and whether it’s a good thing or not but she did help negotiate it and trump has came out fully against it and he’s just very

Against tpp and thinks it’s a horrible thing he says it’s one of the worst trade deals ever signed but let’s go ahead and get into what actual tpp is and how it could affect your guys lives so trans-pacific partnership tpp is a free trade agreement between the united states and 11 other partners bordering the pacific ocean on februari for 2006-16 so very recently

Officials from each country signed the agreement the negotiations were successfully concluded on october 4 2015 now the countries that are involved in this is australia some country on yonada pronounced online touch that canada chile japan malaysia mexico new zealand peru singapore the united states in the vietnam now the countries involved produced forty percent

Of the world’s total gdp that’s kind of not surprised when you have the united states in there now let’s go over the pros and cons of tpp so you guys can kind of understand both sides of the coin the pros is that tpp boosts exports and economic growth creating more jobs and prosperity for the eleventh excuse me for the twelve countries involved it increases exports

By 305 billion dollars per year by 2025 us exports would increase 123 billion dollars focusing on machinery especially electrical autos plastics and agricultural industries it does this by removing 18,000 tariffs placed on us exports to the other countries the united states is already withdrawn eighty percent of these tariffs on foreign imports the tp plea excuse

Me tpp evens the playing field the agreement adds 223 billion a year in incomes to workers in all the countries with 77 billion supposedly going to the us workers so that is the pro side of tpp that’s the positives now let’s go ahead and look at the cons of tpp now so you can understand that as well so here are some of the cons most of the gains in income would

Go to workers making more than eighty eight thousand dollars per year free trade agreements contribute to income inequality which is already a big problem in the united states in high wage countries which the united states is a high wage country just so you guys by promoting cheaper goods from lower from low-wage countries so let’s say currently or in the past

There’s been a tariff on let’s say towels made in another country well now if tpp lifts that then towels will be able to come in and be sold for even cheaper making it even harder for a higher income type country like a united states to compete effectively that would be that would have specially that would be especially true of the tpp because it protects patents

And copyrights therefore the higher paid owners of the intellectual property would receive more of incoming games the agreement regarding patents will will reduce the availability of cheap generics making many drugs more expensive competitive business pressures will reduce incentives in asia to protect the environment last but not least the trade agreement could

Supersede financial regulations so that is the con side guys so right there you have a lot of different pros you have a lot of different cons so right then and there you guys should be able to decide what side you’re on a tpp let’s go ahead on to the next subject so now we’re talking about the manufacturing sector this has been another very important very important

Topic because the swing states manufacturing used to be really really important and it still is important a lot of those those states country excuse me a lot of those states jobs have left to other countries you know place like ohio and pennsylvania and some of those some of those places so clinton favors tax incentives for investment in hard-hit manufacturing

Locals and incentives for companies to bring back jobs to us also favors increased policies of trading partners trump proposes using aggressive trade enforcement and possible tariff increases to rebuild the manufacturing industry so basically just so you guys can understand trump’s stance if you don’t quite understand that he’s basically saying he wants to negotiate

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He wants to negotiate hard and then he if saying well let’s go back to the towel thing let’s say he wants tells to be made i state it plays a huge tariff on towels that are coming in from other countries and then the price will in those towels will be so much higher then our our workers could then start producing towels and compete effectively versus some country

That’s paying their workers fifty cents an hour the argument against that would be okay well then towels might be ten dollars versus right now the three dollars or whatnot can people really pay ten dollars for towels so that’s a whole that’s a whole subject there worker retraining clinton enhance worker retraining options such as a tax credit for businesses of fifteen

Hundred dollars per apprentice so that’s that’s you know clinton stance on basically worker retraining from right now i have not seen trump support anything as far as worker retraining goes if you guys have seen something i know he’s come out with a lot of different stuff to the past week or two if you have seen something in regards to worker worker retraining let

Me know in the comments section i haven’t seen anything yet so i know he came out with tax rv excuse me um health care plans and things like that that i’ve seen but i’ve seen nothing on worker retraining infrastructure couldn’t would boost federal investment by 275 billion dollars over five years and create a 25 billion dollar infrastructure bank trump supports

Infrastructure expansion but hasn’t offered funding details once again if you guys know anything about funding details that trump may have at it recently i would love to see that in the comments section i haven’t seen anything yet energy development clinton will propose goal of renewable electricity to power every home in america within 10 years quote and / oil

Consumption by one-third so it’s definitely a bearish on the oil industry and trump promises to revive the u.s. fossil fuel sector so meaning oil gas coal all those things including reducing regulations on oil companies gas companies coal companies reducing the regulations that they face currently next one’s up is we are looking at science and technology clinton

Would increase funding for scientific research at agencies like the national institutes of health national side foundation from right now i haven’t seen trump come out with any stance but that’s not the most important subject in the world in my opinion affecting the economy so neither one of those you know should be judged that harshly in my humble opinion on that

Subject some of these other subjects get much more weight in my opinion income inequality clinton plans to address this by creating a fifteen percent tax credit for companies that share profits with workers on top of wages and pay increases trump from what i understand right now has offered few details beyond his tax plan and a he has made comments that ceo ceo

Pay is ridiculous how much see the some of the big ceos are making compared to their workforce and things like that so but i haven’t seen any any specific details if you guys know any why would love to see in the comment section wall street regulation clinton supports keeping dodd-frank law in some cases would tighten rules for wall street such as high in excuse

Me such as taxing high-frequency trading and trump says he would dismantle dodd-frank now dog frank was supposed to be a great thing but a lot of people have now seen that native the banks are just getting bigger by having dodd-frank and that it’s just making the the big banks even bigger and too big to fail it’s a big subject so that’s why trump has come out and

Been against that clinton wants to keep it says it’s working good we haven’t seen any crazy recession or any type of um i guess bubbles yet now that’s for you guys you know judgment do you see bubbles out there do you think dodd-frank’s a good thing bad thing let me know in the comments section small business clinton would ease regulation burdens on community banks

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And support innovative financing methods trump has sharply criticized government regulation does not propose specific policies but trump has come out time and time again said he would take down a lot of a lot of regulations for small businesses i know i face regulations in my business because i fly drone and things like that that i face regulation so he to try to

Get rid of a lot of the regulations that kind of are expensive to small businesses so it kind of drives out maybe some people i don’t know it depends on what you guys think now of course there’s the other side of it which could say you know regulations are a good thing because that promote that prevents people from doing crazy things that they probably shouldn’t

Be doing what is your guys take on that policies for working families clinton advocates advocates equal pay paid family leave earn sick things and expanded health care and from right now i haven’t seen anything from trump specifically in regards to policies for working families so you guys can see there is some sharp sharp differences between them and if i was to

Tell you guys in my opinion what some of the biggest economic subjects are in my opinion personally tax is very important because that affects everybody minimum wage very important on where you stand there because it could affect things in a very good way it could affect things in a better very bad way it’s a big subject tpp absolutely a very big subject that i’m

Paying attention to and then we have infrastructure i think that’s a huge subject as well energy development a bit of a big one wall street regulation always a big one small business very important to me because i’m a small business owner so anything related to small business i pay attention to so those are the most important economic subjects to me personally that

I really pay a lot of attention to and something that wasn’t mentioned here that i wanted to mention is actually health care now clinton obviously is okay with obamacare and wants to maybe expand on that a bit whereas whereas trump said he wants to take out obamacare day one if you can so he’s very against obamacare clinton’s very for the current plan but health

Care is a big thing that can affect the economy because if you’re paying so much more for health care then that’s less money you have to go out and spend a business that’s less money that business has coming in as income so they can go spend more money and give their workers more hours and maybe pay raises and those kinds of things so absolutely i think insurance

Has a very big thing that was not on this list that i think should definitely be paid attention to you guys so like i said clinton supports obamacare wants to expand on it trump wants to dissemble obamacare in have insurance companies compete for your business outside of states and things like that kind of like you can for some type of other industries that you

Buy insurance for and those kinds of things so after this video guys hopefully you know some some more information or hopefully a lot more information than you need before this video you watch today here guys and you can make your own judgment do you think clinton’s plans are great do you think trump’s plans are great i like i said i would love to see some of your

Guys discussion if you have a strong opinion on any of these subjects maybe you have a strong opinion about them all i would love to see them maybe just one or two i would love to see this stuff guys there’s always pros and cons to almost everything in life there’s one side as the other side i would love to see it if you’re watching this guy’s and you haven’t

Subscribed yet you may want to talk about personal finance in this channel i talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur and i talked about the stock market and all three of those things long term will be affected by depending on which can it gets an office because policies will change and all those kinds of things thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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