CNBC and I are at war

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Oh you gotta love some drama huh this week we have a big issue with cnbc cnbc and i are not really seeing eye to eye – well okay let me explain everything that’s going on let’s go back in time okay – just a few days ago i post a video on this channel called jim cramer i totally disagree with you first off cnbc if you do not know what that is it’s a massive business and

Financial markets network it’s the biggest in the world if you pretty much follow anything business-related or the financial markets you know what cnbc is okay and jim cramer is like the face of cnbc and when you think about cnbc you’re probably gonna think of jim cramer first all right i come out with this video and i just basically disagreed with something he was

Saying on the show i was very clear i didn’t have any problems with jim cramer i didn’t have any problems with this show or anything like that i didn’t disrespect him i just basically disagreed with him on something that he had stayed in that show okay and i was very clear about that in the video well that would post that video a couple days ago and then magically

This morning i wake up to like a gauntlet of emails from instagram saying your content was removed from instagram your content was removed from instagram your content was removed from instagram a massive amount of content i had posted on my instagram was basically taken down by cnbc and it’s funny you know because a lot of those posts i made were like months old and

So basically sometimes what i would do is i would take like a 30 second or 45 second clip of something warren buffett had said on cnbc and i would put a you know a catchy title in there on a great tip that warren buffett i got and these videos would get a ton of you especially for how small my instagram is like i know now i have like twenty four thousand followers

A lot of times before that had less than 20,000 followers and so these posts would get like a hundred thousand-plus to use like crazy views crazy amounts of hearts a crazy amounts of shares like 3,000 4,000 shares alone like people sharing them back and forth like dm em to friends and family and whatnot and these posts would just get a lot a lot of views especially

For the business and financial niche and especially for how small my channel was and all of a sudden cnbc out of nowhere just takes all these clips down and then just copyright them all and it’s magically after a couple days after i post this jim cramer video and i’m like what is going on here alright and this doesn’t benefit anybody by taking those posts down like

This this hurts everybody across the board including them some okay so here’s the email like basically got an email address so first thing this morning i happened it was one day i like wake up early okay was to this morning so i wake up super early i see all that and i email the person which was a mail right away i said hello so and some just wanted to touch base

My name is jeremy and i saw you removed any of my instagram posts ahead cmd c in them not sure why you didn’t contact me first cuz they never contacted me they never dm me sent me an email nothing okay no contact me just rip them all down if you really wanted me i would have been happy to remove them myself i made zero dollars off of those clips and a lot of people

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Learn from those clips plus cnbc got massive amounts of branding in them all of them had cnbc branding in all those clips okay the logo and everything all of them had the cnbc logo in them and some in several spots i’m not sure what the angle is to have them removed i bring in mass amounts of millennials into the business and investing every day of social media is

The more people that are interested in business and investing the more people that are likely to interact with cnbc obviously by taking down all those posts all you have done is make me paranoid to ever even say the word cnbc again never mind use anything from cnbc again this is a massive loss and branding power for cnbc long term and it hurts the overall stock market

Business community pretty much a lose-lose for everyone involved jeremy financial education team okay basically here’s kind of some of the questions you got to ask yourself did i make any money from those posts absolutely not okay were those cnbc posts yes but i would basically you know if there was like a 40 minute interview of warren buffett i would basically you

Know like a 30 second or 45 second clip i’d basically take that and rip it down and i would put it on the instagram okay i made zero money off that did i get a lot of views from it absolutely all those were branded cnbc all those were had the cnbc logo i didn’t like oh let me let me get out the cnbc logos or what not all them had cnbc branding in them and whatnot

I made no money off those did i gain followers from those posts more than likely okay did cnbc gain followers from those posts more than likely every single one of those posts was the brainiest cnbc okay a lot of them were becky quick interview and warren buffett type videos and did regular folks learn from those posts absolutely there wouldn’t go viral by themselves

Okay massive amount of people saw a lot of value in those they got a ridiculous amount of shares and if you want to get a lot of views if you want to really push up the view counts and get you know a ton of views on instagram you have to get a lot of people sharing something and those videos who have got ridiculous amounts of shares so which means people actually

Like them and enjoy sharing those with other people in learning from some of those warren buffett tips and whatnot okay so we have a situation this is basically how it works i would post something like that all right who gains from this cnbc gains from one of those posts i personally gain from those posts i get more followers and people gain from those posts they

Just post once again don’t just go viral by themselves people actually enjoy those interact with those watch those posts share them with friends and family and things like that okay when i don’t post guess who gains no one gains okay if i don’t post those clips no one gains from that it’s not my fault cnbc is not smart enough to like understand like catchy titles

And whatnot understand the game of social media and how to really get views in this game like cnbc is great at the television game and in you know the game of you know basically having a website and whatnot they they succeed at that they’re great at that but they suck on social media there they don’t do that enough because they should do even close for example here

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Okay if you go to see nbc’s instagram page they have something they post on warren buffett today you know cnbc has over 400,000 followers how do they get all those followers because they you know instagram promotes it like crazy for anybody that likes basically business or investing stuff and then also because it’s the biggest business and financial network in the

Entire world everybody knows cnbc you have over 400,000 followers they post something about warren buffett today gets 999 likes like that is awful anybody that knows of anything about instagram engagement we have over 400,000 followers and you can’t even hit a thousand likes on a post you do and it’s been out for over eight hours like that’s garbage okay that means

You were really really bad at instagram okay and so my main beef with them is it’s like okay you know sure you know you take all those clips away and don’t contact me first about just take them all away okay so now no one gains from this knowing gains from this okay people don’t gain from this i don’t gain from the and you don’t gain from the cnbc everybody was

Gaining from this and now you just it’s like you know corporate bureaucracy and just not thinking a smart wait like if let me be very clear if you ever want to take any of my clips from my my youtube channel you can gladly take those clips and use them on instagram you can go ahead and tag me in them as long as i’m tagged in the first line in the description hey

Credit to financial education jeremy like you can rip any i give everybody permission to rip any clips off this because why yeah you can benefit from it but i’m also gonna benefit cuz i’m my name’s gonna get out there more no different than i was helped with cnbc’s name get out there even more and more okay bringing in more people that business and niche in the

Investing niche which ends up you don’t keep making cnbc bigger and bigger and they just don’t understand when you when you stifle innovation like this it’s not like if cnbc was getting crazy views like good for them they would do it but they’re not they’re horrible at social media and by hurting me me it hurts them in the same way it’s like they just they just

Don’t quite get it in the end okay it just hurts everybody across the board and it’s sad and it’s unfortunate and that’s not my only beef with cnbc i’m noticing and this is for the past several months at cnbc you guys know one of the companies i’ve been buying very heavily the last several months is facebook stock right i see a consistent hating of facebook stock

By cnbc i’m starting to ask myself are these guys being funded by short sellers or something like this is really sketchy okay look at this why a why quitting facebook and instagram made me happier cnbc okay and cnbc how to delete your instagram without losing photos okay this just today this was on a very front page as soon as you log in to the cnbc app inside

Cult-like facebook where employees pretend to be happy all the time okay yeah i’m sure all the cnbc employees are you know happy all the time and they never pretend to be happy or something like that right it’s just it’s just a constant dogging of facebook and facebook stock in general i’m like why is this going on why are they constantly they just like beat it

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Like it’s a dead horse and like like literally i log in to cnbc app today first thing the biggest article up there is about that facebook need a very negative article on facebook and the culture there because they interviewed you know eight people or whatever and it’s just i just don’t understand it’s big companies not understanding social media and not understanding

Like the the where your name gets out there the more benefits everybody the more can bring people in it’s just it’s a bad move by them okay it’s a bad move and then i can understand i can understand if one eye was directly making money off those posts like let’s say i was ripping entire interviews of warren buffett with becky quick or whatever i was putting them on

The youtube channel and i was making a bunch of money off that yes i hundred percent agree that’s not right okay to if it’s a situation where i’m purposely going out of my way to make you know like cnbc look bad on those instagram posts i didn’t do that in any of those instagram posts okay it was nothing bad about cnbc i can understand if they would have a problem

With that and never did that okay and also if i like purposely like xed out like the cnbc logos and the ones in the background and everything like that i can understand them having an issue with that but the fact that they’re cnbc logos are in there they’re all over the place it benefits people it benefits me a benefits cnbc it benefits the entire community by

Taking that away it’s just made me into a situation where i don’t want to use anything cnbc related now on any of the videos or anything i do in general because now i’m just without a place where i’m like cnbc they might try to copyright me they’re gonna try to take money away from me and now you know if if you get enough basically copyright strikes on instagram you

Have your entire instagram taken away so now i’m at jeopardy of having 24,000 followers just taken away overnight from me because of you know some post that they didn’t like and you know that i basically you know made into a very popular clip so it is what it is i don’t know why they didn’t contact me first and just say hey jeremy you know if you’ve got an issue

Well my thing is if you ever got an issue with somebody and you have a way to directly contact them contact them i’ve had issues with people in the past either on youtube or an instagram or whatever i dm them or i send them an email or whatever there’s ways to contact people and i say hey i have an issue you taking something i’m using or doing something like this

And can you do it at least where you give me credit for it or something like that like like i just don’t get it guys i don’t get it it is what it is it’s it’s just stifles innovation there’s a stifles the business community investing community and it is what it is so i guess always have to start making much more original content for instagram like i do on youtube

And it is what it is i’ll just have to figure out something there but thank you for watching have a great day

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CNBC and I are at war By Financial Education

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