Cognetivity Neurosciences (CSE: CGN) (OTCQB: CGNSF) (FWB: 1UB)

Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. (the “Company” or “Cognetivity”) (CSE: CGN) (OTCQB: CGNSF) (FWB: 1UB) today announced that it has reached an agreement with Dutch telehealth company Luscii healthtech BV (“Luscii”) regarding the deployment of Cognetivity’s wellness app, OptiMind. Luscii will deploy OptiMind’s sophisticated cognitive measurement capabilities in order to better understand the impact of its innovative human resources policies and corporate wellness initiatives.

Hi how you doing today i’m your host rich and we have a rich tv live with my very special guest the ceo of cognativity neurosciences limited cena habibi how you doing today i’m very good how about you i’m doing really really well pleasure to have you on the show now cena tell us about yourself and how you got involved with cognitivity neuroscience is limited

Sure so the company started from cambridge university we always say uh the real one in the uk um it was a piece of research with my co-founder whereby he was using latest neuroscience latest imaging tools available to us what we call functional mris and that’s an mri machine whereby you can look at the function of the brain uh and and find out what’s going on

In the brain what parts of the brain activated during doing a specific task he was looking at human vision and uh the idea was to see again when human brain looks around when we look at around ourselves when our eyes capture uh images like a camera does uh how our brain decode that information into what it understands and respond to it there we realize that

Brain ability to do this to break down information visual information and understand what incites them uh reduces in time uh as people get older uh it takes them longer to understand what happens around them uh and respond to it one example we use is that lady have to renew their driving license this is not because they have a condition but this is because

They risk they become slower in responding to things happening around them using that specific brain function uh we set up a test a very back of envelopey matlab code and we took a test from our friends uh in in the uni and we show a beautiful correlation with age which showed from 18 to 35 we didn’t have any old people around but when people get older their

Performance in our test reduces or declines and this was the beginning of the journey seven years ago wow that’s impressive i love what you guys are doing can you tell us what the main focus for cognitivity neuroscience is limited is for 2021 sure uh as i said it took us this is this is when you have a medical product when you have a clinical product you

Are dealing with the most risk-averse uh people in the world in physicians and doctors so you have to bring a lot of evidence uh to show that your product actually does what you claim it does and that’s what we’ve been doing uh over the last few years we validated our claims about this product today we have a cmark product which unlocks all european markets

And we have uh plans in order to receive our fda approval towards the end of this year we are going to develop we have already our product in commercial use within the national health services in the uk we’re going to expand that market uh and then in the meantime we’re having discussion with different clinicians hospital groups in the us to start using the

Product free of charge basis because we don’t have fda yet we cannot sell anything in the us but we want to get that user um data in the us how our clinicians go about using our technology so that we fine-tune our product for as an event the fda approval comes in you’re ready to go out and scale up our operations in the us that’s fantastic now cognitivity

Neurosciences limited recently announced it has reached an agreement with dutch telehealth company lucy healthtech regarding the deployment of cognitivity’s wellness app big news can you tell us what type of potential revenues this could generate for the company once the app is fully up and running uh great question uh i can’t even put a number on it because

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It’s so big uh that’s uh it’s hard to put a number on it but just to give you an idea any corporation not any corporation any sme any small and medium enterprises anywhere you uh want to assess uh the the well-being of your staff you can use our products and well-being improving well-being of your staff directly correlates to their um performance and their

Productivity so it’s uh in that press release we mentioned a deloitte report whereby uh it’s shown that companies corporation average spend around 800 a year on corporate well-being without any tool to show whether these products is these programs working or not and also as we speak there’s a huge debate uh across the world of ceos uh one some say uh we

All have to work remotely someone’s uh such as goldman sachs ceo that wants all the staff back in the office because they believe based on their opinion and nothing more than that that uh one way or the other is the right way but now we have a tool for the first time that can tell people which model works for your staff for your company so this is the site

Anywhere any corporation in north america in asia will be able to have a very specific and sensitive measurement of well-being of their staff and that’s the size of the market that we have and i love it pretty much no competition there’s no other product that can do this other cognitive tests are long they’re bulky uh and people get to learn them so they

Become better at them one of the key benefits of our test is that we’ve shown the test is not learnable so if you give it to your staff and take the test every day they don’t become better at the test because they’ve taken it over time but if their lifestyle improves or if they work from home and that has a positive impact on their brain health then you can

See that on their on the test results wow i love technology it’s just changing and moving so fast it’s mind-boggling what you guys are doing here but it’s it’s it’s amazing when you think about the future of technology and what you’re capable of it’s um pretty exciting what you guys are doing can you give us a rundown of the team we love hear rich tv live

To learn about the team and management can you give us a rundown of the team at cognitivity neurosciences limited and what each member brings to the team absolutely uh we have a little bit of a bias in cambridge alumni per capita in the company uh because of uh the roots of the company because where it all started we always said that cambridge pubs are the

Best recruitment centers because all you have to do is to go there get a pint of beer in your hand and say it’s impossible to solve this problem and then two people say no it’s not and then you say okay you guys are recruited so we have a lot of people coming from cambridge the most notable one is my co-founder who is one of the uh i used to say rising stars

In neuroscience but he is a shining star in neuroscience he’s been conducting research at cambridge university and also the second cambridge in in the us uh with mit and party at harvard he is a neuroscientist with a lot of publication particularly in human vision and brain mapping our chief compliance officer mark phillips was a veteran of pharmaceutical

Industry he was at gsk for 35 years and his role was precisely in taking r d projects from when they are validated to the point that they are regulated and ready to be launched another very important team member is dr thomas sawyer where i met at george business school which is our business school at cambridge and he was doing his executive mba after having

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Uh 10 15 years of work in in the world of ventures and private equity and venture capital and he was mentoring different startups uh and always tells me that the the moment we pitched uh he said that this this is the company to work for uh and and be involved with and also we have uh dr chris calafattis who is an old age psychiatrist uh in the team he is

Um he was one of the youngest all-day psychiatrists in in london and when we when we uh wrote the first code we made it look like a game and we started to collect data uh that was how we train our ai uh when we gave it to him uh it was one of these pop uh discussions actually we realized that over the weekend he’s taken the test 250 times and we knew at the

Time that we’ve got someone who’s got a lot of interest in what we’re doing so we went back and we started working with him since the very very early days of the company so you know what separates you guys from your competition you mentioned there’s no competition is there really no competition at all every problem i always say i i i in my old days i was

Teaching entrepreneurship in cambridge and i always say a problem every problem is getting solved somehow and is it efficiently solved i’m not so sure and that’s exactly with this case there are solutions but they’re old um approaches to the to the problem we often say uh the the methodology to detect uh cognitive impairment has not changed since the very

Beginning of discovering these diseases there are memory questions asked then we still asking memory questions but what we do we have coming back to what we said what i mentioned earlier using latest neuroscience our understanding of the brain over the last five years is more than what we knew for the entire history and this is because of the breakthroughs

In our imaging our computational power and that’s what has given us the knowledge of the brain that the it was not existing before and add to that is our artificial intelligence components we have a very powerful data component in our technology we have a patented technology in our cognitive assessment that’s one part but we’ve been training an ai model

Which is which keeps getting trained as we collect more data the the analogy we use is that we’ve had a neurologist that has been seeing patients and not forgetting any of them uh since they won that we started collecting these data seven years ago as we collect more data it becomes more and more sensitive and uh and specific so two to answer the question

Twofolds our competitions uh normally we haven’t seen anyone using the ai uh to the extent that we do and also latest neuroscience we are not going through those old approaches of asking memory questions who was the president of united states who got associated in 60s that’s not what we do that’s very late stage it’s good to capture the disease when it’s

Really developed and it’s late stage we pick it up subtle and stop clinical before anybody else can pick it up that’s great love what you guys are doing i love disruptive technologies and we love here at rich tv live tight share structures we’re a group of investors from all over the world we love tight share structures can you explain your share structure

And how much is held by insiders and potential institutions uh we have close to 75 of uh the the company uh owned by the the insiders uh we uh basically uh and uh we haven’t had any uh institutional investor uh it’s been all through retail uh over the last uh few years but that’s what we’re going to change in the next uh in the next few months probably very

Good very good i like that and do you know what your issued outstanding is off by heart do you have an estimate of your issue in outstanding share structure uh not not really exactly at the moment okay we’ll get into that in the future does cognitivity neurosciences limited have any plans of raising funds in the near future and if so what would those funds

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Be used for uh we don’t have any immediate plan uh having said that we look at any offer on the table and assess it particularly coming to um strategic uh investors whether it’s a venture arm of uh big pharma or big medical devices or even software because we sit in a very very interesting interface of pharma software uh medical devices so there’s a lot of

Interesting synergy uh for uh for investments from from these big players and if we do that that is going to be uh in order to accelerate growth significantly uh we have uh enough capital to reach our minds the milestones uh with no problem but uh with the strategic investor uh this could be accelerated significantly fantastic if there was one thing that you

Would want shareholders to know about cognitivity neurosciences what would it be uh the problem that we’re solving is such a big problem and such a huge problem that uh can be um can be uh we can i can give you some some interesting analogy to it it’s similar to uh assessing someone’s blood pressure or someone’s eyesight um you all have experience of uh being

Checking your eyesight with moving uh your hand to the left or right or up or down um that simple but sensitive and accurate test solves a huge problem and that’s where we stand with the brain we have a very sensitive but simple test which is hugely scalable and i want you to think about anywhere that you need to access brain in a very short sensitive and

Accurate way uh you will uh you will need to to use our technology and there is no other tool that does this with this level of uh efficiency wow that’s incredible we’ve got investors to tell you how huge the size the size of the problem that we’re solving is and how significant our solution is we’ve got investors all over the world that are going to watch

This video and they’re going to potentially be interested in contacting you what’s the best way for them to reach you the most direct way is invest it’s our email address and we review this we review incoming emails we have social media footprint you can find us on any of the social media channels and yeah we are actively listening uh to

Our investors to our customers because that’s how you uh build a great company and how you build a great product so excited to learn more and watch your company evolve and grow love what you guys are doing thank you for joining us the ceo of cognitivity neurosciences limited cena habibi and if you guys like this video please smash the like button comment

Down below share the video everywhere and subscribe hit the bell for notifications so every time we have any other breaking news or anything happening you’ll get access to it first and once again the ceo of cognitivity neurosciences cena habibi nice enough to join us remember guys rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your

Due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about consult a financial advisor chances are we consult a financial advisor they’re going to say where’d you get this pick and then you’re going to say from rich tv live and they’re going to say it’s a great pick i really like the pick cena keep up the great work love what you

Guys are doing we love disruptive companies and i think you guys are going to go really far and congratulations on your success so far thank you so much thanks for having me always a pleasure thank you for joining us thank you thank you guys for watching have a nice day everybody you

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