Combining P2E and the latest in NFT technology | Robot fighting league to the Metaverse

Combining P2E and the latest in NFT technology | Robot fighting league to the Metaverse – RICH TV LIVE – MARCH 15, 2022 – #METAVERSE #NFT #RICHTVLIVE #GAME #GAMING #TRADING #CRYPTO #INVESTING #MONEY #RICHTV #RICHTVLIVE #RICHPICKSDAILY

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live rich and richtv and we’ve got metabots mtb token guys i told you guys i love nfts i told you guys i love the

Metaverse how about a play to earn game player versus player with robots in the metaverse put on your oculus and fight your friends using robots in the metaverse absolutely love it we love nfts we love the metaverse we love cryptocurrencies we love bitcoin and we think metabots could be a very fun play to earn game that you need to put on your radar put

On your watch list let’s take a look a little deeper into metabots play to earn game mtb exclusively with your boy rich here on rich tv live make sure you subscribe cool intro love that so announcement metabots cat vr treadmill plus oculus quest 2 plus a full ethereum punisher nft set 6 000 giveaway so this is the metabots 2 uh metabots plate to earn website a play to earn platform metabots assemble combining play to earn and the latest in technology they are bringing robot fighting league to the metaverse and i told you guys i was going to bring metaverse projects i told you guys i was going to bring nfts and this is another play to earn nft platform in the metaverse love it they have an awesome

Announcement to make that they will excite you all they’ll be doing a giveaway and anticipation towards the launch they will be giving away a cat vr treadmill worth 4 500 including accessories like shoes and gloves and oculus quest ii and full ethereum punisher robot nft set total giveaway is worth over six thousand dollars the cat vr treadmill will be given

Away upon launch the requirement of winning is to have bought a minimum one bnb worth of metabots and the symbol for metabots is mtb during the pre-sale and to stake a minimum worth of one bnb tokens finance tokens prior to launch they are taking metabots to the future and are going to create the full ready player one experience for you fighting with the

Full vr experience like never been experienced before are you ready huddle fight they are launching their staking program before the actual launch of metabots so this competition is only valid for investors at stake prior to launch 7 pm utc latest after this date and time it is not possible to participate in this giveaway anymore so what they’re looking for

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Is they want people to go to this website you can also see their whitepaper here you can see their audit you can see the important dates here the pre-sale which is ongoing and the launch which says here march 22nd 2022 at 7 pm utc you can see minimum contribution is 0.10 binance and maximum contribution 3 bnb 3 bonanz soft cap is 300

Bnb 300 bananas hard cap 600 bonanz i’m not going to go through the all these videos but you can see all these videos on their website what is metabot metabot is an innovative project that combines the metaverse nfts and the play to earn concept i love it these are some of the hottest trending sectors all in one we are creating a meta world where people can

Create a vast array of different boxing robots love it these robots are created using six different nft parts that can be minted or collected in the game the game will be pvp in an arena style format oh my goodness this is so cool when fighting pvp player versus player you will play for a wager against your opponents the main goal of this project is to create

An environment where players are able to earn a sustainable income through game play alone you can then go and see their whitepaper and if we scroll further down you can see the team i think it’s important that their team is not anonymous you can see the team you can see all of their social feeds so very good to see the team and you can meet the awesome team

Members and the tokenomics metabots token distribution so we always like to break down everything that’s happening and you know before i do that i just want to show you guys some of their social media this is their twitter this is the huge giveaway announcement the cat vr treadmill and you can see here the oculus etherium punisher nfts they want you to share

Like and ret retweet this tweet and tag three friends to enter join the telegram to learn more and link in the bio so i just liked it and i will retweet this let’s retweet that and all you need to do also to join is tag three friends so that’s them on twitter this is their telegram it looks like this 2260 members on telegram if we want to view on telegram

We just click view on telegram and this is what their telegram looks like you can see they’ve got twitter facebook discord and it takes you right to their discord twitch linkedin solidity finance audit and you can learn more right on right on telegram and this is their linkedin metabots play to earn i am following them also on linkedin this is their twitch


I’m also following them on twitch which will take you also to their twitter and their facebook so there are links to those and this is their facebook and pretty cool here you can see here a little bit of their platform and pretty cool here boxing other robots in the metaverse i think this is brilliant and i could be playing with my friends and we could be in

These robots and we could be boxing in an arena i think this is just absolutely phenomenal this is their facebook page here so pretty excited to see what this is going to really evolve into but it looks pretty cool to me so far and it is metabots which is their website they’re giving away more of these epic machines later stay tuned and they will rule

The vr world metabo metabots play to earn with pvp player versus player combat in the metaverse and we love that they are building the future of interactive player versus player experiences utilizing their own metaverse users from around the world will be able to compete in our revolutionary new fighting play to earn game and explore a continually expanding

Universe love it metabots is built on the unreal engine and is a pvp fighting game that uses a custom fighter system where gamers can build their own fighting bots using a range of parts over 24 000 unique parts can be installed across six different areas to create your own unique fighter ready to compete against others in the metabots arena you can see the

Tokenomics which we’re showing you here on the website and the robots kind of look like this so pretty cool and we love nfts and we love the metaverse and this is a platform and a company and a uh i think it’s a platform that everybody should put on their radar and put on their watch list because i believe that the metaverse and i believe that nfts are two

Of the hottest fastest growing new sectors in the world and this is a platform this is a game that it essentially has both heavily involved so i think it’s going to do quite well metabots has many play-to-earned mechanics allowing spectators to place wagers and fighting and fighters to compete in championship tournaments they will detail these further as they

Approach the game’s release they have already made huge strides in design and gameplay development more screenshots and videos will be shared over the coming weeks this is real steel crossed with custom robotics and robots tokenomics so we’re going to go through that right now we went through the team so these are the tokenomics so essentially the tokenomics

Entire token supply is 1 billion tokens tokens private sale 200 million tokens pre-sale 400 million tokens liquidity 200 million tokens cex listing on that exchange 80 million tokens in game rewards 80 million and marketing tokens 40 million tokens 20 private sale locked 10 months with monthly emissions 40 pre-sale 20 liquidity 4 marketing tokens 8 cex

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Listing and 8 in-game token rewards and you can see how it’s all broken down i like how it’s all very public and this is the roadmap and the future of metabots so you can see from the beginning which was q1 2021 going into q1 2022 to now q2 where they’ve gone to q2 2022 where we are now and going into q3 2022 so what are they working on right now game

Demo nft collection revealed nfd sale huge start creating the metaverse nft marketplace teaser metabots merch store nft marketplace release on test nets nft marketplace launch on mainnet and then in q3 2022 first in-game graphics reveal cross-chain nft marketplace i love that a full nft marketplace hiring virtual employer and then in q4 2022 to end of this

Year game beta and then the game launch so we’re getting in early in this project and those are typically the projects that do the best so with the token supply there’s also two percent buyback two percent development two percent marketing two percent auto liquidity generation two percent psi rewards ten percent for buying tax ten percent selling tax and 11

Slippage launch info white listing pre-sale 8th march 7 pm utc 7 7 pm utc to ensure your white listing spot they’re running multiple competitions in the unlikely event of us not reaching our hard cap in the first 15 minutes of pre-sale we will open the pre-sale to the public so this is metabots play to metabots p2e these are their partners love to

Know what you guys think of this video if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live this is your boy rich your mercy to be live we’ll bring you the winners we bring you new trending projects we love nfts we love the metaverse they’re two of the hottest fastest growing sectors in

The world and that’s why we believe everybody should be putting metabots on their radar on their watch list i believe it’s a project that has a chance to be really special and i can’t wait to put on my oculus and get into the metaverse and fight with my friends and be robots in the metaverse in an arena i think it sounds fun can’t wait to try it maybe we’ll

Do some more videos in the future where i’m actually playing the game zero boy rich or mercy live and i’m out you

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Combining P2E and the latest in NFT technology | Robot fighting league to the Metaverse By RICH TV LIVE

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