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My previous video if all taken together may only be cohesive if you read between the lines. Sometimes I might offer one suggestion and then have another video that offers another. Sometimes, knowledge of being able to do certain things can completely change my opinion. For example, if you turn off the auto reload feature in freedompop phones, you will no longer get charged sporadically and the service becomes much more usable. Before doing so, it would have been so horrendous that caused me to deem it a very unusable phone service. Another point is to not trying to look rich and also sometimes you should make yourself look rich. Those sound like conflicting ideas but it really is saying most the time don’t try to look rich or else you’ll go broke keeping up with looking rich. You can however, frugally try to look rich still in order to benefit social such as preferential treatment for looking the part.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush i know sometimes i might be contradicting myself from one video to another for example the last video i was talking about how you can look rich but be frugal at the same time however much of my other videos suggest to not spend to make yourself look rich because this actually cost you a lot of money and will cause you

To not really build well now i don’t know if you guys see the difference between the two because one of them is that don’t spend any money don’t make yourself look rich because that’s going to cost too much another one says yes spend money spend a little bit of money and make yourself look rich so you might go should i try to look rich or should i not try to look

Rich make up your mind beat the bush you see most of time you should not try to make yourself look rich but there are specific instances where you should make yourself look which you can remember there’s a large gradient of how rich you should make yourself look you can be quite flashy – somewhat smart looking or just kind of casual or you can just look really

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Raggedy at the bottom now i assume if you dress and rags and you have holes and you know all your clothes is dirty even your best friends don’t want to hang out with you if you’re in that state so you see there’s a gradient and when you do just nice and make yourself look ricci tend to get preferential treatment you might go no i don’t want any of that and that’s

Fine if you don’t want any preferential treatment but do note that you can do certain things that won’t cost you too much and still look rich and get the advantages that’s not so bad because it will make you spend a little bit in order to spruce yourself up and then you’ll get various advantages such as better business dealings you got to look smart when you try

To get a job if you look the part when you’re getting your airline thing you might even get upgrades just in all walks of life there are advantages so there’s two ways to look at it and in a lot of my videos i kind of talk about both ways for example in one of the videos for example in one of the videos i talked about freedompop being free it’s great i use it and

Yet later on i need another video that goes oh freedom pop is getting bad to worse yes indeed i did get charged left and right using the mobile dongle however if you change the preferences to no auto reload it becomes a lot more tolerable so there’s two different ways to look at it if you use it in the wrong way then yeah it won’t be so recommended but if you

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Know how to use something then you can have a different view of servus another one you might assume based on my channel that i am pro credit card everyone should get a credit card but this is simply not true i’ve said this in multiple videos and a lot of people just want to say well credit cards are bad on my videos but i never made a video that said you should

Actually use cash only nor did i make one that says you should use credit cards only it’s kind of like a mix between the two so i’m kind of surprised whenever someone goes oh yeah of course credit cards are better or another one people always go oh only use debit cards or credit cards to me there’s really not one very good thing that everyone should do so based on

Who you are you just credit cards if you’re easy to get into credit cards you use cash that’s just fine with me yeah another set of somewhat contradictory set of videos is about travel cards one of them i go oh travel cards it kind of make you spend too much and then when you go to travel it’s kind of uncomfortable all these bad things about traveling on another

Video i’m actually working on is actually try to turn the credit card so that you get the benefits without actually spending more lots of people do this and if you’re able to get the benefits without actually spending any that’s kind of nullifies not liking travel credit cards due to the high spender requirements so you see with you so you see with a certain skill

Set you can totally change the view of if one thing is bad or good towards yourself just to go over real quick what skill set was needed in each of these four things for looking rich you have a purpose to do it and you can do it for cheap then it’s somewhat justified for freedompop if you’re willing to turn off the auto reload then your views on that service will be

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Completely different for credit cards or cash if you know how to use a credit card well then of course you’re going to be on the side of the credit card versus cash for travel credit cards if you know how to turn them without spending extra then you would be on the side of wanting more travel credit cards so most of these topics even for videos where i am strictly

On one side or the other usually have two sides of the same coin so i encourage yourself also to always think of both sides of the same coin i know sometimes it might be hard when you have very strong feelings for one thing but i really do think it’s beneficial to anybody that’s able to look at the same topic from multiple angles so thanks for watching this is more

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