COPPERBANK announces TARGETS for MULTI-PHASE DRILL PROGRAM (CSE: CBK) (OTC: CPPKF) – RICH TV LIVE – April 5, 2021 – CopperBank Resources Corp. CEO Gianni Kovacevic Interview – (“CopperBank” or the “Company”) (CSE:CBK) is pleased to announce locations for drill targets that will assist in future drilling campaigns on its 100% owned Copper Creek Cu-Mo-Ag project, in Pinal County, Arizona. In total, there are 20 distinct prospects at Copper Creek and the design of the early phases of future drilling campaigns aim to target 11 of these priority brownfield and greenfield prospects. Maps of all of the targets can be found in the corporate presentation that can be downloaded from the Company web site.

Rich picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest

Many time guest gianni kovacevic how you doing today gianni i mean i’m fantastic and we’ve got a big jump in the copper price today so it’s timely we’re going to get right to the point we’re going to probably be only 10 minutes today bang bang bang stats stats stats technical technicals technicals it’s go time and i’m going to show people why perfect so let’s

Get started last time you’re on the show copper was doing well what has been happening with copper bank since you’re on the show last well the whole industry’s went through a big consolidation if you look at the index for for speculation junior mining shares the world’s largest is the tsx venture exchange and you saw a huge burst of volume three times more

Than it was a year before and it just fell one third of the volume of six weeks ago and the market was red red red every day why don cox says it best those that know it the best love at least because they’ve been disappointed the most all these guys have been holding these shares for six seven eight years they got out there’s been this big recalibration and

Everything gets mixed in with it you got crypto now you got gold but copper is the commodity once again breaking out and the the equities the things that your listeners are going to be buying they are nowhere near where they were the last time copper was four dollars a pound and that would be like having you know uh oil imagine if oil was 130 a barrel it would

Be euphoria like you’ve never seen before so it’s the calm before the storm and that’s what we’re going to talk about you guys announced today that you are targeting a multi-phase drill program at copper creek in pinel county arizona can you tell us how big copper creek can be potentially copper creek is already one of the largest undeveloped copper porphies

In the world we know this because there’s been some historical studies and over 220 thousand meters of drilling has already occurred now we don’t look at those historical uh resource estimates as contemporary but they are accurate they were done by qualified people under the under the new 43-101 regulations 220 000 meters rich do you know how much it costs

To drill a meter in the united states it’s over 300 dollars so if you want to drill a hundred thousand meters you’re talking 30 million us dollars we’ve got 220 000 meters on that one project so the reason we’ve been carefully looking at the data looking at where to drill more we want to increase the confidence and size of copper creek it’s already one of the

Biggest we want to make it undisputed is one of those prime targets for for m a takeout because i believe america is the number one jurisdiction where major mining companies want to have development copper projects in arizona is the best state it was the largest production area of copper in the world until chile surpassed it and we just happened to be right in

The copper corridor which is where all the action happens we got a great address a lot of money’s been spent already so we need to spend a few million dollars more to answer some unanswered questions to what i believe is going to be a disproportionate benefit for our shareholders and all that starts right now that’s why we put out that press release interesting i

Didn’t realize how useful copper was until recently and i listen a lot to bloomberg and everyone’s coming on bloomberg talking about copper everybody like copper experts investors mining guys gold guys they’re talking about copper is in everything and until i actually started having on the show i wasn’t aware of that i didn’t realize that copper is everything

Like it is such a huge commodity the last time you were on the show we did discuss the price of copper and you were very bullish on it do you still feel the market has lots of room to move up for copper absolutely and that’s not just me talking uh hyperbole this is based on demand the demand of copper since 1900 grew three percent keger sometimes a little bit

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More sometimes a little bit less because it’s all about electrification 75 of all the copper today goes into something to create transfer or utilize electrical energy and the future of energy is electrification the keger growth rate of copper is going to be five six seven percent at times in the next decade don’t lose any sleep about the demand that’s why the

Price is moving and on top of that supply’s not caught up and why’d the price move today look at copper went from four dollars to 415 right now as we’re speaking chile is closing its borders for 30 days this is the world’s largest producer of copper already demand is or the supply is actually falling they’re not going to produce as much copper as they did the

Past years and this is dovetailing in this massive demand it used to be the china super cycle now it’s the global uh move towards electrification and post covet stimulus over 10 trillion dollars and america is is where it’s centered at right now it’s not just the china story did you know in 2020 america had a demand of two and a half million tons of copper

Per year they used to produce three million tons today america has a demand of 1.8 million tons so demand’s fallen because they’ve exported industry and reimpart the things but supply america only produced 922 000 tons of copper in the year 2020. is america going to need more copper next year and the year after and then for the next 20 years absolutely and

Where are they going to want to get that supply from is they want to move away from this deglobalization arizona which is why major mining companies are going to want high quality late-stage projects which is what copper bank owns rich i have to remind you it takes 20 years from discovery hall until you just make the production decision for a copper development

Project our projects are at year 15. it is ruinously expensive and it is painfully time-consuming so let’s talk about the last time copper was four dollars a pound there was a kind of it was a mania euphoria copper’s 415 right now but the equities haven’t moved so when we bought uh companies that went through hard times during the bear market they were all

Stock listed copper bank has 81 million shares outstanding and the insiders and founders own 25 of that we traded 13 million shares at 55 cents in february we traded 10 million shares at 58 cents in march we’re trading at 58 60 cents the entire float has been turned over but more importantly the last time copper was four dollars a pound the stuff that we bought

Would be in excess of three dollars a share based on our share count like this is this is go time it’s trading at 60 cents and now we’re looking at moving these projects forward spending a few millions of dollars to have a disproportionate benefit for our shareholders i think the the the planets have aligned our team can execute we’ve done it before we say what

We do what we do we say and i think it’s something that people can look at right now as a medium long-term valuation play but also as a on a technical basis a short-term um trade as well the 200-day moving average 53 cents so just let people are they can look at a chart take a look at the company trades good volume and i think um that’s that’s what the setup is

There right now now there’s a drill program that you guys are doing that has just been announced has the company ever done a comparable drill program to the size of the one that’s going on right now before in the past my team is very qualified rich we’ve got over 300 years of combined experience just look at our web page these guys are in their let’s say late

50s early 60s they’ve been there they’ve done that our strategy was not to drill a bunch of holes i already told you it’s ruinously expensive copper creek 220 000 meters has already been drilled there contact copper 86 000 meters already drilled there what i’m talking about doing is answering a few unanswered questions phase one six thousand meters phase two

Another six thousand meters this is bite size we can do that but if you look at our website right now people can download our latest presentation and just look where we’re gonna drill we’re doing these angular holes which you know with with some level of success there it’s a game changer for the deposit so there’s a few ways we can create value right now one

We could simply look at the the current deposit that what was already been drilled and look at the parameters because copper when copper prices are higher you can then use a higher copper price to see what’s economic we can look at some by-product credits that weren’t added in the last go-around these are these are things that are not the copper is the dominant

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Mineral but there’s other little things that happen they all add value and now of course with the drill bit when we have success almost all the holes we’re drilling are outside the known resource when you have a hit that’s going to add resource so it’s by spending a little bit of money we’re able to add a lot of value answering your question the long way around

My team has got a lot of experience but that was not what we wanted to do we want to spend a little bit of money to make a big impact it starts right now institutional investors is key for small cap companies to really take it to the next level how can copper bank create more interest for institutional investors well our story is becoming an institutional story

And that starts now we’ve engaged a group that specializes in institutions that want they’ve already told them they want copper stories they came to us and says look we can put you in front of institutions so in the next three months i’m going to be communicating the copper bank story a little bit more technical i think with my team to these groups that sometimes

Have a geologist or an engineer on staff and that’s happening week by week week by week month by month so that the program which is uh three months with another three month add-on because we believe that this copper price is here to stay probably can even get stronger and the interest the people that move the needle for a little company like ours they’ve yet

To be in the story they’re not investors in copper bank that comes later and that’s when you get these real um valuations where when the big money comes in oh there’s all turnover of the float that happened in february in march and part of your audience was was was there you guys would saw the story a couple different times and i think both times there was

An opportunity to make money short term and of course longer term i believe and that um that was done with retail investors not institutional investors so yes we’ve engaged these groups and i will be speaking week by week uh to these audiences and that’ll be augmented as my team delivers news on the projects with results and that’ll be really the balance of

2021 the higher the stronger that the copper price stays here sort of above 350 four dollars you know the old models never went that high rich they stopped at four dollars just to give you the economics and then on all the dust settles we still have the built-in organic royalty company and that’s the holy grail so you’ve got the projects you’ve got expiration

Projects and then you’ve got this long long-term optionality with no time expiry and if you look at the plausibility of these projects going into production in the next uh years as we move it forward no guarantee that that happens but certainly that’s that’s the finish line that’s the goal i’m not building a copper mine we’ll partner with someone that can that

Can do that look at the math look at the math our market cap 81 million shares 60 cents is 48 million canadian 40 million us dollars i already told you much it cost to drill these things out i already told you that the previous market cap high was in excess of 200 million everything we own but look at the royalty opportunity if you look at a typical medium-sized

Copper mine in the world not using our example but that if they put out 100 000 tons of metal that’s kind of what you’re looking for copper’s trading at 9 dollars a ton so per year the average medium-sized copper project would put out 900 million to a billion dollars of of of um of revenue per year on on the my life now if you put a one percent royalty on the

Project that pays out ten million dollars a year two percent 20 million per year for like 20 or 25 years like we’ve got that royalty company sitting in copper bank you know when all these other things occur no guarantee they happen but when and if they do occur we still have that that revenue generator for the real patient investor that wants to stick around

For the longer run so it just it’s a company that’s got near-term medium-term and long-term value creation and most of the money has already been spent most of the risk has already been incurred by other people we now spend a few million dollars to answer some unanswered questions and i think that’s a good place to leave it at when he first came on the show the

Stock was at 30 cents and it went 60 and it’s just under 60 right now so it’s pretty much up almost 100 percent it’s been around 100 since you just went to 82 that’s right now it’s consolidated and then we’ve had this what 22 million shares have traded at this copper price at this uh that this share price it’s bifurcating that i believe there’s some there’s

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Some institutional guys waiting there and when the next um volume burst is we’ll we’ll see what happens but i think i think it’s we’ll see if a new all-time high is achieved i think it’s very plausible and the previous market cap high of all this stuff last time copper was four dollars i say it again well well in excess of three dollars a share and people will

Not see a lot of dilution because we don’t have to spend a lot of money we own everything 100 i don’t must have to do anything there’s no gun to my head we’re very careful of dilution we throw pennies like manhole covers it’s our money and we’re very careful if we spend a dollar on the project it’s got to be very accretive rich it’s got to add a lot of value

Okay we don’t want to do the risky stuff we want to do the high value stuff oh it’s music to my ears if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know today about copper bank what would it be well it’s timing you know it was always a strategy that required fifty cents a pound copper that’s when these projects we can actually be we can look at plausible

Economics and if we look at the historical economic studies which were done in 2013 2012 2020 if you want to go to the previous ones to the ones published in 2023 or 2013 the scales end at four dollars rich there was never a time that people thought that we would have four dollar copper and if you look at the net present value of these projects every 25 cents

That the copper price goes higher based on historical economic studies there’s a 300 million dollar lift in mnet present value now copper’s trading right now 415 chile’s on strike demand is going to surpass supply for the next years copper is going to be very dear so it’s not it’s not going away i don’t believe i don’t lose any sleep at night that that that’s

Going to be oversupplied it’s going to get interesting and there’s going to be an incentive the price will be strong or as i like to say it’s going to be stronger for longer and that gives more and more confidence every week every month that those prices stay there eventually we get these tipping points we’ve already had a couple but as i said already three

Times in the interview the last time copper was four dollars a pound there was euphoria the valuations were still six x seven x higher than today there’s a disconnect either the price of copper is gonna collapse or they’re going to play a little catch up here one or the other i’m betting on the ketchup if a shareholder or anyone that’s watching this video

Wants to get in contact with you what’s the best way for them to reach you i encourage everyone that’s seriously interested download our presentation you don’t have to be a mining engineer where are we looking at drilling how much is it going to cost on that you have my email and more importantly if people want up-to-date really more copper-centric news in in

Data and graphs and charts twitter gianni kov follow me there and i like to share things and of course they’re still which my book which some people may have seen if you have a us address i will have my publisher send you a copy of this beautiful hardcover book and i think it’s something it’s like having a five hour meeting or dinner with me it reads like a

Novel it’s a page turner 26 000 copies have been printed it’s also on it’s uh it’s an e-book it’s in german and i think that reinforces it published four years ago but it’s very current because copper is the topical commodity and nothing’s changed the future of energy is electrification and electrification demands copper thank you so much for your

Time today the ceo of copper bank gianni kovacevic remember guys rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we discuss here in rich tv live if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and smash that subscribe

Button so you never miss a video or news or an interview with a ceo like gianni gianni always a pleasure having you on the show my friend hope to have you on again soon with news we will be there yep okay great guys if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is rich and gianni saying have a nice day you

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