Copperbank Resources CEO Gianni Kovacevic CSE: CBK OTC:CPPKF FRA:9CM

Copperbank Resources CEO Gianni Kovacevic CSE: CBK OTC:CPPKF FRA:9CM – RICH TV LIVE – February 15, 2021 – CopperBank Resources Corp. (“CopperBank” or the

Hi how you doing i am your host rich from rich to be live with our very special guest gianni kovacevic the ceo of copperbank how you doing today gianni i’m very good rich and i’m glad to be on your program for the first time it’s very good timing i think for the themes that we’re going to talk about today fantastic i’m very excited about learning more about your

Project and your company can you tell us in 90 seconds through a 90-second pitch about copper bank and why should a retail investor want to follow the story well rich i followed commodities for 25 years and they’re very cyclical but my background is in electrical studies so i understand fundamentally what the green new deal is and how it works which is why

Copper is going to be the single biggest beneficiary from this trade and you’re considered the copper guy why are you the copper guy well i’ve done a lot of media i understand it i’ve earned my position i’m not a braggart i have a best-selling book to really enable people to have a five-hour dinner with me so my book is on amazon my electrician drives a porsche

It’s all about the electrician has nothing to do with fast cars so in 2017 i was invited to keynote the famed copper dinner in santiago chile in front of 5 000 people once again i’m not a braggart but i earned it we know copper my team has over 300 years of collective experience we know anyone who is anyone in the copper business we are one degree of separation

From these people so people should have a lot of confidence we don’t just go from trend to trend i have followed copper and invested a lot of copper deals and this is our our bear market buy was buying projects putting it into one company so retail investors can participate in copper for this trend and that company is compromised today now investors are so

Fickle and there’s so many ways to invest there’s crypto there’s stocks there’s gold there’s forex there’s everything now these days and there’s the chance like you just mentioned for a potential 10x maybe even a 3x why invest in copper bank now why not just wait well it’s been one of those stories the whole electrification and invest in copper has always been

Next year’s investment dollar no longer the copper price today is climbed and keeps climbing it’s at three over three dollars in 80 cents a pound yet these juniors have not really had the big move so let me be clear here the oil and copper prices are are highly correlated and typically oil was the dominant commodity let’s go back 20 or 30 years but if you were

To picture in the theater of your mind these two commodities trading up and down copper at 380 a pound rich is like if oil was 115 dollars a barrel wow you imagine the euphoria that would be in the oil sector if that’s where the commodity was that’s exactly where copper is and it’s going to trend higher and there are many reasons why it’s really the engineering

And you can now rather than wait i believe a long period of time the the speculator interest in copper is coming to fever pitch and that’s the metal but now is going to come people i believe people are going to start speculating on the on the junior stocks and what we own is this portfolio of well-situated projects that have been adequately de-risked and

With the little bit of capital we’re raising right now i think is going to add up a real turbo drive into various initiatives that we have and that’s what we’re going to talk about wow that’s great the copper space is starting to pick up because of all the electric cars coming to market and the global talk about green new deals with an s on the end deals

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Because deals are happening everywhere meaning plural what’s the potential for copper in this trade and theme so here’s why the commodity is interesting and i don’t care if it’s hogs or logs when a commodity starts flirting with its old all-time high rich you end up in a mania phase now when copper was four dollars a pound that’s the last mania phase we’re

Now 383 pounds it’s very close and if you look at where’s the future of copper cot most copper is used to fabricate something that generates transfers or utilizes electrical energy okay but today as we speak only twenty two zero percent of final energy usage is actually electrification and that took 130 years to install the current global electrical networks

In the next 30 years actually it’s going to be less than 30 years because of these green new deals all these infrastructure things and renewable energy and everything that you hear about in the media we are going to require as much copper as was installed in the last 130 years in the next 25. wow the keger growth rate the demand growth for copper the middle

Of the road scenario not not something crazy and not epic fail but middle of the road is six percent kegger growth rate on the commodity and so that is something where it’s simply not possible we found a lot of copper low-grade copper deposits and resources but nothing that of higher really high grade concentrations which is almost an insurance quality that

Insurance policy that copper prices are going to go much higher and more importantly stay there because the people that use copper people that make cables transformers motors windings all those things their business is going to boom like they’ve never seen before in the last hundred years because all these things require these electrical components and so they’re

Going to be buying more copper and so it’s go it naturally it’s going to give a real bid to that sector but here’s what happens it’s a thin market and it’s it’s basically balanced what happens and what’s happening right now is speculators are taking copper from that market and hoarding it for investment purposes so you now have all these tens of thousands of

People that fabric that need copper cable and for fabrication purposes they’re now tripping over themselves so what you’re seeing is you’re going to have it probably an overreaction price wise the price is going to go higher maybe even than it deserves to because all these people are now tripping over themselves and tripping over speculators which is why you’ve

Seen the copper price um be had such a radical increase in the password of nine months now copper bank recently announced that it will raise up to 1 million 50 000 by issuing 3 million shares at 35 cents per share by way of private placement that’s only four percent dilution please tell us how you plan to use those funds more specifically explain each each asset

That copper bank owns and how because relatively speaking one million is not a lot of capital so how can that four percent in dilution significantly enhance the value of those projects that’s a very important question and people should know that mining is ruinously expensive so the people that we acquired our projects from first of all they took share equity

We didn’t pay cash people always say if they’re so good why they sell they didn’t they took shares they had to buy into the future as well and they invested or access 128 million dollars this is what it would take to duplicate all the work on our portfolio wow so we have a lot of data a lot of drill drill holes have been there a lot of historical engineering

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Studies so what we’re looking to do now is review that work and find where can we do additional drilling and how can we we enhance the portfolio and this does not require millions of dollars this requires thousands of dollars because it’s really about the team putting boots on the ground and presenting the evidence to more senior companies and to the market

So let me be clear raised a million dollars that’s going to give us enough gna for two full years of holding costs we are extremely careful about dilution rich that’s because my team and and the group we own equity we own millions of shares we do not want to dilute ourselves we well i will believe i will make my fortune in this trade with this commodity with

Copper bank where i am the largest shareholder by owning shares not with a salary and so we throw pennies like manhole covers we are starting to do a little bit of marketing and we feel that this million dollars can answer some unanswered questions we can present this data to the market and with our current market cap of 28 or 30 million dollars depending on the

How it trades up or down so at around 36 37 cents per share we feel that we have all these other trade winds going behind us but now we need to move the ball down the field with the portfolio and fortunately because it would take in excess of 120 million dollars to duplicate everything that’s already occurred this is not um a big expense it’s really about having

People reinterpret the um the historical information and get us ready to then present to the market where we want to drill in the future and so um i guess answering your question the long way a long way around this million dollars is going to give us a quantum leap of information and it also fortifies to the existing people that have followed the strategy that

We are not going to have any kind of needless dilution uh unless we want to move the portfolio forward and that will only occur if we have like what i believe should be significant share price appreciation because of all the different trade winds that are supporting the copper trade right now now we love here rich tv live tight float stocks tightly held share

Structures management that’s very responsible and knows exactly where every single share is those are the deals we love can you break down your share structure with copper bank and how much is held by insiders the management and insiders hold in excess of 25 of the company now how did i obtain my position i have seven pages of insider filings when our stock was

Cheap we did not do um overly dilute the strategy we raised enough capital internally we always did this at a premium without issuing warrants and we did this with the group so that people that were thinking about owning the stock or already purchased the shares are all treated equally we you don’t have to feel like oh there’s another five-year warrant coming

For the insider group on a chair that has not been our strategy and that will not be our strategy so when when the stock was cheap rather than do these kind of fortunate financings we bought the stock i have seven pages of insider filings and that is predominantly how i was able to obtain my position supporting the company with these above market financings

And my seven pages of insider filings so when you look at those are the insiders management we also have a couple of key supporters that have big positions in big blocks that’s just me telling you you know what maybe what you want to hear look at the stock look how it’s traded since january 4th we have traded about 14 million shares at the financing price this

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The financing that we’re going to close next week which is 35 cents a share that’s real data we we’ve had probably the single largest five-week period of trading volume in the stocks history and if you look at that what that should do is i believe it’s leading up to if you’re a technical doing technical analysis you could just look at that basis they’re all

Within one penny trading around 36 cents canadian and uh i believe we’re ready for another breakout we close our financing next week and we’re going to start presenting a lot of news flow and data from the work that the team has been doing and of course we got that positive copper trade wind there are not a lot of listed companies that have more than one copper

Development project and a portfolio of exploration projects and we have that we have like really three businesses in one company in copper bank development expiration and then when we’re successful they’re rich we have a built-in royalty company where we can create royalties on the portfolio and we look to monetize that we’re certainly not going to move these

Projects forward or if we’re you know if we were successful in monetizing them we’re going to keep that back so multiple different channels that we we believe are going to be able to provide our shareholders a return outside of share price appreciation that’s exciting i like that if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about your company what

Would it be well we’re owner operators and unlike many other companies um that are listed we’re investors like they are the whole rationale and why we structured copper bank was because i like you know investing or speculating in drill hole plays as well in commodities that’s where fantastic fortunes have been made in the past but in that bear market that we

Saw you you couldn’t just keep feeding companies a million dollars a year for g a because it’s you just your value gets eroded so we wanted to control projects that we thought that were had the potential to go into a development arc in the next bull cycle we have that bull cycle now and we were able to position ourselves and create a structure of a company

That’s got the right share count the right trading volume the right address we’re located in nevada in arizona and i think for our if we ever do a follow-up interview we can probably dig more into the details on the projects and that’ll be more important because i’ll have more news to deliver where i can articulate why i think that um that will be important

For the industry itself and and where the industry is growing and why arizona and nevada are going to continue to be a top jurisdiction in global copper mining but um ultimately it’s about timing and i think if you if you look at a chart if you look at where we raised our capital and where we’re going forward with this copper trade i think the timing is very

Good i agree with you i think the timing couldn’t be better if you guys like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes past performance is not an indication of future results my opinion on this stock i think it’s undervalued under appreciated

Underexposed it’s the first time we’ve ever talked it’s the first time our community’s ever seen this pick and based on what you’re telling me gianni i think the upside in the future looks bright thank you for joining us today gianni kovacevic the ceo of copperbank hope you have a great day and thank you guys for watching thank you gianni thank you you

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Copperbank Resources CEO Gianni Kovacevic CSE: CBK OTC:CPPKF FRA:9CM By RICH TV LIVE

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