Coronavirus Outbreak 170 Dead 7700 Infected

Coronavirus Outbreak 170 Dead 7700 Infected – RICH TV LIVE – JANUARY 29, 2020

Update and unfortunately i got a lot update that i’m not really excited about so the new numbers in the coronavirus this is your boy rich the midnight the late night vampire here i don’t want you guys to panic but i’m starting to get more and more concerned every day because these numbers keep growing and they’re getting concerning so the number of dead is now

170 due to the corona virus and there are more than seven thousand seven hundred cases that have been confirmed in mainland china as the wu hen coronavirus spreads across asia and the rest of the world china on lockdown nearly 60 million people have been under partial or full lockdowns in chinese cities for a week global spread there are more than 100 confirmed

Cases in 19 places outside of china do you notice how these numbers keep growing guys girls this is very serious all these numbers keep growing evacuations the us japan and several other countries are now flying their citizens out of when this is very concerning this is very disturbing my heart goes to everybody in china and wu hen i fear that these numbers are

Greater than what they are telling us i feel that these numbers are much greater than what they are telling us how does the number go from one dead to 117 dead in eighteen days how do we go from 300 cases to 7700 cases in 18 days i fear that the amount of dead is much larger than what they’re telling us and i fear that the amount infected is much larger than what

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They are telling us i really have nothing else to say other than stay safe take all precautions you can and we are all brothers and sisters in this world let’s try to have a world for our children and our children’s children to be able to enjoy for the future i’m very concerned about our future my heart goes to everybody that has been affected by this this is

Your boy richard wish-tv live the late-night vampire reporting regarding the corona virus 7700 cases it was just 6000 yesterday it’s grown by 1700 cases in one day there was only one hundred and thirty two people dead yesterday today it’s 170 if you don’t see this escalating very quickly i don’t know what else to tell you thank you for joining this is your boy

Rich from wish-tv live the late night vampire reporting from vancouver british columbia canada where we now have a case of coronavirus in vancouver i pray for all of you i hope all of you don’t have to deal with this i hope we can find a cure soon i’ll continue to report on it if there’s anything that changes i’ll let you guys know first but i had to report that

Unfortunately the numbers keep growing 170 dead 7700 infected and i believe that this number is at least 10 times higher than what they’re showing us thank you guys for watching have a great day is your boy rich from rush tv live and i’m out stay safe peace i really have nothing to say guys i’m sorry

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