Coronavirus Outbreak: 1st Deaths in USA, Thailand, & Australia

Coronavirus Outbreak: 1st Deaths in USA, Thailand, & Australia – RICH TV LIVE – MARCH 1, 2020 – DEATHS ARE REPORTED IN * CHINA * IRAN * ITALY * AND NOW *USA *THAILAND *AUSTRALIA

Hey guys doing this is richard to be live just wake up to the news every day now with this coronavirus i was one of the first to cut and break the news on the coronavirus and all my worst fears have not realized there are now deaths in australia thailand and america we are over 3,000 reported deaths now due to the corona virus and to give you the sheer understanding

Of how fast this is spread cases worldwide 3001 deaths forty two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight recovered three thousand deaths out of eighty eight thousand cases you there are six hundred and five people in serious or critical condition so i’ve been reporting on this for five weeks and while i’ve been reporting on this the numbers just continue to get

Worse the death toll continues to escalate the amount of infections continue to escalate and what i’m starting to notice that is concerning me is that it’s starting to get into our neighborhoods it’s starting to get into our communities and it’s going to continue to and i don’t know if you guys have recognized this but this is a very serious problem and as long as

This problem is going to exist it’s going to affect the markets how do you think the markets are going to affect be affected by this through my training academy i will know in a few hours how the market is going to do and i’m literally scared to see what the u.s. 30 is gonna do i’m anticipating it’s going to go down i’m really anticipating it’s going to go down

And it could go down big because we just had the first death in america so how will the american markets deal with the first death of the coronavirus in america the first in australia the first in thailand been reporting this for five weeks everything in this world is connected if the corona virus is spreading and an outbreak is happening all over the world how

Is that not going to affect the markets it’s going to affect the markets greatly i will be shocked if the markets are green tomorrow shocked but anything is possible in this crazy world what do you guys think thank you guys for joining me here on your sunday how you doing daniel steven sup man crazy week crazy weekend and i have a feeling we’re in for a pretty

Crazy week again sharkey says new case in rhode island – limited says haven’t been off my property in three weeks super says get in o pg n o p gna yvonne diesel says rich trudeau let all china plane come in canada seven plane in montreal per week and how much in vancouver oh man i don’t want to think about it bro it really makes me angry man stephen says keep us

Posted rich were all very nervous yeah i don’t want to make anybody panic i just want to create awareness so we can be prepared cuz i think we were ahead of this we did predict this and we were ahead of this game since day one when everybody was saying this wasn’t real i was saying it was i’ve been reporting on it consistently because i felt very serious about

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What was happening and i had a feeling it would be in our communities and it is now it’s now officially in our communities our pastored farm says with the coronavirus hitting the us and now the expo west twenty20 having a lot of cancellations by big names like trader joe’s and target and sprouts not attending well-baby stock price be affected i think everything

Can be affected whole world can be affected but warren buffett saying that he’s not selling his stocks pamela parsons says huge crash fivefinger limited says red he believes red angela revis says national guard troops showing up all over east washington newport spokane pullman clarkson looks like maybe preparing a lockdown washington very soon whoa that’s some

Scary stuff fine fivefinger limited says global recession wow panna parson says self isolations shop online drones will deliver work from home i’ve only been to get food once a week guys join the trading academy make money off your phone you still got to make money you gotta still live how you gonna get food sent to you if you’re not making money so guys join

The trading academy let’s go it’s the only way to go guys rich tv live at during the trading academy and let’s go stephen says i got two questions thinking about bitcoin long-term gbtc aside question pure extract ipo thoughts i like pure extract i interviewed them at the lyft conference gbtc i like them as well especially because bitcoin just did a dip

Daniel miller says prepare and you’ll feel better worst case you’ll have extra food yvonne diesel says trump stops all playing from china and yesterday he was talking to close the country with mexico i think the only way and i said this since day one to stop this spread is to close all travel global travel ban i know it seems ridiculous it seems severe but i believe

This is the only way to stop the spread of this stephen says definitely ahead i dumped almost everything i had into the market just before down 12 percent but honestly considering that good yeah my fear is that it could go worse guys so right now might be the time to be shorting stocks not buying george home says green tomorrow gap up pump down in the morning then

Uptrend into closed i hope you’re right i’ll find out in a couple hours how the markets are gonna be doing because i’ll be trading gold in the u.s. 30 pretty soon here good morning miranda pamela person says calling back into action all retired doctors and nurses guys gotta learn how to make money off your phones guys telling you guys right now it’s a different

World man tella doc health t do see people are gonna be calling and self-administering their medication checking their own temperatures checking their own blood pressure buying kits getting them shipped by drones this is the future the village says no it is resetting of stock market and they will buy stocks pennies on the dollar yeah it’s possible fivefinger

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Limit is saying washington under state of emergency wow that’s scary brandon irish says bitcoin is unregulated and totally rigged it’s a sucker’s bet well some of the suckers made really really big on that bet pamela parsons says cannot wash money or keep it clean bitcoin will be the only currency it’s an interesting thought there with the corona virus spreading

Potentially on surfaces and potentially being airborne are you gonna want to handle money george home says alt for monday good day trader alt polsky honor says hi from poland we are ready i’m happy that you’re ready my friend do you take this serious in poland are you guys taking this serious in poland people are still not taking it serious here in canada despite

The fact we just had our first death in america our first test in thailand our first death in australia and that’s the numbers are staggering guys you want to talk about like scary how about this 67 countries and territories around the world now i said a hundred rats 67 and one international convoy ensuite is the diamond princess we’ve had 7 deaths on that cruise

705 infected 36 in critical condition check this out china had 577 new cases reported overnight south korea had 586 italy had 566 and iran 385 these are all new cases so we’re now having outbreaks in south korea italy and iran equivalent to what happened in the europe in china there are now 21 deaths in south korea 34 deaths in italy 54 deaths in iran 6 deaths

In japan where they had 11 new cases overnight 252 total cases in japan let me remind you that the olympics is supposed to be in japan 50 new cases overnight in germany 129 mount cases in germany whoa 21 new cases overnight in spain 79 now in spain 12 new cases overnight in the uk 35 now in the uk three new cases in america 71 total in america 20 in canada six

New cases overnight in iraq four new cases including or one new case including a death in australia this is real folks and it’s coming to our neighborhoods worldwide we’re in 67 countries this terrible disease this virus this outbreak it’s affecting people all over the world but what they are saying is that if you’re healthy if you have a strong immune system you

Have a chance to beat it so the best thing you can really do is try to keep yourself healthy miranda already started stocking up on food very smart brandon iris says i made good until goldman sachs bought poly onyx yeah i mean why wouldn’t they want to own these exchanges their money-making machines the village 70 says governor jay inslee today declared a state of

Emergency in response to new cases of cov – 19 directing state agencies to use all resources necessary to prepare for and respond to the outbreak yeah this is getting very very serious and this outbreak is real it’s all over the world and it’s going to continue to be and this is why i’ve been wanting to report on this despite the fact people were saying i was a fear

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Monger people weighing that i was panicking and i said it since the beginning i said am i panicking or am i creating awareness because looking back five weeks was i correct all i was trying to do is help people prepare mentally physically emotionally financially pamela parsons has anyone heard if coronavirus in india it’s the only country i haven’t heard about

Yes it’s in india in fact i could give you guys the statistics 301 deaths folks 88,000 worldwide cases in 67 countries and outbreaks now in countries and it’s just terrible so far reportedly only 3 cases in india ported li concerned about the outbreaks happening now in spring 21 cases overnight germany 50 cases overnight japan 11 cases overnight iran 385 cases

Overnight 54 deaths in iran italy 566 cases overnight in italy 34 deaths south korea 586 cases 3736 cases now in south korea 21 deaths in south korea four new deaths overnight italy five new deaths overnight iran 11 new deaths overnight china 35 new deaths overnight 2870 deaths in china 577 new cases 79 thousand 828 total cases in china this is what i’m concerned

About is the outbreak i’m concerned about the outbreak that’s happening now in other countries so thank you guys for joining me i just want to break the news we now have deaths the first deaths in ah may they rest in peace everyone who’s been affected by this terrible tragedy australia thailand usa outbreaks happening in south korea china italy iran this is real

Folks all right guys if there’s any other news that needs to be addressed i’ll bring it to you guys i got a run right now i’m busy guy but i have to bring you this news cuz it just makes me sick and at the very least i just want to prepare people cuz we had a window i told you guys we had a window that windows closing now this is your board rich from wish-tv live

Your late night vampire wherever you are all over the world be safe tell your friends and family how much you love them live every day like it’s your last it’s your boy rich from wish to view live coronavirus stocks are in play in the markets would not be shocked to see the markets crash tomorrow again further due to the fact that there’s all this fear due to the

Corona virus i hope i’m wrong but that’s kind of what i’m leaning towards when i know what the market is actually doing i will let you know so expect to see me live again sometime today so your boy richard mission to be live smash not like when your entrance or the room if you want access to our live streams hit the bell for notifications your boys out peace

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