Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich to be live the coronavirus has as i predicted started to affect the markets and the markets are already down pre market as you could see here this is from cnn business new york stocks are falling around the world as the corona virus outbreak continues to spread globally every time there’s talk of the coronavirus

Stocks go down have you seen the trend and gold goes up i’ve been talking about goals for quite some time and members within our academy are trading gold and as you can see look at gold screaming up so cl gold is screaming up and right now it’s 1660 it’s been even higher it’s been as high as 1681 gold is screaming up and i’m telling you this is because of the

Coronavirus because look at this the death toll continues to grow here’s some of the statistics and you can see that the numbers are not good these are not positive numbers stephen says late night update it’s scary out there in this world yeah that’s why i’m bringing these numbers to the people man people need to know the truth there are serious issues to address

And 33 countries now have this virus and look at this 150 new deaths in china over the last 24 hours 409 new cases 2592 deaths in china alone now seven deaths in south korea eight in iran three in the diamond princess cruise ship three in italy one in japan two in hong kong one in taiwan these numbers are startling starting numbers and 33 countries now have been

Infected with the corona virus 33 countries so how does this affect the market i believe it does affect the market i believe it will continue affect the market this is a major problem this is a major global epidemic and people are now finally starting to take notice thanks to the fact that it’s starting to get more global visibility because you’re talking about

It everywhere you go look at this south korea’s kospi ko ko spi fell 3.2 percent in early trading monday as cases in the country surged past 600 about half of that total are associated with a branch of a religious group in the southern part of south korea dau imd u futures meanwhile we’re down 386 points or 1.3 percent smp 500 spx futures were down 1.3% and nasdaq

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Composite futures were down nearly 1.9 percent the dow closed 228 points lower on friday and all three indexes recorded a weekly loss mark a melt up or coronavirus epidemic elsewhere in asia hong kong’s hang seng hsi dropped one-point-seven percent while china’s shanghai composite sh co mp lost 0.8 percent japan markets were closed monday for a holiday oil futures

Tumbled to us futures fell 2.6 percent to trade at 5201 per barrel brent crude a global oil benchmark lost 2.75 percent and was last trading at 5689 per barrel shanghai crude futures china’s oil benchmark sank 4.5 percent to 390 3.31 55.90 per barrel coronavirus related deaths have risen too these are cnn business numbers not the real numbers which are based on

Global media outlets this world ometer dot info 79,000 561 cronin virus cases 2619 deaths 25,000 and 23 recovered you can see here active cases 50 1919 in mild condition forty thousand three hundred fifty serious or critical condition eleven thousand five hundred and sixty nine which is 22 percent closed cases twenty seven thousand six hundred and forty to twenty

Five thousand twenty three recovered or discharged 2619 deaths or nine percent of the closed cases now you can see that the line for the total cases seems to be starting to turn sideways which hopefully is a good sign that it’s not going to grow as fast as what we anticipated but the death toll it looks like a hockey stick it just keeps going up so that doesn’t

Make me feel very good let’s see here steven says rich man you bring the news before really news people like first man you’re always on it mad respect hope gillies science can cure or somebody yeah you know what gi ld guys watch gi ld tomorrow great point that you bring that up the canadian guys says gold keeps going up even in trading in asia already today i’ve

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Been telling you guys gold’s gonna fly bam there we go if you guys want to trade gold holler at your boy man email me join the training academy you guys too could be taking advantage of this move on gold because there’s no reason why everybody else has to take advantage of this move up to two thousand you can take advantage of this move right now to join the academy

And i’ll show you how traveler in time says there’s no stopping it now canada will be popping soon they had a woman test positive and she’s been flying across canada for a week it’s brutal stephen says i’m thinking serious serious red day just market vibes i predict 450 to 500 points down honestly just guessing though i don’t think it’s gonna be that bad but gold

Is up a lot 1% so it’s not very you know it’s pretty bearish for the markets and see us 30 see the us 30 dow jones see they’re down 1.4 percent so yeah the markets gonna take a hit tomorrow the dow jones is down 1.4 percent folks it’s down don’t kid yourselves it’s gonna take a hit and you know who’s been telling you this was gonna happen i’ve been sitting here

Telling you guys this is gonna happen i told you was gonna happen before it happened that’s how you become a good investor when you can predict the future that’s what we’re trying to do try to predict the future steven says follow the money yeah well you know what follow the news and follow the money and right now the money is in gold right now the markets are

Very volatile so the other thing you could consider is the vix volatility index look at that the vix is up nine point seven percent wow so it was up nine point seven percent on friday so this had some highs and some lows but volatility index definitely in play gold’s definitely in play and of course bitcoin as well can’t forget about bitcoin we’ll take a look at

Bitcoin hold on so right here gold is just screaming and btc you as our bitcoins actually come down to 97 88 it had a nice move to 10,000 it’s actually just come back down to 97 88 interesting very interesting bitcoin very very volatile gold seems to me like the play and this coronavirus update is brought to you by your boy rich or rich to be live thank you guys

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For watching smash the like button if you like this video comment down below share this video everywhere seventy nine thousand five hundred sixty-one coronavirus cases worldwide in 33 countries 2619 deaths twenty five thousand twenty three recovered this is word world ometer dot info when i’m getting all my statistics here i thank you guys for watching traveling time

Says you think they will close the markets when it starts to take an extreme dive no i think that the markets will go down but then they’ll come back up they always do the canadian guy says samsung apple factories are closed nike is also having issues supply chain breakdown if it doesn’t end fast markets will sell off by a lot gold is forecasting it rich you know

The market knows all gold is the way to go as you can see look gold is screaming up 1661 right now as we speak so your late night vampire richmond rich to be alive thank you for joining stephen says i say everything gets dumped and golden bitcoin goes flying yeah i think that that’s very likely thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching

Your boy richmond wish to be live if you want these alerts and you want them first smash that like button comment down below that’s all it takes like a gold screaming just screaming gold is just screaming so yeah get your popcorn ready guys you want to make some money buy gold and gold stocks you heard it from your board first remember guys coronavirus stay safe

The death toll 2619 may they all rest in peace anyone who has been infected seventy-nine thousand five hundred sixty one worldwide now i’m praying for you guys to get well have a great night peace

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