What’s going on guys this is rich from rich tv live so um you know this outbreak it’s gotten a lot worse than anybody anticipated except for me because i was the first one to say that it was going to be a pandemic six weeks ago i was also the first one in the world to predict that it would go to a hundred countries and we are now in a hundred countries i believe

104 countries now the corona virus is in the outbreak is now spreading everywhere it’s actually spreading here in canada it’s actually spreading here in vancouver and it’s just sad it’s very very sad because we had the opportunity to stop this from being a huge pandemic we had the opportunity to stop the spread of this but instead we decided to open up our borders

We decided to let people in this was only in china six weeks ago and now we’re in 104 countries and we’ve got italy now in lockdown millions of people are now in lockdown in italy and we had the opportunity we had a window of opportunity to protect ourselves we had a window of opportunity to stop global travel but instead our governments decided to fly people in

Directly from ground zero and i said it six weeks ago why would you fly people here from directly from ground zero why would you do that now we have a global problem this was a problem in china this has become now a global problem this has become everybody’s problem including my own right here in vancouver beautiful british columbia we are now starting to have

Outbreaks right on the border of canada and washington in america there is now a pandemic there is a outbreak in washington on our border between america and canada we are now having serious issues with the corona virus and six weeks ago people said i was crazy six weeks ago people were laughing people were joking and i told you guys i said to everyone i told

Everybody hey this is real never had i ever seen the president of china come oh and publicly talk about having a major emergency and looking horrified that’s when i knew this was real that’s when i knew this was serious but we didn’t take it serious we decided to fly the people in we decided to save a few thousand lives and potentially harm millions of others

Billions of others i was the first one in the world to predict that this would be in a hundred countries we are now in a hundred and four countries do you think this is serious now still when i talk to people they tell me that they go to hospitals because they think they might have the coronavirus and doctors are not even wearing masks and doctors are telling

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People this isn’t even as bad as the flu we’ve really dropped the ball on this one the ball has been dropped italy is now in lockdown china has parts of it that are in lockdown you believe this is population correction scott norris says shut the ferries down i’m on the island i say be careful man everybody needs to be careful i wouldn’t be going on cruises i

Wouldn’t be going on flights i wouldn’t be going anywhere with a large group of people people are not taking this seriously i see the usc events and i see all these thousands of people packed into one place hockey games basketball games football games soccer games meanwhile in italy they’re playing soccer games with no fans in the stadiums so i did predict that

There would be deaths in america we now have many deaths in america i did predict that there will be deaths in canada and believe me there will be deaths in canada we need to protect ourselves we need to protect our immune systems we need to protect our families anybody that has respiratory illness or anybody that’s elderly is severely at risk right now someone

Special says i agree people need to stop ignoring this however at this point i think it’s too late a hundred countries a hundred and four countries there was people on this stream when i started six weeks ago that said i was crazy there was people on this stream six weeks ago that said that i was a fear mongerer now what do those people say they’re not even here

Because they know i was a hundred percent right and they were a hundred percent wrong i predicted this would be in a hundred countries i predicted this would be a global pandemic and that’s exactly what this is this is a global pandemic in a hundred countries whether it’s a plant or not what we need to do is we need to educate ourselves and we need to recognize the

Severity of the situation chillie says you’re not a fear monger but i hate to say it it’s really good for the stock market what having a global pandemic is good for the stock market i don’t agree when you start having countries like italy when you have start having countries like china and lock down it’s not good for the economy it’s not good for the stock market

It might be short-term there might be some short-term opportunities but long-term three months from now six months from now nine months from now when we start seeing the impact on the global economy of this pandemic which is only getting worse i promise you that the impact will be devastating christophe says what’s your thoughts on ib io greets from belgium i like

Ibo a lot i think all the coronavirus talks right now are in play i have a coronavirus stock that i’m gonna be teaching you guys above very shortly it’s being edited right now i’m in my lab doing the video and editing the video as we speak so stay tuned to the new video where i’m literally working in the lab on a cure for the corona virus for the people for the

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World stay tuned i believe i found a company at only 12 cents in america and 15 cents in canada and there was thanks to dylan fraser thank you dylan for the pic don’t say it dylan doing a video i gave you a shot oh yeah it’s a it’s a crazy opportunity boo dang says people still compare this to a flu are you real doctors are comparing it to the flu even doctors are

Comparing it to the flu pamela says the elderly are really the ones i feel particularly bad for it’s the end for them those are relatively healthy will be able to fight it good old-fashioned cleansiness is paramount wash your hands wash your hands t stephen says agree i’ve been laughed at for posting infected stats on facebook no one is talking about it are they

Scared or in denial i think they’re both i think they’re in denial and they’re scared they don’t they want to live in their bubble and they want to believe that living in their bubble is going to stop this horror and i’m saying you’re going what why how was living in your bubble gonna stop the horror the horror is going to continue we’ve just had a massive outbreak

In italy we’re having an outbreak in korea south korea we’re having an outbreak in our ad we’re having an oat break in china nobody really knows what to tru carnage’s in china nobody i’ve been saying that for six weeks everybody’s saying china is getting better i’m hearing reports that they’re not getting better that it’s all lies who knows what the truth is nobody

Knows what the truth is yes i know has been an absolute monster for our community congratulations to everybody on ino but i have more coronavirus pics that i’m studying and i will be bringing them to you soon shortly right after this video stay tuned there will be a coronavirus pic brought to me brought to you by dylan fraser one of our members he brought me the

Pic and then i was like whoa yeah this is a good one chile says it’s amazing how much money i’ve made because of the corona virus on my puts what are you shorting pamela parson says can’t wait for new pics i’m always studying pics guys dropping a like for the pic yeah i’ll be giving you guys the pic soon and if you’re a member of the rich tv live community you

Already know the pic cuz i’ve dropped the pic and i’ve given it already to members so members get accessed that’s the way it goes and if you want to learn how to trade you can join my trading academy just email me rich tv live at we had more new members join yesterday i literally have a call on right now so i gotta go i literally have a calling right

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Now so i got to run but guys stay safe wash your hands for everyone that has been devastated by this coronavirus for everyone who has passed away may they rest in peace now literally in 104 countries is this massive disease this virus now a hundred nine thousand cases worldwide like i don’t know if you guys notice but these numbers are escalating very quickly very

Very very quickly so guys remember who brings you the information and the information and the winners and the picks first your boy rich rich to be alive if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first thank you guys for watching been reporting on the corona virus now for six weeks i’ll give you guys exact numbers

Right here you ready for this one hundred nine thousand seven hundred and five infections three thousand eight hundred and two deaths sixty thousand nine hundred sixty recovered this is where it gets scary 104 countries and territories and a ship i’m in princess 3098 deaths in china 366 deaths in italy including a hundred and thirty three deaths in italy overnight

1492 new cases in italy overnight that is staggering so literally what based on what is being reported italy now is spreading faster than china it’s spreading faster than anyone in the world right now italy has seven thousand three hundred and seventy five cases south korea has 7300 and 1350 deaths iran has 6566 cases 743 overnight that makes them 2nd in the world

Now a hundred and ninety-four total deaths france 177 cases overnight 19 deaths in france spain all of a sudden has 625 cases 17 deaths in spain japan has 7 deaths usa now has 19 deaths and 484 cases and 49 new cases overnight in the usa let’s take a look at canada canada’s apparently saying they have 64 cases i believe these numbers are wrong i don’t believe these

Numbers for canada i think these numbers are higher but i’m not the one making these you know these numbers public so i can only tell you guys what i’m seeing that is being publicly announced okay guys thank you guys for watching if you’re not waiting you’re not watching this is your boy rich rush to be live stay safe tell your friends and family how much you love

Them and may all of those that have passed away from this terrible virus rest in peace you roberto rush permission to be live and i’m out peace if you guys want access to my pic stay tuned it’s coming soon stay safe for everybody

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