Costco Madi Panettone Cake Taste Test

One of the more popular holiday items at Costco is the Madi Panettone cake. At only $5.79, it’s an excellent deal considering it sells for nearly $15 on Amazon. If you see one, it’s a low cost way to try some traditional Italian cake! I gave it a taste test and let you know what it exactly tastes like so you can jump on it if it seems like the thing for you or just pass and not even waste $6 on this thing.

This is the maddie gran panettone from costco it costs 5.79 this huge cake it seems to be a really really reasonable price because if you go on amazon and buy the same exact one it costs about 15 20 or so traditional italian oven bake cake it looks like it has all these little tiny pieces of dried fruits in it it looks like sort of like a pound cake flavor

Great baking is always a labor of love this is our story making our panettone is a 60 hour labor of love they probably count like all this drying time from the dried fruits and stuff the classic panatone has been made for hundreds of years using live sourdough mother yeast and lots of thyme so maybe it’s a little bit sour i don’t know i don’t like sourdough that

Much maddie pan tone is one of the few remaining followers of this great tradition and it’s made using a specially selected over 50 year old live 100 sourdough yeast a combination of the traditional baking art with the highest quality raw materials butter it looks like butter pound cake kind of sultana raisins citrus rinds fresh italian milk and the very best

Wheat create in a 60 hour process the most rich moist and flavorful pantone bon appetito enjoy the front over here the side has what i just read this other side has the same stuff and then there’s the nutrition facts over here and also the ingredients panettone naturally leaven oven baked cake with sultana raisins and candied fruit peels ingredients are wheat

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Flour sultana raisins candied citrus peels which includes orange and citron peel glucose fructose syrup and sugar at least it doesn’t have sucralose or the other kind of bad kind of sugar so this is very normal regular sugar which i like butter and hydrous butter flat from cow milk sugar pasteurized liquid egg yolks natural yeast wheat flour and water invert

Sugar mono diglycerides of fatty acids which is an emulsifier salt pasteurized whole milk natural flavors contains wheat milk and milk by-products eggs ingredients may contain almonds hazelnuts and soya keep in a cool dry place best before sea bottom date manufactured by main panettone spa blah blah in italy so this is really cool that they can import this all

The way from italy and usually things from there is a little expensive so it’s very surprising that something so big can get shipped all the way from over there and it only cost six dollars still 5.79 traditional italian panettone or labor of love for you conforms 100 to italy’s panatone law now usually with these things from europe they always have some sort

Of special food and then they put all these laws around it saying you cannot call it this thing unless you follow all the requirements such as prosciutto prosciutto has to come from a certain part of whatever i i don’t know the full details but they have plenty of those things like a certain cheese like parmesan has all these requirements so same thing with

This cake moist and rich 60 hour process i said that eight hours of natural and slow cooking plump turkish sultana raisins candied orange citrus peels from cal labria and sicilia italy italian meal creamy butter natural flavors remove preservatives okay enough of this so let’s open this up over here oh there’s more stuff at the bottom look at it over here it


Gives you instructions on how to open this thing here it is oh my goodness is big my first impression with the smell is that oh this kind of smells like what grandma would make because there’s raisins in it remove the outside there’s like another piece of paper i’ll just leave that on there and that’ll be like a little bottom piece this is a really tall cake

So i’m just going to cut a slice out of it it’s kind of more bread like it feels when i’m cutting into it yeah it’s like kind of bread like i have my tea ready smells like dry fruit i would have to say dried fruit is not my favorite and this is kind of more like a kind of like a fruitcake type of thing and it’s not really cake even this looks more like a bread

I was expecting a cake but it’s okay let’s uh dig into this first taste i taste a little citrus flavor from the orange it’s interesting because there’s little bits of dried fruit i think you gotta be the type that likes like things that’s mixed in into your cake i personally don’t like little bits and pieces mixed in although this is okay has little bits of

Sweetness here and there because of the raisins because of the dried fruits it’s basically a bread with dried fruits in it not a cake i thought it was a cake although it’s on the slightly sweeter side of bread probably because of all the mixed fruits not bad although when i eat into it it’s not like i’m so wowed by this that i’m like wow this is really really

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Good i’m gonna pick at some of the dried fruits up here i don’t know what this is looks like candied citrus peels which is orange and sichuan peel oh interesting it’s not actual dry fruit it’s the peel that’s like candied meaning they use the peel they add a whole bunch of sugar so that you know it tastes really sweet although the rind of it is what gives it

This aromatic orangy flavor i can see maybe next year i probably won’t get it this year maybe next year i might go oh you know i kind of like that panatone thing maybe i’ll get it again this year because in the end it’s not very expensive it’s like just something that you can get and and have everyone try five dollars and 79 cents grab some tea with this i

Definitely think this is probably appeals to the older crowd as a kid i probably would hate this because of the you know all the weird stuff in it you know i hate raisins in my food just little stuff inside just just it’s just not the type of thing i like to eat but right now you know right i’m okay with it i’m i’m yeah this is reasonable kind of like a like

A pretty good afternoon snack type of thing okay that’s it for the review thanks for watching you

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Costco Madi Panettone Cake Taste Test By BeatTheBush

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