Could Essentia Token 2X, 3X or even 10X?

Could Essentia $ESS Token 2X, 3X or even 10X? – RICH TV LIVE – April 13, 2021 – Earn Passive Income with Essentia with Yield Farming

Which picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hey guys so what i’m going to do now is i do have 12029.37 0.73 essex state and i’ve received rewards on

That so far total staking rewards of 29.73 essx tokens which is essentia ess is essentially a coin you can see the accenture coin is at 1 5 right now it’s actually up 20 today my wallet balance is one thousand six hundred and sixty two dollars i do have a little bit of ethereum in there fifty five seventy seven of ethereum one thousand six hundred six dollars

Worth of essentia which is the one hundred and two thousand coins here i wanna try to stake those and add it to my twelve thousand so i’m going to hit stake and then i’m going to type in 102 000 coins which is 99 of my coins can i do more can i do 100 2 400 and 80. let’s take them all so we’re going to stake them all let’s do that right now i’m going to confirm

Successful transaction the staking will be processed in a few minutes so i’ll come back once they are in as you guys can see now i have 114 511 e s s x tokens i’ve received so far 31.98 e s s x token rewards stake in rewards i’ve withdrawn none so far i’m going to try to hold this for at least 30 days but what i’ll try to do is keep you guys updated on what the

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Rewards look like so you can see the staking apy is 37.06 percent pretty good return so i’m pretty excited to see how this is going to grow and you can see the essx token is up 20.72 right now at 0.157 cents and we got in when it was at half a penny so we’re ready up excited about that as well rich picks daily make sure you join the club where you can learn

To find 10 baggers 10x winners i think we found like 16 10x winners in the last year alone and we got more coming stay tuned i got another video keep keep watching got more videos more updates we’re making money with our money essentia one is pretty cool we got people within our club running masternodes i just ran a masternode showed you guys my rewards i

Received my rewards and now i’m staking those rewards so hopefully we got some nice returns here too with essentia you can earn passive income with essentia yield farming very simple platform cool platform easy to use you can add liquidity on uni swap stake lp tokens in uncx you can run a masternode i’ve been running a masternode i showed you where i’ve been

Receiving rewards to run a masternode and i’m gonna be looking to deploy my next masternode i believe i just need to put in another six or seven hundred coins and then i’ll be able to run my masternode you can see your rewards and the different masternodes you can run super cool platform so the essentia blockchain the essentia framework is bootstrapped from

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Anywhere in the world from just a seed for any consumer needing decentralized storage or crypto exchanges organizations required smart contract capabilities or developers wanting to build blockchain solutions it’s the most efficient way to experience and utilize the new internet where cryptography rules and data remains in the control of the user pretty wild

Essentia is a masternode powered blockchain that enables inter operability and cross-train cross-chain transactions it’s an all-in-one platform that manages all things crypto that’s right look there it is an all-in-one platform that manages all things crypto with essentia users can trade swap and add liquidity integrated with l2 transactions via zk snarks

Sdk and starkware senchi is designed to be simple secure and decentralized this is a small cap gem with a low cap coin you can see staking farming lending and borrowing super cool blockchain is the future of transactions it’s the future of sending money receiving money doing business keeping information tracking information it’s totally unbelievable d5 as you

Can see here a d5 lending platform defy is the rage right now everyone’s talking about defy and essentia is all about your defy life organized so this is actually essentia that just recently got listed on this is an entirely new listing for sentia so this is very bullish for sentia now you can trade them on gate dot io you can see right here here’s

The news on coin market cal dot com gate dot io listing new listing essentia dot one so that was the big news and you can also learn how to right here you can write on medium you can how to earn yield with essentia one-click masternode deploy and one-click staking options so you can find tons of information on how to earn yield with essentia all the staking


Options you can find out tons of information on medium running a masternode and in the process of staking 12 000 coins i’ll keep you guys updated as the progress happens you’re more rich from rich to be live if you guys want to join the trading club and you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies like essentia we got picks like this every day we can show

You guys how you can buy and sell cryptos go to where you can learn how to trade kryptos zeroboard rich or mr live and you

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Could Essentia $ESS Token 2X, 3X or even 10X? By RICH TV LIVE

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