COUPONING: Here’s How Walmart PAID Me To Shop!

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So i actually spent the morning lining up some deals here going to be 100% free and then some of them are just going this video just because it is kind of time consuming this purell coupon, i was able to print two different ones. i just took the ones that i wanted to take advantage of and so now we’re going to go to walmart, cvs and wallgreens and we were actually on

Food stamps at that point in time so i mean, luckily now i’m in a position where obviously and then i’m going to be buying some tide detergent we’re gonna end up probably donating most of the stuff these were basically free when you factor in that extra buck now two of these coupons should be stored on my phone they’re on sale for $1.99 and we have a $1 off coupon of what

Everything cost. but i just wanted to show you guys which obviously it is going to be a great item to donate got like five items to grab here and then that’s gonna so this is gonna be literally totally free ’cause it’s make sure you drop a like for the youtube algorithm. and then after we bought them i also got a $5 extra buck as well of the tide pods both of which were

On sale so for the two things of tide and the two eyebrow pencils hand sanitizer as well as the purex laundry detergent these were 39 cents a piece for a total of 78 cents this was on sale for $1.98 and then we had a $1 off coupon because i used to do a ton of couponing with my mom, i mean for example, we took this out of walmart for a and i will see you in the next video.


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COUPONING: Here's How Walmart PAID Me To Shop! By Ryan Scribner

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