Hey guys how you doing this is rich mr. galasso i’m just watching the nba all-star game and while i’m watching the all-star game at halftime i saw the coronavirus numbers oh all right so 70 1334 cases 1775 deaths we got the first death in taiwan today crazy man these numbers are ridiculous 58,000 551 currently infected patients 47,000 253 and mild condition eleven

Thousand two hundred ninety-eight in serious or critical condition eleven thousand and eight recovered or discharged and 1775 dead these numbers are just so disappointing so disturbing rhona virus in 29 countries and we now have deaths in japan hong kong taiwan france and the philippines so five deaths now reported outside of china and china now with 1770 deaths

Seventy thousand five hundred fifty cases 416 cases in japan so these numbers just keep getting worse and worse man i’m just trying to enjoy i’m trying to enjoy the nba all-star game and i see these terrible numbers and i thought i’d just go live and just see what you guys think about it i wasn’t planning on going live too long i want to go back to watch the game

But if you guys want to talk about it we can what do you guys think every day i come live every day the numbers get worse what do you guys think we in trouble no big deal okay sad says i’m a poor owner/operator truck driver donating i appreciate the donation thank you very much stephen says also send my condolences to china and everybody infected yes may all the

People who have passed away rest in peace may everyone who has been affected by this coronavirus get better if you are fighting for your lives i really hope you guys get better i hope we can find a vaccine soon and i hope humanity can find a way to get past this i know there they say there’s only a 3% fatality rate but would you want to catch the corona virus and

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Test it yourself would you want to be a part of that 3% i don’t want to find out stephen says numbers are jumping fast they jump every day every single day men every single day those numbers jump so that’s a problem franco says cleared out a cruise ship and person had a virus and everyone off what anyone want to go on a cruise right now sethi students says the

Numbers aren’t getting any better i think we’re all in trouble i don’t know if i’m more angry about the lack of government stepping up or the apathy for most of the people i know it’s frustrating nobody wants to take this serious kent block says still mostly older people though yeah but i mean those are our parents those are our grandparents i mean doesn’t make

It okay my parents are over you know 65 it doesn’t you know does it make it okay just because it’s old people and it’s not just old people because the doctor that passed away from it was 34 years old and that’s eight years younger than me so i don’t know what people’s definition of old people is but i don’t know if i believe it i honestly don’t know if i believe

That who’s advertising like crazy we’ll why it says survivors are being reinfected and dying of heart failure really how’s my dollar store popcorn it’s pretty good okay says i rather donate and spend my money on white claus television cruises ray wang is saying television cruises are advertising like crazy thank you kay for the donation man not respect marcus

Burton says billionaire exposes that all the numbers that we see are lies and that the numbers are much bigger i think we all believe that that’s the case we just don’t have any evidence right even people that i know that are there don’t really know the truth nobody really knows the truth i don’t think anybody like how do you know how many are dead i mean talking

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About a country with a billion people 1.4 billion people so how do you know how many people are dead it’s gonna take a long time well i hope you and your daughter will be okay yeah i’m not traveling anywhere for a bit until i see how this plans out it’s um i think it’s scary but depends on you know how you think how you feel so i’m watching the mba all-star game

Not much of a game but you know still somewhat entertaining kawhi leonard’s got like seven three-pointers that’s that’s been pretty cool to watch so i wanted to report you guys these new numbers they just keep getting bigger every day seventy one thousand three hundred and thirty-four cases 1775 deaths because of the corona virus eleven thousand and eight have

Recovered fifty eight thousand five hundred fifty one active cases forty-seven thousand two hundred fifty-three in mild condition eleven thousand two hundred ninety eight in serious or critical condition twelve thousand seven hundred eighty three close cases eleven thousand eight recovered or discharged 1775 deaths those are the total numbers as of now he talked

About countries infected china has seventy thousand five hundred fifty total cases 2050 overnight they seem to be getting about two thousand a day now 1770 dead 105 new deaths overnight i mean may they all rest in peace is just as devastating situation total recovered ten thousand eight hundred and seventy eight serious and critical condition eleven thousand two

Hundred and seventy two japan now has four hundred sixteen cases they are second in the world two more overnight one death seventeen recovered and nine in serious condition singapore 75 cases nineteen recovered five in serious or critical condition hong kong has 57 cases one death to recovered and seven in series of critical condition thailand 34 cases 14 recovered

Two in serious or critical condition taiwan just had his first death france has a death hong kong has a death philippine has a death japan has a death so now officially five deaths in countries outside of china at the center would have 1770 yes may they all rest in peace it’s a very sad situation guys when you say i won’t lie the coronavirus was a pot in the

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Back of my head yeah i hope i hope you okay justin behind your wife franco says i’m waiting on some containers from china and the workers never went back to work after new year’s the factories are closed because of the virus can’t get goods to sell into canada it’s going to affect everybody fouad halal says china cuts rates adds medium-term funds to counter virus

Housewife acts says do you know the new cruise ship numbers you know what i haven’t been looking at the cruise ship numbers i just been looking at the overall numbers there’s so many numbers it’s hard to keep track of any of it there’s so many numbers it’s so hard to keep track of it all it’s just out of control i’m trying to keep reporting from one source and

Just devastating suicide so sad what they’re going through alright guys well nba all-star game is starting again so i’m gonna go back to watching the game i just will give you guys an update on this if there’s any other breaking news or anything going on i will come live i will let you know thank you guys for joining me if you like this video smash the like button

Comment down below share the video everywhere just want to give you an update on the coronavirus numbers this was rich from rich tv live my heart goes out to everybody in china and all over the world that has been affected by this terrible tragedy this terrible virus hopefully combined the vaccine soon i’ll talk to you soon peace

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