Crazy Good Baked BBQ Pork Buns in NYC

Comparing BBQ Pork Buns between Tim Ho Wan and Ippudo in NYC. Watch to find out which is better!

So here it is tim ho wan i got the bag to go the essence of the restaurant which is the big barbecue buns now i only ordered this and take it and run sort of gonna eat this sort of like on the street but it’s okay because if you want to try a lot of stuff you should just only get the essence of it and not like going a restaurant buy the essence and then you buy all

These little appetizers surrounding and then buy like a noodle and then you fill yourself up to me a great way to go travelling and all the good stuff is you know just pick the essence and and take it and run as small as you can get then later on thinking about which one is the best for you which one you like the best and you can go back and get it again if you want

So it looks like that in there i hope it does not steam itself so it gets soggy so when you’re eating these buns there’s a certain sense of urgency here because you gotta you know put it in your mouth and consume it as fast as possible tens of seconds matter so i need to grab it and eat it right now so here i am reaching into my bag you can’t see what i’m doing

Here cuz it’s too hard for me to record and now i have one of the buns it’s very crispy feels like one of the really good pineapple pork buns i had in hong kong so let me give it a try mmm but i’m generally very good it’s very loose like like the pineapple pork buns very hot it’s like almost too hot to touch there’s like all this barbecue pork juice in there mmm

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Oh it’s awesome nice to have two more of them which are delicious which i do not mind look at this yes you see this this is this is good this is really good the barbecue usually is really easy to make good because there’s so much sauce on it but it does taste fresh in terms of barbecue meat ours i expecting that crust to be you know like a glazed crust is sort

Of glossy this is the traditional kind of baked barbecue bun this kind is like the crust they put on top of pineapple bun so it’s like a little bit of lightly crispy layer or something i don’t know what this is it looks similar to what they put on top of a pineapple bun so is this worth the $6 heck yeah it’s like super worth it the restaurant only has three star

Reviews on yelp probably because it’s being rated as an overall restaurant not just on this so some things are better some things is not so good if you rate it just on dim sum you know as a whole maybe it gets three sargent at this bun by itself it’s five stars okay the last one i guess the satisfaction level has gone down a little bit but i can still eat it the

Center is actually a lot harder than the outside which is a really good thing this is actually something that and you know you can go across town to get perhaps i’m a little bit biased towards asian food but can i say it it’s good i’m gonna be trying their buns i forgave it’s bbq pork buns or peking duck buns or something but i’m gonna try and compare them okay

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So there’s a very huge difference between the two given both pork buns next to each other i probably rather have the first one which is more like pineapple bun well this one what they do is they just take your typical toss you in your ramen put in a piece of lettuce put in some mayo and some hot sauce and then you wrap it around a thing called a montell but it’s

In a different shape here the bun is a little bit sweet and so to me it’s more like a clobbering of all kinds of different ingredients from everywhere into one thing rather than a cohesive thing where like the first place where it’s like a pineapple bomb but then with barbecue pork in it so a poodle buns are $9 so it’s about $4 em $0.50 each the ones i had was $6

In terms of volume it’s about the same so giving the two i’ll probably have the big barbecue bun you know something i would go up our town to get but these pork buns is sort of like an afterthought almost so you know you know nothing to write home about anyway i’m done with this thing now so now go get more food go get a cookie i think

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Crazy Good Baked BBQ Pork Buns in NYC By BeatTheBush

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