Credit Card Application Rampage

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How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush a while ago i talked about getting more and more credit cards because my credit score is really high i was just wondering how many credit cards i can get in a short time before it starts to dip since that video and in the short time span of about four months i applied for six additional credit cards and i got approved for

All of them right now i’m holding about twenty credit cards right here and two more is coming in the mail now even after six new credit card applications for some reason my transunion vantage 3.0 score is still at eight hundred twenty now normally it hovers around eight hundred thirty-five and in a transunion report this is not the vantage score shows 835 still it

Has not really dropped by even a few points it stayed 835 for the past six months during which i did apply for six additional cards so i’m getting more and more inquiries however it seems like me having so many other credit cards to begin with really makes it so that me applying for more is not really affecting my credit score all that much so how is this useful

For you if you have a really high credit score as well and you have about a dozen credit cards you don’t have to be so scared of getting more and more credit cards you can just sort of monitor it and just get more and more mainly for the signup bonuses in order to turn and whatnot now i do have to mention that i’m not showing these credit cards just to show i’m

Really wealthy in fact there’s so much critic limit on these credit cards that if i spent it i’ll be immediately broke i cannot afford to spend this credit card limit and in fact most of it is zero here because after i spend the signup bonuses and whatnot and i get the bonus i’m not putting thousands of dollars on each and every card mice but expenditure is roughly

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I don’t know a thousand or two thousand every month relief that’s dispersed all over these cards mainly for whichever one has the highest cash back bonus now if you’re interested in supporting this channel and getting some of these cards at the same time you can go down in the video description below and check out the chase freedom card this one if you get it you

Get a hundred fifty dollars of cash back if you spend five hundred dollars in three months this is really really good another one of these is the discover card and just make one single purchase even if it’s a pack of gum you get a $50 cash back bonus so you can really just go okay i’m gonna get $50 bonus let me just buy a pair of sneakers or something and then

You get $50 off the discover card i recommend for beginners who are just starting out their credit history where they have a pretty low credit score you need to get this card first because they tend to have a lower credit score requirement however for the freedom it requires something a bit higher it needs excellent credit score like 720 and above to guarantee

Pretty much guarantee that you would get that card now you might be interested in which of these six cards i got and what kind of bonuses i’m getting i got an american express gold card you spend $2,000 you get 50,000 points which is equivalent to $500 worth a gift card or you can spend it in other ways so $500 right there i got a capital one spark card this is a

Business card you have to spend $4,500 on it and after that you get about $500 cash back on top of that you get the $90 cash back from the 4500 because it’s a 2% card so in total spend 4500 get five hundred ninety dollars back i got the bank of america merrill plus card where i spent three thousand dollars and you get fifty thousand points and you can redeem for you

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Know flights or whatever and it’s kind of equivalent to maybe like a thousand dollars worth of flight so you bet you i’m gonna use this in the coming year to do whatever with it i mean i might do a little traveling you know and i’ll make a video wherever i’m going the next card is citibank aaa advantage card where you spend $3,000 and you get 50,000 miles i’m not

Too sure what’s that equivalent to but it’s 50,000 miles it sounds like a lot more than $500 worth basically barclay a viable card spend $3,000 get 50,000 miles as well and then i got the bbva compass clear points card spend $1,500 you get $100 back now i look at all these and you go my gosh how do you get all these cards and meet the spend requirements because

You have to meet these within three months well i’m not really spending my own money here i am using the plastic service which i’ll have a referral link down below this service allows you to take your credit card and pay a 2.5% fee and pay whatever you want such as your mortgage or your rent in total these six cards add up to about seventeen thousand dollars of

Spending requirements i’m not really going to take this money and just blow it off on whatever products so i am taking this and pre paying into my mortgage i’m about to pay more into it anyway so taking this and funneling it through a credit card gives me a lot of advantages let me add up how much advantage there is actually on the high end if you know how to use

These points you’re gonna get a value of about four thousand one hundred dollars or so if you spend it not as wisely you know it might be about two or three thousand but this is still pretty good even if it’s two thousand dollars you get two thousand dollars just from spending seventeen thousand dollars and you’re just paying into your mortgage which means i’m

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Not really burning it up or anything it’s just converting cash that i have that i would put into mortgage anyway it’s just kind of converting cash i have on hand into equity in my home so if you’re interested in this plastic service check out my referral link down in the video description below where you can get $500 of fee fee transfers which means you can go and

Get this freedom card get this plastic service which is free and then you can use this plastic service pay your rent or mortgage five hundred dollars and you don’t have to pay a fee at all and then you can grab your hundred fifty dollars of cash back from freedom now i realize not everyone is gonna have a really really high credit score and then be able to get all

These credit cards and get all these benefits the point here is that once you attain something like this i just wanted to show everyone that oh my gosh i can just you know kind of get many many credit cards and still not have my credit score affected all that much and i’m still gonna keep on doing this and i’m gonna just see how anymore i can get i’m just gonna you

Know keep on doing this keep on keep on and as i do it once i realize that maybe my credit score is dipping a little bit too much i’m gonna stop right there make another video and just kind of tell you guys about it what my experience is how many credit cards does it take to bring down this 835 credit score if you’re interested in supporting this channel which you

Are already by the way if you trial any of the referral links you can check out my audible link down in the video description as well i have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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Credit Card Application Rampage By BeatTheBush

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