Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Banggood 11th Anniversary:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush today i’m gonna talk about credit card fraud prevention and how in this day and age you really have nothing to worry about whenever you get an unauthorized charge fraudulent charges can be removed from your credit card statement fairly easily however i still like to take preventive measures just because i don’t like seeing

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Or even three weeks then yeah you can go on there check it out to see what the prices are in comparison and just give it a try you can check out their website down in the video description below where i’ll leave some affiliate links now let’s talk about credit card fraud prevention the number one thing you’ll notice is in a lot of your credit cards there’s gonna be

A chip card embedded in your credit card now this makes theft a lot harder because you actually have to put the chip in the card reader and it has to do an authentication process and this is really hard to mimic because the thief cannot just copy all the sixteen digit number the expiration date and the back three or four digit number on your credit card and try

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To use your card anymore they actually have to have the authentication procedure inside this chip card if you have a credit card without a chip in it and you go to a restaurant and have them swipe your credit card the server could be a thief or something and they can take your credit card and just copy down the numbers everything on it and they’ll have your credit

Card information and possibly they can take this and somehow use it on an online place or something like that and get away with this or perhaps it can just go and sell your credit card online nowadays it’s a little bit harder because even though they have your credit card and they need to put it in their machine they can only put it at a machine that they possibly

Have at the moment and this will increase the risk of stealing your credit card numbers so even if they copy down all your numbers they can’t just take this to a different merchant and buy something with it there are merchants that do not have the chip card terminal and so these thieves could potentially take these numbers and spend stuff at these merchants that

Don’t have the chip card reader however the credit card companies have put the liability on to the merchants themselves so if they refuse to upgrade their terminals and if they have some fraudulent activity and they’re going to have some maybe i don’t know one in a thousand or something there would be some some fraudulent activity then they would be responsible

For those charges therefore that means if they do not upgrade they’re going to have a certain percentage of loss along the way the second thing to prevent fraud is of course dispose of your credit card properly you want to cut it up shred it up or something and divide it into several different portions and dump it in a trash can separately now let’s say they’re

Somehow able to retrieve all the pieces of your credit card combine it somehow and still read all the credit card numbers out they still have the problem of trying to use these numbers at a merchant that does not require the chip so you might feel a little bit better about disposing your credit card but i prefer to not see some random charges on my credit card at

All so therefore i would prefer to cut all my credit cards up just dispose them properly and not even have these fraudulent things appear on my credit card because whenever it does happen it sort of stresses me out a little bit even though i know i can remove it it’s just another thing that i have to do it’s like another task now the third and last line of defense

Of course if you have something on your credit card that’s not yours and i’ve seen this before i’ve seen a credit card charge where someone like ran off somewhere about sneakers and then like but some just buying a lot of strange things along the way you’re like oh my gosh this person went to foot locker and then somehow you know 20 minutes later on they went to get

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Gas they think they’re on some sort of shopping spree or something but if you do see some fraudulent activity all you have to do is call your credit card up and tell them yeah this is fraudulent they might mail you some papers to sign saying that yes you are very certain that this is not your charge and basically you’re signing a legal document saying that these are

Not your charges now if you happen to lie okay and i bet there are some people that you know might go oh yeah you know i’m just gonna go on a shopping spree and then go and and say oh this is all fraud this is not me but even though it’s your own credit card and you just kind of lie and say oh this is not mine this is kind of the same thing as fraud now i have two

Three instances of fraud on my credit cards before over the many many years the first time i actually have to sign some legal documents and mail it back it was a pretty lengthy process and it took maybe two three weeks and basically it was a pretty stressful event because it was couple hundred dollars worth and basically you have to wait in the mail for it to come

To say oh yeah you know we definitely removed it you’re not responsible the past few years though i did have a fraudulent activity on my citibank card and basically i just have to go on citibank go on the statement on their website and just click it and then they have some drop-down thing that goes oh report this charge and say that it’s a fraudulent activity and

You can do this all online and basically it’s a very easy process i’m not sure about all the other credit cards because i only have several instances to share with you and i feel like the fraudulent activity has really toned down a bit because a lot of times when you have a credit card these days they have algorithms i guess to kind of flag the things that are not

Characteristic of your normal spending behavior now this automatic flagging method it’s annoying in itself because when they first started rolling it out i was going between here and la and i needed to put in gas a lot and sometimes i would go oh no you can’t do this this is like too many times of adding gas you do it like two or three times and then i think just

On the second time they didn’t like me putting more gas in i actually have to call the credit card and say no this is this is me so this is really really annoying when you have a credit card and they freeze the credit card on you and you want to use that credit card because you have a whole bunch of percentage cash back or something you want to use that particular

One so you end up having to use a different credit card if this is the only credit card that you carry around it’s gonna give you a lot more trouble because suddenly oh no you got to find an atm machine or something or like pay in alternate ways even though that’s the only credit card that you have now i hope sharing this experience with you was helpful by the way

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I hope you guys noticed that there’s this brand new mic over here i have this strange headset thing that’s on me it’s a little strange because i don’t like having a headset on i’ll try to do something about it maybe wear earphones or something but i hope the sound quality is a lot better on here i know it has a lot better than low frequency response and i picked

This one on purpose because i heard the twit podcast by leo laporte and i just really really liked that sound i like this like low low bass ii type of audio and i don’t know it just sounds really good i think if you’re listening to me on this just listening listening to the audio it it’s kind of addictive i mean i’m just talking and i’m like oh let me listen to

Myself anyway i have this switch board over here now it’s i you know got all this stuff for you guys it’s strange to say that it’s for you guys but it’s also for me too because i pot this stuff and you know i’m the one that’s owning it but then the people you guys that are listening to me through this is the benefactor of this because then you get you know better

Audio if you’re watching my videos every day then you have to hear me to speak and hopefully you know having better audio it will make this experience a lot better now because i have the switchboard i’m gonna play with it a little bit just so that you know what i can do with this thing here you go i am going to reduce my bass which i don’t like as much i’m gonna put

It back like this hello hello and then i even have sound effects too how great is that okay right now let me put myself in a course mode chorus hello hello hello this is with a reverb oh that’s interesting i go okay delay so bright room this basically sounds like in here actually anyway this gives me a lot more control over the audio and it sounds a lot better i

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