CROP Infrastructure Corp. (CSE: CROP / OTC: CRXPF)

CROP Infrastructure Corp. (CSE: CROP / OTC: CRXPF) – CROP Infrastructure Corp. (CSE: CROP / OTC: CRXPF) is an enterprise ideally positioned to aid the explosive growth of the cannabis crop production sector. Our focus aims to leverage strategic capital investment in land expansion opportunities; assist with key big ticket investments such as greenhouses, foundations, roads, advanced hydroponics, electrical distribution networks, and specialized lighting systems. We are also working to develop relationships with approved agricultural plant input partners for uniformly safe fertilizers, nutrients, herbicides and pesticides as part of a bulk distribution service and innovative GROWSAFE – CROPSAFE client certification program.

Hi guys how you doing this is rich here on behalf of rich tv live i have another winner for you this is crop infrastructure corporation we’re only 34 days away from legalization of recreational cannabis in canada it’s true and crop infrastructure corp is exploding on the fact that they are a beast okay do your due diligence do your research remember rich tv

Live is strictly for education entertainment purposes don’t buy it just because you heard you hear in which to be live obviously you’re gonna hear it a rich tv life first we bring you all the winners first before they explode we’ve been talking about proper some while i told you guys it was gonna explode there it is congratulations all the winners the gun in crop

Infrastructure corp 58 percent up wow it’s a big winner it’s true if you’re not winning you’re not watching go to rich tv live and find all the tools and indicators you need they’re absolutely free and crump infrastructure corp is a beast and if you look at their chart it has been on fire look at this jump wow congratulations to everybody who took advantage of this

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Move see the news crop completes this is their latest news crop completes purchase of nye county farm 49% interest in the nine counties a granola trull property the companies agreed to pay one point three five million usd in cash and currently loaned one point six nine seven one four eight usd for the property and equipment expenses so this is potentially the news

That might be the catalyst for this explosion the previously announced two hundred forty acres of cbd hemp has been planted and is currently 2.5 to 3 feet tall and growing under with the resulting harvest expected within 45 days a recent plant count suggests 3,000 healthy plants per acre or 720-thousand plans under pivot all harvesting equipment has been secured

For the resulting hemp biomass so what do you guys think see rop in canada see our xpf in america it looks good all the indicators are saying it’s a big winner see our xpf let’s take a look at the portfolio right now and i believe it is one of the biggest winners of the day if not the biggest winner of the day right now oh and harvest one cannabis is also on fire

Up 35 percent juju at 22 cents up 23% and tgif up 20 percent the four biggest pics that we’re watching right now in the rich tv live community if you’d like to join the community just comment down below smash that like button share the video everywhere and then message me at rich tv live at we’ll bring you in to the number one stock group in the universe

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24 hours a day 7 days a week free stock picks we don’t want your money we want your eyes and we want your ears on the prize that’s how we find all the winners that’s why we’re first crop infrastructure you heard it here first and it ain’t over it’s gonna go higher you’re heard from your boy first crop see our opie in canada see our xpf in america and what is it

Like let’s see toronto start where we at on the countdown and let’s see this countdown 34 days 11 hours and 25 seconds away from history zoo boy rich and ammo piece that’s a big winner my goodness look at that five-day run look at the one-day run

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CROP Infrastructure Corp. (CSE: CROP / OTC: CRXPF) By RICH TV LIVE

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