Cut Your Own Hair Without Clippers

Let me show you how to cut your own hair with a pair of hair cutting sheers. You do need to have two mirrors and need to get used to controlling your hands in the mirror. What helps is to have a shaver, a hair clip, and some plastic sheets to keep the hair from getting everywhere.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today is gonna be a very special video because i’ve been wanting to do this video for a really long time but i kept on delaying it because of the complexity of it today i’m going to teach you how to cut your own hair now i started cutting my own hair with a little buzzer thing back in high school and you do fades and

Then sometime after college i decided to transition to somewhat longer hair i feel like it fits me a much better than like a buzz shave with a fade on the side today all you need is a pair of hair cutting shears like this it has a little special little angle thing at the end over here so you’re supposed to put your middle finger right in here and then you just go

To chop chop chop now before attempting to do this you probably have reservations about cutting your own hair what if you mess up what if you mess up so badly and you need to go to work with a really terrible haircut there is some risks to cutting your own hair like this because back in high school sometimes i did mess up and i’m like oh my gosh i mess up so badly

I nedd ended up shaving just my whole head clean and then just waiting it for it to grow a little bit so it’s very very important to follow my advice here to go slowly and not chop off everything and be very very patient with yourself this will take practice and maybe you might mess up even so maybe you have to go into a haircut place and have them fix it somehow

Once you’re able to do this you’re gonna be able to save i don’t know 10 20 dollars every single month on this and you don’t have to waste your time going into a salon or a barber because this operation takes about half an hour to one hour and if you go to a barber and then come back it also takes about an hour now let me first go through all the materials you need

You need two mirrors of course one bigger one and then one little one mounted on something i have a tripod over here that it’s mounted on so that you can have both of your hands for you to cut your hair i can look into the mirror and look at that mirror over there and what i see in this mirror is exactly what you see on this mirror over here it’s kind of mirror

Image so you’re gonna have to learn how to do things in the mirror image way when you’re cutting the back of your head you also want to cover your sink so that your hair does not fall into your sink and sort of back things up we’re gonna line the floor with one of these right now now typically i would be doing this in the bathroom the bathroom mirror is gonna be

Pretty big but then i do use this little portable mirror mounted on a tripod here other tools you might need is a little clipper thing like this so you can clip your hair in place a comb a little brush to brush off tiny little bits of hair off of your skin just so that you won’t get all itchy i have a shaver here because you want to shave off all those little

Fuzzy things i don’t know i get little fuzzy hairs on the side so you need to shave those off this is a hair thinner and generally i think people use this way more often than they should people just go oh let me just thin this then this and this and then before they know it they thin at an area way too much the most you should ever use this hair thinning thing

It’s one clip per area so if your hair is like 2 3 inches long and you clip over here then don’t clip further down again within 2 3 inches generally i don’t even need to use this hair thinner thing because this pear already does enough i can thin my hair without needing the help of this thing too so out of the 10 times or so that i cut my hair last i didn’t even

Use that hair thinner i just use this regular thing the brian of this thing is my favorite brent is the same brand as the knives i have which is the ga ankles germany thing i have some water over here this is mainly to shape your hair so that you can move your hair aside nicely so that you can cut the part that you do want now i often cut my hair like this i just

Spray something like this let me set my mirror over here because this is a little bit difficult for me to see so i am using that mirror over there so i part my hair along the top over here first i mean you’re gonna have different hair styles that you want to do so you just basically kind of figure out how long you want each part and you go ahead and cut it now what

I notice is when you cut your hair you don’t really want to cut everything to the same length or else you just use one of those flowbee things just vacuum it up and it’s gonna cut at the same length so the thing you need to do is whenever there’s hair close to the edge you actually have to cut it shorter otherwise it’s gonna look a little bit funny for example this

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Little bit of hair over here is really long you don’t want it that long you want it a bit shorter than what you want if it’s a little farther from the edge like over here where you want it a little bit longer so when you cut it there’s different ways to do it sometimes you can just use your hand like this as a comb and you can just cut on top of your fingers like

This be careful enough to cut your own fingers measure the distance from your head with your fingers since you’re cutting it yourself you’ll have different ways you need to do it depending on what part of your head you are because over here it’s kind of hard for me to hold it while cutting with my right hand over here so i would kind of like pull it out like this

With this hand and you can see i’m not just grabbing a bit and then just kind of chopping it off straight like this because you always want to avoid this chopping action where you cut everything very flat because that’s gonna create a very sharp edge on your hair and after you’re done you’re gonna be able to see distinctive sharp edges there so in order to avoid

This what you want to do is just kind of pull at your hair a tiny little bit like this just you know kind of gentle and then you start somewhat close and then as you close the shears you draw it out like this so that you giving your hair different kind of links as you draw it out now if you want your hair to look very blended yes you would do you know things like

This where you cut it a little bit and then you go up it does not look good if it covers your ear like this so what i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna go in there and just chop that off like that so you see on this part i’ve kind of grabbed it with my hand and i’ve spaced it away from my scalp with my hands and so now i can go okay let me just come over here and just

Chop some of those off for now so i’m kind of using my hand as a comb and i’m just kind of doing it multiple spots like this and i’m not doing that you know that fading motion right now because over here and the back is not as important as on the side or the top and kind of shave it a little bit over here and cut it all the way to this eye level here i mean if you

Like sideburns and yeah you can keep them long this basically if you want it longer in the certain areas then you keep them longer in certain areas for me i’m going for you know what i always cut sometimes on the top i might leave longer sometimes i might have shorter it’s just kind of depending on how i feel but generally i like it medium length so this is kind of

Like a rough draft of what the left side would look like i’m gonna work on the right side now you see all this hair over here we definitely know we want to get rid of that so i can just do a chopping action here when you’re doing this you’re gonna notice it’s kind of difficult to control your hand movements in the mirror and even more difficult if you’re trying to

Control your hand movements in the mirror in the mirror because when i go and cut in the back i’m gonna have to bounce off to marik’s look at it and move my hands nerone normally i’ve cut my hair so long in this way that when i look at the mirror i don’t even have to think about which way to move it’s kind of like flying a quadcopter when it’s facing yourself when

You do it enough it becomes instinctive and yes it’s gonna be a little weird at first so that’s why it’s gonna take some practice as you’re cutting your hair you gotta make sure you don’t have rogue little pieces of hair that’s just one or two piece that’s flying out that’s why i keep on combing my hair like this and i’m just kind of pulling it out with my all my

Fingers like this and if there’s like one piece that’s like you know just kind of dangling you really need to go and get those and make sure they are not sticking out one thing you have to watch out for is whenever you’re cutting near your ear you don’t want to snip your ear your ear will bleed and i’ve cut myself before like this before but you know lately i’ve

Been much more careful so i don’t cut mine here anymore but you gotta really make sure you don’t go and get your ear while you’re doing this so what i like to do in the beginning of course is just to give the side a initial cut like this now everything from this point back is not cut yet the top is not cut yet so let’s work on the top first now some guys like to

Have their hair dangling down and have longer bangs but i find that you know if i want to spike it up i need to cut it you know kind of towards three-quarter – way down my forehead and when i spike it up it’ll just be fine and definitely definitely you don’t want to cut it straight across like this what i do is i just kind of cut it you know gradual and when i

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Know there’s a stopping point then i would cut more you always want to go over here and if you want to make it a little shorter over here you just kind of do it several times near that area here around here and here tends to be a little bit thinner so you want to make sure all of this is roughly the same length everybody’s head is gonna be a little bit different

And this is you know just what i learned about my own head and you gotta kind of know how dense your hair in is in in certain parts of your head and then you need to adjust accordingly when it’s wet like this and i’m pressing it down it looks longer than it is you see if i if i just go okay i’m gonna put it back it’s not all that long so another technique i like

To do is just kind of cut not too all the way to the scalp starting an inch from my scalp and i just go cut cut cut cut cut cut cut and then maybe like three inches above my head i’ll just kind of snip the rest off like that and this will kind of give it a little spiky look when you put in hair wax or gel you don’t have to make every single part of your head the

Same length here generally what i like to do is make the you have bangs a little bit longer in the front so the front it’s gonna have maybe i don’t know like an inch longer than the back and you just kind of work your way everywhere until you feel like okay all of it is about the same length here so a little bit long over here now if you just kind of do this all

Over the place you’re gonna end up having some hair that or extremely long and other pieces that are not so long so you gotta like kind of give a survey all around your head and go okay well you know this piece over here is too long so you got to make sure there’s no extraneous pieces of hair that are just flying so you got a gotta go okay you know measure with

Your hand everywhere you see right now i think this side over here is about one centimeter longer so i got a go over here you don’t have to be super accurate over here roughly that length is good and if you go to a japanese book store they have books where they kind of teach you oh how long you need certain parts of your head to be to have a certain look so it’s

All about how the hair length changes depending on where on your head it is and given a certain spot how does it change in that certain spot because if you have a bunch of little hairs and then a bunch of medium and long hair all in the same spot then you can have this spiky look the more you do that the more spiky you’ll look like and you definitely definitely

Do not want everything to be the same length because then you’re gonna have like a choppy a kind of like a choppy look that’s why you hardly see me just go chop at one single spot you see over here i have a whole bunch of extraneous hairs just for no reason so you’re gonna go and get those and sometimes it might look a little bit too spiky so you can just kind of

You know chop off the little pieces at the end in that case you can chop them off because you’re only cutting a few pieces of hair there in those cases so sorry the mirror covers half of the screen over here but this is the only way i can do it where i can see it and you can also see what i’m cutting as well right now i’m looking at the back of my head and you see

I did not cut all this part starting from behind the ear over here all the way to the other side neither this area typically for guys you’re not gonna have as thick a head of hair on the top as on the side the side tends to be a little bit thicker than the top so what you need to do to make it look good is that you need to thin the hair on the side over here so

When you’re cutting it you want to cut it based on your head shape if your head over here is not completely round and that means you need to leave a little bit more hair here so that the end product is nice and round for me i know i have more hair on the side over here kind of like where my hand is touching all the way over here so i’m going to concentrate on this

Part more and cut more along this side and i’m gonna go easy whenever i cut the stuff around this area this is a bit awkward angle for me but i know you’re not supposed to go straight across like this but there’s a lot of hair here so i make that an exemption exception here if you’re just starting out over here what you can do is just take a little bit at a time

Like this and just cut a little bit don’t cut all the way through then come out a little bit cut a little bit you can come out a little bit cut a little bit then it’s not gonna look have this choppy look if you’re not used to that so right now what i’m doing is i’m just clipping my hair like this see i have one line of hair along my index finger and middle finger

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And then i can basically just go you know cut a little bit above that and if i just kind of go everywhere eventually a lot of the hair is gonna be cut to that length now over here is behind my ear so i’m gonna use my hand like this i’m gonna hopefully you guys can see – like that now i’m not quite done yet i have this thinning shear here i guess i don’t really need

To use it but i’m just gonna show you if you’re gonna use it just kind of clip it once like this and that’s it you don’t want to do any more than that and the rest of the way you’re going to you know just just do the way i did just now and this is kind of like an art over here because as you’re cutting it you gotta like step back and then go hmm you know what over

Here it looks like too bushy over here so i’m gonna cut it some more kind of like molding clay so you’re like hmm you know this is a little bit too too long over here you step back and then kind of look at it again make sure you’re not hurrying when you’re doing this and you have like 2-3 hours before you’re doing something else just so that you can relax and you

Know take your time doing this because even with me know kind of knowing how to do it i don’t like to be rushed and i can mess up if i’m trying to her through this so you can see as i’m cutting it it’s kind of looking like it’s getting shortened a little bit there’s a lot of little fuzzy hair i mean i have a lot of fuzzy hair i need to go in there shave off all the

Fuzz now i’ve been looking at this side mostly so i’m gonna switch to this other side so over here i’m using a different scissor holding method instead of going like this i flipped it around so i can cut this hair over here usually you gotta check the bottom to see if it’s kind of flat you want it to be even you want to check that around this area kind of like the

Crown area it’s roughly even and i can see it’s not too even right now so i’m gonna trim that over there so i’m gonna touch this up a little bit off-camera because i cannot see my full head in this mirror setup that i have over here i’m gonna go do that and then come back and then show you guys you know the end result basically it’s just looking in the mirror and

Just kind of eyeballing everything and go hmm you know that has a little bit too much hair so you just go in there and snip a little bit off here and there you know you can just work very slowly and just do that little progressive method where you pinch a little bit hair cut a quarter of the way if you come out a little bit maybe one centimeter cut another quarter

Of the way come out and so you do this sliding motion and it’s gonna be very gradual if you always use that method so that’s it i put the final touches on i trimmed it a little bit here and there just to make sure everything it’s even took a shower kind of styled it with some hair wax and you know this is the end result so let me turn around for you a little bit

Long over here generally i noticed around the ear here it’s really hard to cut because it’s really hard to kind of wrap around and cut over here so you gotta like push your ear down and cut around it for me this is good enough and i hope doing this in front of the camera for you gives you the confidence to kind of try to cut your own hair just start little at

First and you know see what you end up with now the whole purpose of cutting your hair of course is that each time you cut your hair is i don’t know $10 $20 depending on where you go i’ve been to places as expensive as $50 a haircut and sometimes i walk out feeling not as good as when i cut my own hair because they always do something that is really weird that

I personally dislike then and they didn’t really warn me before they did it all of this of course can save you anywhere from $100 to $500 every single year if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook or disservice you can cancel

It before it expires and you can still keep this audiobook for life and you can also help enough at this channel i also have a patreon over here where i give perks at different contribution levels where recently i made an exclusive videos for the diamond members and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the

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