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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of cybin cybn doug drysdale how you doing today doug i’m great rich thanks for having me

Today my pleasure excited to have you on the show and i have a few questions for you doug my first question is cybin is a leading biopharmaceutical company working to create safe and effective psychedelic therapies to address mental illness addiction and overall well-being can you tell us more about the company sure so cybin was founded in 2019 uh we’ve grown

The company over the last year year from five employees to 55 across four countries so we’ve got a large infrastructure in place and we’ve raised 120 million dollars today uh to support our drug programs we are listed on the new york stock exchange as you mentioned at the simple cybn what we’ve been doing over the last few years is working to to engineer a

Paradigm shift frankly uh in how we treat mental illness uh moving away from the need to take chronic medicine every day for depression or addiction uh to these um derivatives and analogues of psychedelic classical psychedelic molecules they have the potential to um remove someone’s psych remove someone’s symptoms or their addictive cravings for weeks or months

At a time from just one or two doses so a completely different way to treat treat mental health we love it we love psychedelics here we love how they’re helping change people’s lives now cybin is designing innovative psychedelic based molecules to help treat a number of mental illnesses what disorders and conditions are your proprietary proprietary compounds

Treating and what are the benefits of you using psychedelic therapies for patients so the main treatment areas that we’re targeting are depression addiction starting with alcohol use disorder and anxiety disorders so these are these are conditions that collectively are effective around 900 million people around the world so about a billion people affected

By these treatments these are these conditions what we’re doing at cybin is is taking classical psychedelic drugs molecules that we know a lot about psilocybin dmt that have been studied for six or seven decades uh but they’ve failed to become therapeutics yet we can’t go and take them as medications they’re not approved by the fda and so what we’re working

To do is is work with derivatives and analogs of those molecules so that they can become therapeutics taking them through the the drug development pathway to overcome some of the limitations of those classical psychedelic drugs psilocybin for example is very long acting and has a lot of interpatient variability makes it unpredictable dmt is very short acting

Maybe last six to ten ten minutes so these are some of the challenging hurdles that we’re overcoming in our clinical trials later this year what would you say sets cybin apart from other companies developing psychedelic based therapies so as i mentioned we’re working to retain the powerful efficacy that’s been seen from these classical psychedelic drugs for

Many decades there are dozens of academic studies out of uh organizations like nyu and johns hopkins so we’re looking to retain that that powerful efficacy but overcome the limitations so with our lead asset cyb3 which is an analog of psilocybin that that that asset is has an onset of action that’s twice as fast and the duration the treatment duration is half


The time so it means that patients overall can spend half the time in the clinic as they would with say traditional psilocybin also traditional psilocybin is a pro drug which means the molecule itself isn’t active it has to be converted to the active silicon in the body through the liver and as we all metabolize these molecules differently there’s a lot of

Variability from one patient to another so one patient might have a very mild response another might have a very profound response and that you know that kind of unpredictability is not what you want with psychiatric patients so with cyb3 we’ve removed that a large amount of that variability so we can look at more and more predictable outcomes for patients can

You tell us more about seiben’s research and development strategy for its therapeutic development programs yes as i said it’s really about taking classical psychological improving on that experience so another asset about cyb4 is a generated version of dmt or dimethyltryptamine so without getting into too much chemistry uh what we’ve done is we’ve switched

Out hydrogen atoms on this molecule with deuterium which is just heavy hydrogen and that has the impact of slowing down the breakdown of dmt in the body so with cyb4 instead of having a six to ten minute rocket ride where the patient is immediately into almost another realm within seconds and then back down again in just a few minutes uh we’ve been able to

Smooth out that curve extend the the psychedelic experience the treatment session for about three times something so maybe 30 minutes or so and and keep the patient in that state in a smoother less anxiety creating way and we think that that duration is uh is more amenable to sort of improving psychotherapy and improving outcomes cyb double o3 has shown

Promising prelim preclinical results in addition to effectively treating major depressive disorder mdd what other indications can why b2003 be used for so we also think that cyb3 has the potential uh for treating alcohol use disorder uh maybe some opioid use disorder maybe tobacco use disorder and i i personally think that psychedelics are ideally suited for

Treating addictions when you think about how we treat addictions today we either use a 12-step program which has a pretty low success rate a lot of patients relapse uh all we treat with uh with uh drugs that are barely effective what you’re doing in many of these situations is you’re you’re giving a chronic drug every day to kind of fight back the addiction

Every day and ultimately with most addicts uh the addiction wins like we’ve been bloodbaths relapse so what we can do with psychedelics because of this ability to remove someone’s addictive cravings for maybe months at a time from just one or two doses you can create a clean space where patients are potentially free from their addictive cravings for five or six

Months and that’s life changing so rather than fighting the addiction every day that enables patients to potentially recreate you know reconnect with family friends be more productive at work get off the street you get a job you know this is when when you remove that daily battle you can really have that you know have the potential to change someone’s life

Dramatically what advantages does cyb3 and other compounds developed by cybin have over classic psychedelics so cyb3 is a deuterated analog of psilocybin so we’ve taken psilocybin but we’ve modified the molecule and that enables us to reduce clinic time and when you think that traditional psilocybin has maybe a six or eight hour treatment session that’s a lot

Of health care system resources needed for one patient you know essentially when you when you think about a depression clinic that may have half a dozen treatment rooms and uh you’re asking that clinic to tie up an entire room for an entire day with one patient that’s going to kind of start to stretch stretch the infrastructure a little bit so we’ve cut that

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Time in half so the patients spend half the time in the clinic we’ve also reduced the patient into patient variability which we think has a better safety profile and we’ve also improved brain penetration which means that a smaller amount of cyb3 is needed to get into the brain to be effective then potentially with with psilocybin so our goal has been to improve

The patient experience reduce the health system resources uh make these treatments more reimbursable and ultimately that’s what’s going to lead to accessibility what we don’t want is these treatments reserved for only those that can afford it but for people that have insurance whether it’s in the u.s or or overseas that need to access these treatments so doug

Cyben recently partnered with the deepak chopra foundation can you tell us more about this important strategic partnership yeah the partnership with the deepak chopra foundation is is very important um the chopra now foundation has been working for a long time now to increase awareness of mental illness and to overcome some of the stigma that comes along with

Mental illness you know one one positive of the pandemic is that we are more aware of of mental health conditions uh but there’s still a huge amount of stigma around them you know a a prominent public figure a ceo um that comes out to say maybe they’re depressed uh or they have an addictive addictive condition it’s going to face some challenges while that may

Be uh one that may be pretty work to say there will be immediately immediate questions of of competence and capability so we’re still not there yet with accept of overcoming the stigma of of mental health conditions uh the other issue the other challenge we have is that because of the war on drugs back in the 70s we have you know decades of misinformation and

Misunderstanding about the potential for psychedelics there are still scientists and regulators that think psilocybin is addictive or toxic and it’s neither of those things uh you you would need a thousand doses of psilocybin in order to be uh toxic and uh many studies have shown that cell assignment is not addictive it was non-habit forming at all so between

Those two uh two issues the mental health stigmas and and the stigmas around uh psychedelics you’ve got a lot of communication and education work to do and we think that the the chopra foundation is ideally suited to help us with that i can’t wait now sybin’s leadership team has significant psychedelic pharmaceutical and regulatory experience including former

Execs from the fda and pfizer can you speak to the advantages of having a strong leadership team in place so our r d team has um over 400 years of collective experience so that’s either very good or we’re very old well one or the other but uh in all seriousness uh in any startup i think you need an a team you’re often asking folks to do more than one job in

The beginning with the founding of a of an organization and uh so that deep uh development experience uh has enabled us to work on multiple programs at the same time and we’ve it’s enabled us to come from the bench to the clinic in about 18 months whereas a typical drug development timeline could be three three years on average maybe up to six years so we’ve

Been able to progress uh cyb3 uh cyb4 and cyb5 our three lead assets in in record time because of the deep experience that our team has with fda that’s fantastic now having raised over 120 million and with nearly 64 million on your balance sheet do you believe that cybin is well funded to move forward with its planned clinical trials yes absolutely uh we have


So many milestones coming up over the next 18 months or so um this uh this cache on hand is going to take us through uh cuib3 uh phase one two a study in major depressive disorder uh it’s to get us up and through a pilot study for cyb4 and anxiety disorders we’re working on cyb5 a partnering package for that we think that’s an asset for neuro inflammation

That could could be of interest to to big pharma and we’re just kicking off a neuro imaging study with our partner colonel using the kernel flow device to look at real-time brain activity uh during a psychedelic experience so a lot of milestones coming up a lot of value catalysts in the works over the next 12 to 18 months what should investors watch out for

For the company this year so going through the three programs for cyb 3 this is our solar simon analog for depression um look out for pre-clinical work being complete that’s all of the work needed to file an imd with the fda we’re on track to find an ind in the second quarter of this year that will enable us to start a study in major depressive disorder around

Mid-year for cyb-4 which is our anxiety disorders asset there’s a deuterated version of dmt we have some pretty interesting pre-clinical data coming up in the next next several weeks we’re also planning to file a regulatory filing in the second quarter and start a pilot study around the third quarter as well so good clinical progress human studies with both of

Those assets and then with c by b5 as i mentioned this is an interesting molecule that we’ve discovered has anti-inflammatory properties so potentially at lower doses sub-psychedelic doses for chronic dosing could have potential in conditions like parkinson’s disease alzheimer’s disease or ms so we’ll see how that progresses around video doug how can investors

Contact cybin to learn more about the company so you can contact simon ir or simply visit the website thank you for your time today i’m with the ceo of cybin doug drysdale i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything

We talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we love the psychedelic sector and we believe cybin is a company that everybody needs to put on their radar and put on your watch list thank you for joining us today the ceo of simon doug drysdale doug thank you for joining us today thank you rich my pleasure love to have you back on the show if you

Ever have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss love to invite you back on our show so that we can get you in front of our community our global community and our ecosystem of investors for those of you guys that are watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners like cybin and we bring them to you first put

It on your radar put on your watch list this is your host rich from rich tv live saying have a nice day everybody we’ll talk to you soon you

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