Dead End Job!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today we’re talking about what to do in a dead-end job dead-end jobs are no fun i found that most workers fall into three categories one category is the people that are happy because they’re getting promoted their company’s growing etc etc and they’re just very happy

There’s another category and that’s number two these people are happy or slightly unhappy but they just like their job they don’t care to be promoted they don’t care to rise up the ranks if it happens it happens they just like their job genuinely and they do their job genuinely and they’re just kind of cope aesthetic and they’re happy they’re there okay then maybe

They are not happy but they’re just okay they don’t want to go anywhere else they don’t want to do anything else the third category is people that are unhappy they see no growth in their company or they see no promotional opportunities those kinds of things and that is the category i’m addressing today we’re talking about if you’re in a dead-end job and it’s

Very unrealistic for you to get promoted or move up the ranks or do anything better so first thing you need to ask yourself is it really a dead-end job is there no real promotional opportunities whatsoever sometimes there is absolutely there’s no growth in company there’s no promotional opportunities sometimes there’s there is that opportunity just you weren’t

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Putting yourself out there to get that opportunity many times people will make excuses excuses excuses oh it’s because that guys that’s a guy and i’m a female and you know they’re only promote males or vice versa i’ve seen it where you know people are saying only the females get promoted because they gotta meet a quota number or whatever and i’m a male so i can’t

Get promoted or their skin color is different than mine so they must be a racist or i’m gay so you know what they can’t promote me because they don’t want a gay person to be a leader whatever people make so many excuses up is it possible that one of those situation could occur that someone’s a racist or sexist or a homophobe or whatever yeah that’s possible is it

Likely no it’s not likely so the person that’s getting promoted they’re probably just doing the right things they’re doing a better job than you if they’re not doing a better job they’re more likeable or they’re better for that next position than you and you need to figure out how to do that but let’s assume there’s no promotional opportunities whatsoever in that

Company is two things you can do one you can leave the company and you can go find another job or two you can start your own business let’s go over step number one let’s assume you’re gonna leave the company and try to find new job first thing don’t leave the company until you have another job all wrapped up so apply for positions at other companies and whatnot

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While you’re still working it looks good on the resume people likes a person that’s willing to leave their job to go to another workplace also gives you financial security because you’re not stressing about oh what if i don’t find a job next month or you know three months from now what am i going to do one of those situations so you’re under less stress by doing

That as well step number two if you don’t want to do that you can start your own business now the only way i say go about this route is if you’re for sure you’re very excited about an idea you’re the type of person as a go-getter and you can start your own business you’re good at selling those kinds of things and if you have over six months of your bills stored

Away in cash so you basically you can pay your bills for at least six months because if you’re gonna start your own business i say you do quit your job you do quit your job if you’re going to start your own business because that’s going to need all your focus all your attention going out there and getting it so if you’re applying for a job another place don’t

Leave your job yet until you get that new job offer if you are going to start your own business leave your job but make sure you only leave it if you have at least six months worth of money put away that you can pay your bills and all those kinds of things just in case you have very little revenue coming in those first six months you can still pay your bills and

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Not be on the street that’s what to do in a dead-end job in my opinion guys do you agree with this if so hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t subscribed you may want to this is a financial education channel i’m just trying to lift everybody up financially in the head thank you for watching guys as always have a great day and

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Dead End Job! By Financial Education

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