DEFENSE METALS CORP CEO CRAIG TAYLOR (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 19, 2020 – Defense Metals Corp is a Canadian mineral exploration company. It is engaged in sourcing, exploring and developing rare earth and uranium mineral properties. Its project portfolio includes uranium projects.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is richer behalf of rich to be live and i’m here with a very special guest it is craig taylor the ceo and president of defense metals for how you doing today craig very well how are you i’m doing very well thank you for joining us today now i was wondering about is you guys are in the defense metals business so why don’t

You tell us a little bit about defense metals core defense metals corp is a rare earth deposit that’s located about 70 kilometres from prince george bc it consists of 1,700 acres and primarily we’re hosting neodymium and praseodymium and those are two of the elements that are used in the permanent magnets and the lightweight mag and so you’re seeing these in

The the eb market primarily these days you see it in all sorts of wind turbines there’s 900 pounds of neodymium and the wind turbines so with the green cards and the turbines and the maglev trains it’s a very green element now it’s also used in mail of military applications so you see indited systems you see it radar you see it in you know all sorts of the

Us and worldwide military systems as well and so that’s what we have the defense term precursor there into that okay very good and what are rare earth metals and what are their current applications where if metals are 17 elements in the periodic table as i said we are strictly not strictly but we have mainly four of them the new ddm praseodymium lanthum and

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Cerium and they can be found in your cell phones in your tv screens in their refrigerators and your electric vehicles in your wind turbines in space technology and guidance systems at really every aspect of your life has some sort of rare earth component to it and that’s why we’ve seen such a resurgence work or actually just a growth in the rare earths just

With all the technology that’s around us every day great and we are currently seeing increase in the demand of rare earth metals can you explain why that would be i would say the primary driver for that is the electric vehicle market i mean tesla recently they opened up this plant in china they’re gonna do three hundred and sixty-five thousand cars this year

And that’s the first year and then you’ve got toyota and doing the same with priuses volkswagen it’s ramping up so so this is going to be an ongoing growth story and there’s gonna be on ongoing demand very good now defense metals corp is currently mining at the 1708 hectare with cheetah property what exactly makes this site so special i think part of why we

Are looking better than everyone else at this point is because the ease of access we have road access we have electrical access we’re close to water and we’ve been able to extract our rare earth elements at a very very high rate and extraction is extremely important in rarest if you can’t extract the elements it’s of no use so we’ve we’ve spent time doing

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Bench tests extraction floatation extraction and sgs labs and they’ve been so successful that sgs use a world-renowned extraction specialist to keep it simple is now featuring us in all the symposiums that they are attending worldwide wow now who you say are some of the fence metals corpse main competitors well housing mat mountain pass would be the main one

And they’re the only producer in north american we we’ve got grade that’s similar to theirs and we’re not producing so that gives them a bit of a leg up but our ease of production or ease of mining is gonna get us there fairly quickly we’re able to strip them on the minerals off the mountain in a fairly easy fashion as i said the infrastructure is can help as

Well very good now it’s very important to set yourself apart from the competition what sets you apart from your competitors it’s really just the grade that we have we you know we are able to extract 90% product out of our rock and and that’s much better than most to do now if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about the fence metals

Core what would it be i would just say that we have really fast tracked this we’ve got the us military given them our applications to be a preferred vendor so they were looking at it quite closely we’ve been speaking to members from the department of defense they’re actually gonna come up and see us in march so that’s fairly exciting for us and then sgs that

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Is featuring us that’s that’s a real feather in our cap because they’re you know the experts at this in the world what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company i’m usually through our website wwf ents metals comm and that will give you access to all the contact information well that’s pretty much all the questions i had for you today

Thank you so much for your time today craig taylor ceo and president of defense metals corp i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and for those of you guys that are watching all over the world take a look at defense metals corp and if you’d like to learn more get in contact directly with craig taylor thank you for your time thank you have a great day you

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