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Demonetization – An epic move by Indian government to ban notes of 500 & 1000. Let’s know about what a demonetization is & what will be its impact on finances.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru vishal tucker is back again but this time with a very very urgent topic of discussion i have a friend here who is facing some challenge and let’s hear it from him what he has to say hey man how are you um actually not that great what happened you can see this small amount

Of bundle of cash that i have in my hand it’s really not enough for me to survive more than a week my boss is not very happy with me taking a four hour long break just to go to the atm but draw some cash my mom keeps poking me about how hard i need to keep the house filled with the daily necessities how am i supposed to survive more than a month with the amount of

Cash that i have lying in my house okay okay i see this is a serious problem let me see how i can help you come now this friends seems to be agreeing issue d monetization is the new word or the new buzzword of the year 2016 how do we solve this problem now out here we are not here to take sides whether it is right wrong it has happened and it has happened the new

Reality is that the five hundred and thousand rupee notes do not work any longer let’s solve this problem in three parts part one daily necessities how do we deal with it part two occasional purchases my iphone that new curved smart tv washing machine air conditioner my new suit how do i deal with it and number three the large purchases i wanted to buy a house i was

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Saving money to buy a house i wanted to upgrade my car i wanted to buy jewelry for mary and for many other reasons how do we deal with it point one for your daily necessities please accept the reality the sooner you do it better it is for you that we are moving not slowly but quickly towards cashless economy now i know you are watching my video you are educated

Enough you have a smartphone you can download any of those evil it’s and can transact but the challenge here is not you downloading of all it but you helping people around you your driver your maid your grocery supplier your milk supplier your laundry supplier ask them to learn more about eva let’s ask them to open bank accounts if they learn eva let’s it will be

Easier faster and cheaper if not start issuing checks to them that is a good point to start with i know most of you are allergic to plastic money but now the reality is we need to get used to them if you don’t have a credit card apply for one if you don’t want to apply for one use your debit card these are the new forms of money which will help you to deal with

Your daily transactions number two occasional purchases you can watch my video 0% emi to find out how you can take maximum benefit of buying an iphone or a new tv or a new washing machine on 0% emi and pay it over a period of time wine number three large purchases buying a house buying a car buying gold hold on yes it will take some amount of time for the entire

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Economy that means all of us to digest the long-term effects of d monetization it is too early to say but yes we can say that the house prices will come down the gold which has gone over the roof top will settle will stabilize cars will become inexpensive going forward we see there is a huge huge correction happening in real estate and mind you the real estate will

Slowly move towards affordable housing smaller units so that larger number of people can now buy and afford the new house so far as cars are concerned you will see a lot of smaller car comings in low value car coming in so that more people can afford a car over a long period of time you will see that the monetization will work out to be very very positive for india

As a whole if you ask me in one line what is the difference the difference is very simple if you give cash you cannot be traced back but if you pay by a evil it and when i say a wallet i am referring to the one in your smartphone and not a volatile ike this because this is completely useless you can be traced back the whole idea of b monetization is the government

Wants to know who is spending what and they want to trace it back that this money belongs to whom i think these are the few tips which will quickly help you to tide over this tsunami of d monetization if you have more ideas if you have more tips tricks write in the comment section and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe now our channel financed you

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