Did I break my finger?

I was playing soccer when the impossible happened 🤕

Okay the goldie put on your gloves waits for no one while playing anymore i can’t move my finger you had once you go gianna rich tv live shirt on the video thing he praises and you’re just rocking i thought you were gonna miss your prism kirkin let’s see ok turn around only anything for have jeans baby oh why didn’t it count as a goal that sucks i think it’s one

Nothing what do you think i think that was a legitimate goal you just jammed it yeah really bad so just make a fist punch it for sure little bit no bro there’s too much man all we can hurt man so angry talk to us talk to the camera for what well you can you sit me up ok jerry can you going yep so you just gonna turn it in its gender theatre tourniquet sitter dalton

But you went like this all my way to hit the ground you kind of way yeah so where’s it hurt you guys invested yeah i felt all my weight on his authority no sideways you’ll need to roll excited yeah that’s why it’s free why is getting boring where we my challenge all right boss mark this caroline do it again jus three in a row 3 20 yard reproof free never guess

Who a journey you’re going yet get it radhika during your you freed up cornering monica passed away late do it get it here hit the goalpost man oh so that’s what a normal hand looks like and that’s what that hand looks like after i landed on it i don’t know if it’s broken but i can’t really move my hand right there as you can see up oh you’re not going for jeff

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S watch out for you ap please yesterday i was at school i my knee on the bathroom door had like five bruises from it and now i just threw the ball up in the soccer ball up in the air hit it on that same night i know and i just bruised it gotta go i don’t want to go in every one that was a bullet you see that kick you did some wrist pin on that rope he dances a

Little bit here’s that again i wanna see keep that a catch i don’t know if i could do that that was a crazy difference that was the reaction a race empty here you’re on the bed here wow hands happen to you richard may have posted of his finger rich people i’ve met a broken his finger and i’m will be a d’souza i’m friends with her and my sister just heard

Of something wrong we gotta go japanese hard us out don’t take her myself what happened is your great she wants to race let’s have a race come on yeah we’re gonna have a race was the gloves that you why should i leave it i don’t let’s go for a race wow let’s go what’s your name what you put your page no carlos let’s go brother hurry you know who we race me you

And ronnie let’s go prosit yeah yeah crossin to me well that cross oh yeah let’s try again don’t those legs are all right wow you go whew what a ring oh yeah those are faster ish dude i was great very good tired i just did you like my stunt fear farm yeah you better like it subscribe or else i’m a good girl what i dint i type pretty damn fast i’m not all over

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There and caught me all right do you like that same i made on your shot that was some serious goaltending right there buddy nobody hey guys it’s starting to rain lets go back yeah sure all right it’s starting to rain we’ve been here for an hour oh yeah i made burgers the leash kelsey i’m getting hurt thanks for watching thanks for watching thanks for watching hey

Hey come to sleep gotta go roll by okay honeymoons cool side of the camera back out

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Did I break my finger? By RICH TV LIVE

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