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Digital Development Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK:DGDM) – RICH TV LIVE – March 16, 2021 – Digital Development Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK:DGDM) (“DGDM” or the “Company”), announced today that its CEO, Fabian Deneault, and Vice President, Eric Newlan, will appear on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network that has over 80,000 members and on all the popular social media and video sharing channels. The interview will air this afternoon at 1PM ET on and will be available on Digital Development’s social media platforms shortly thereafter.

Hi how you guys doing today i am rich your host from rich tv live and i’m here with my special guest eric newlin the vice president and fabian dino the president of digital development partners how you guys doing today very well thank you how are you i’m doing really well thank you guys for joining us very excited about learning more about your company today

What is your individual when we can start with you guys can give us your individual past track record of success could you please touch on business and entrepreneurial success i’ll start with that over the past 25 years i’ve started several different businesses including digital media i had a bluetooth advertising business when i was in las vegas uh had a

Few small businesses that i started and was able to build in and sell out over the last 10 years i’ve gotten really involved in biochemicals and natural plants based uh products so that’s what we’ve i’ve been working on and uh eric and i have come together over that okay and i’ve been a securities lawyer for 33 years and plus a little bit and specializing

In the microcap world doing shells when i first started uh kind of always had an entrepreneurial spirit and uh my most interesting one was a beer of the month club that i did down here in dallas uh we got up to about 500 members and wow it just got to be too much it was in 1996. so i enjoyed that they let my creative side come out and with fabian this

Project has sort of ignited that in both of us and we’re really enjoying it together so let’s talk about the project guys um how are things going today with digital development partners eric i’ll let you start on that one just because you can kind of give a synopsis there and well let me do it i guess right now things are going very well uh in december of

2020 this past december even in spite of covet we were able to get our might extreme through the epa process and get that certified as a biopesticide uh so with that moving forward we have a lot of opportunities we’ve been talking with this foreign exports including china taiwan the middle east and south america with the spider mite issue in all of those

Areas it affects lots of different crops developed it for the cannabis industry because that was the low hanging fruit that’s what i was working on at that point and we’ve gotten done a lot of testing on strawberries blueberries coffee a lot of hops a lot of different uh issues that that deal with spider mites a lot of crops that deal with spider mites in

That we also found that it reduces molds and mildews eliminates molds and mildews so as we were building that you know we had to get the epa approvals now we’re on the way to getting our state approvals because each state requires that we register in that state so that’s where we’re at with that we expect that to be over the next couple to three months that

We’ll be registering all of the states our foreign exports can um take place a lot quicker than that uh because we’re epa approved a lot of these foreign countries we’ll look at that and approve it fairly rapidly and then we can start marketing in those in those areas great we’re we’re also able to uh use some of the offering money that we’ve received under

Our regulation a offering in the past few months we just spent a couple hundred thousand dollars buying distribution assets for our cbd products great we couldn’t really attract a real distributor if you will who would take our products so we decided to skim the cat a different way we’re buying our way up in montana first we’re gonna basically buy routes

Buying the assets and then sending our guys in there with those hot leads on those stores putting our cbd products in there and we know we have about 50 or 80 uh customers now up there that when they’re when they’re in the c stores those products will turn and it’s just going to build and then our website we can put a little money on that and really start

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Driving traffic to that at grizzly really good i’m a big fan of cbd so i love what you guys are talking about well you like our stuff i believe yeah you guys are speaking my language and we’ve actually spoken to quite a few cbd companies right and it’s just one of the faster growing industries that i’m a really big fan of because of

The medicinal purposes yeah it is and fabian actually manufactures he directs the manufacturing of all of them we don’t we’re not white labeling we’re making our own very good so and what sets us a little bit apart from other cbd providers is our proprietary blending we’re not using any preservatives we’re not using uh any additives it is just a oil cbd and

A flavoring all natural so in our our tincture products our body butters and sports creams and things like that we try to keep things as all natural as we possibly can we’re also now looking into cbg and cbn as those are becoming more uh no not having more notoriety in the market so we’re also experimenting with those at this point very good can you define

The problem that your company solves it is the only product uh i a couple years ago i was in the marijuana medical marijuana distribution and growing um couldn’t find anything that would kill spider mites neem oil was great but they don’t you know you had to stop uh it was only a prophylactic for the spider bites it coats the plant spider mites can’t get into

The chlorophyll so i have developed another product years ago that we’re looking at taking into the market hopefully by the end of this year we adjusted that some came up with a whole new product that one was plant-based but was effective on eliminating spider mites their eggs webbing that you could spray right up to the day of harvest there is no there are

No other products out there that allow you to do that a byproduct of that was understanding that it also eliminated molds and mildews and that’s a big problem especially in some areas of the united states where they’re even getting so bad they have yeast in them so we were able to develop this product to cover that industry then it has grown since then in

That spider mite and aphid elimination so we’re pretty excited about what that does on the cbd part i got into that because of a necessity my youngest daughter was is was critically ill i ended up having a transplant um that’s how i go to the medical marijuana marijuana business she couldn’t take opioids anymore she had an opiate opioid overdose and said dad i

Can’t do this anymore i want to try medical marijuana so as we started there we got into the cbd part because of her unique uh circumstances uh she had a lot of reaction to other cbd products and what we decided it was is the effects of the preservatives and then the additives that other companies are putting in so we took and started studying cbds thankfully

Now she’s doing great she had a transplant year ago and is using cbd almost exclusively for any inflammation and pain control and is just doing wonderfully that’s why now we’re looking at cbgs and cbs what else can we do in that market to help people and that’s what it’s all about our company slogan is dg dm doing good doing more and that’s what what sets us

Apart i like that and i love when i hear a story that is coming about due to a necessity you know oh i’m not just in this business to make money but i’m in this business to make a difference those those are typically the companies that have the most success like we’ve seen that with c web right charlotte’s web obviously they’ve been a huge success with cbds

One of the biggest cbd companies in the world and that entire story about charlotte it resonates with people because it was something that made a difference for her and now it’s potentially one of the biggest cbd companies in the world because it was something that was a need not a want and i think that your story with your daughter is a great story hopefully

She continues to have success um thank you what what is your company’s why is your company’s culture unique i think it’s because we follow the doing good doing more first that’s kind of how we live our lives personally and i’ve always believed that translates into the business world that you can get your people to perform beyond what they thought they could

Do um i’ve watched i’ve coached a lot of teams and the young people that i’ve coached i see that if you place faith in them that’s the inspiration they need i think we’re going to bring that into our company it’s it’s yielding results right now with the people we’re dealing with um we’re not afraid to work hard and we’ll make sure i’m still practicing law

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Full-time i’m doing this as well fabian’s doing his his gigs too we’ll we’ll work extra hours that’s how you build a really strong company and one that will last and always going the extra mile works well and also you know when as you said it when you start from a place of need not want it really makes a big difference so needing to help my daughter was what

Really drove me i’ve known eric for a long time um and that need started resulting in people around my daughter around my community so we were able to help people in our community this was a result of having spider mites on both cannabis and hemp plants and needing to eliminate that so we could have the best products possible and we don’t in any of the things

We do we try to stay as natural as we can and that’s bore out of the basis of my daughter to start with but all the other people we’ve begun helping we now ship our cbd products across the united states and have had great success with people coming back and repurchasing our repurchase is about 98 percent of people who buy our product are rebuying it so um

And the the stories and the testimonials we get back that say this helped me this is actually making a difference that’s the reward in in the business of course we wanted to make money we wanted to be successful but it’s all back to the roots of what makes us different is we’re living it we care what are your needs for financing and mergers and acquisitions

Most smaller companies need to raise money and they need to do mergers and acquisitions to acquire their growth what are your guys needs right now well we’re in the midst of our regulation a offering we’ve raised some good funds on that um a good start uh going forward uh the next six or seven hundred thousand dollars we’re going to pour into might extreme

That is that is why we started this company that’s our foundational element uh the potential for that is massive um i laugh about it being a billion dollar company who knows it’s going around the world there’s spider mites everywhere yeah so we’re gonna pour our money on we’re gonna be in all the states we’re gonna try to get into lowe’s home depot all that

We’re gonna hit the big grows we’re going to start exporting i know with just a matter of time and sending samples out and saying try it it’s the way we do with our cbd try it see what you like so we’re going to do that we get another 100 grand couple hundred grand we’re going to pour that on the distribution of our cbd both physically where we’re going to

Start soaking up assets to deploy into the as we grow our footprint away from western montana and into the neighboring states we feel like we have a repeatable business that we can take everywhere the way we’re doing it and then we’re going to pour more money which is very important on our web presence and driving traffic to the grizzly creek naturals dot com

Site that way the depth of our company becomes more and more apparent when people start googling cbd or bio pesticide or mites or cannabis problems or anything like that we’ll start coming up those results and and driving people to our sites very good what are your key milestones for the next 12 months well the key milestones i see is one getting all of the

States certified to be used in each of those states to be approved on their marijuana growth uh proprietary lists that a lot of states have exports where we’re very deeply into a project with a middle eastern country they’re one of the largest bio uh agricult ag chemical companies in the middle east and they are expressing to us that spider mites are the

Number one crop issue that they have there uh we’ve seen that and again in south america with the coffee grill so that’s our milestones getting it one registered in all of the states and marketed in the united states two our our foreign exports are very important um to what we’re doing in growing the company on the cbd side as eric alluded to continuing

To grow the base of outlets that we have to continue growing the distribution in acquisition of more outlets so how we’re doing that is unique but is very important what we need to do we just closed on the first 150 stores or so where we’ll be distributing into that’s going to continue to grow and that’s that’s the milestones we need to see i would like

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To see a thousand stores and i believe will exceed that a thousand stores over the next 12 months and a story for another day is our blackbird american hemp brand that’s taken a little bit of a back seat the election sort of way laid a lot of investments going on in montana in that regard last fall we want to be a hemp processor we think we’ve come up with

An interesting plan for that but that’s for another day but that’s that’s part of our plan as well we want to do the whole range of things that kind of relate to one another on that that sounds great i love what you guys are doing why would an investor want to invest in your company we are disruptive and we have fun with it and i’ll let fabian take that from

There and why we’re disruptive well because we look outside of the box we we’re not handcuffed by how things are being done we want to do things a different way so going back to the reason how this is all come to life and where we’re at today is we look at what do people need how can we solve that problem uh our cbd you know it’s everybody wants to be in c

The cbd space because it is a very heavy growth area but you need to do it with the people at heart not at the dollar so being disruptive we look at it that way we look at it how can we help people how can we grow the company of course that’s uh most important from the financial side but when we look at it is we look in the mirror every morning and we like

To see who we like to see that we know that we did the job for the right reasons so what makes us different we are nimble we are solution based we had spider mites we figured out a all-natural way to control those spider mites cbd was part of that bio learning process and so we we do everything a lot different than oh companies do where can i say we’re a

Little goofy we like to find a problem and fix the problem we know if we’re doing it for the right reasons the results will take care of themselves very good now we’re i’m an investor we have a community of investors all over the world about 100 countries will be watching this video so as an investor funder or potential partner how do they get in contact

With you when somebody’s interested in learning more about your company what’s the best way for them to reach you eric i’ll let you take that because take that the best way to reach us is to text me and my number is 940-367-6154 and email works as well um the email is e newland n-e-w-l-a-n at and i try to respond it’s kind of

Part of my law practice too i can’t let them sit so i like to respond and keep things churning so i we always reach back out and and we’re open to anything any idea we’re not we’re not proud of what we’re thinking we want to know what everybody else thinks they can help us get better and you can also find that you can also find us on our website eric we have

Blackbird digital uh and where our cbd store is up and running fantastic well gentlemen thank you so much for your time today i want everyone that’s watching to know that rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do

Your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video and subscribe hit the bell for notifications so every time we go live or if any updated news you get access to it first thank you so much for your time today eric newlin the vice president

And fabian dino the president of digital development partners thank you for your time today gentlemen thanks rich thank you rich and thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first thank you for your time have a nice day

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