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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about dividend investing and how i personally do it now before i begin i do have to have a disclaimer in that all these things i’m talking about these different stocks it’s just my personal opinion you really should not go and invest in these without doing your own research and doing your own thinking

Stock prices including dividend investing can go up or down in value so whenever you buy just remember that you are fully responsible for your purchase or sells of an asset so i’m just gonna look at my weebo app this is a free stock trading platform if you guys are interested i’ll leave a referral link down in the video description below i think you can sign up

For this if you deposit $100 you eventually get like two free shares of stock worth up to $1,000 here’s my watchlist it’s not every single thing that i watch i think every single person has a limited amount of time so you can’t expect to be able to watch like two behind your stocks and you cannot also expect to hold every single one of them expect more like you’re

Gonna look at fifty a hundred of them and then you’re gonna invest in a subset of these because you think that they are very attractive in terms of buying right off top i’m just gonna tell you all this stuff ticker symbol i’m gonna cover in this video which is i exceed this is a global energy etf on pc k which is california municipal bonds it’s advantageous as a

Californian to invest in this because it’s essentially tax free for the federal level and at the state level so this is very important if you’re trying to earn income and not pay any taxes and the third one is irm ixc i think right now they’re paying about four and a half percent although if you go on the apple app it might say like seven percent there’s something

Outdated about that over there so it does not exactly say on this page over here if you scroll down it says year-to-date yield – eight point nine two percent because the stock price used to be like thirty one dollars it dropped to twenty eight fifty or so and i thought this was probably on the low end and so that’s why i bought into it and i do not think that it’s

Actually gonna come up very very you have to wait until all this coronavirus you know dies down and stuff maybe it’s gonna get worse even at $28 it might just drop you know like a bottom fallout or something i don’t know it might go down to $26 or whatever but that would be like an even lower low than you know if you look at the five-year chart over here it’s gonna

Break below the minimum five-year mark six sixteen twenty nineteen and five fifteen twenty nineteen they earn about seventy cents in each so they’re paying out two times a year so a dollar forty or so for the entire year and a dollar forty divided by twenty eight or so that it’s about four and a half percent and here is what i feel is most important in terms of

Dividend investing a lot of people you might go on google stock picker check thing right and then you can sort everything by the dividend yield and sometimes you have stock that is yielding like fifteen percent 20 percent and those things are kind of risky right because they are such a high yielding stock for a reason whenever i see a really high yielding stock it

Was because their stock price used to be let’s say ten dollars and they were paying like a dollar and then suddenly their stock price goes all the way down to five dollars and all of a sudden now if they happen to pay the same amount out then now they’re paying twenty percent so i think looking at just a yield it’s probably a very very bad idea what i personally

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Do is i try to buy an asset that is high yielding and that i think the stock price is gonna go up so i want double duty here for my money i want to be able to hold this stock long-term and receive a lot of dividends in the meanwhile and i don’t want to pay a high price for it so sometimes the stock itself it’s very high price an example of this would be at&t

Stock ticker symbol t let me go and look for it t so i just added to it go back to it okay t over here if i look over the 1-year period it’s gone up about 22% i personally think that you know telecom at&t they shouldn’t really move all that much so right now it seems on the high end so because to me it seems like it’s on the high end of the band of you know

How much you should pay for an asset i tend to avoid this although i really want to buy into it i do not think that it’s gonna go anymore hires and any of it appears low then i would like to buy it and i keep something else in mind because it’s not just the dividend i don’t buy it to keep it forever i would buy it and keep it as long as it stays somewhat low and

As soon as people get all crazy about the stock and it goes on the high end of this band i tend to sell it so within a few short months i could be able to make like 10 20 percent or so so i rather take my money out and try to find another a high-value dividend paying stock and then i put my money into that so at&t is one of these stocks that i kind of look at

And go okay it’s a nice dividend paying stock and i just keep it in mind i keep it on my watch list over here and this is just one of the stock that i kind of take a look at every once in a while and then go okay if it’s cheap i’m gonna buy into it so there’s two different things right like if it stays cheap i don’t mind at all because i prefer it to stay cheap

And i can just keep on collecting the dividends no harm done right the dividend on at&t right now it’s about 5.4 percent yield so i can just think of this as you know just collecting money but if for some reason and there’s always going to be one or two stock you know maybe a couple there’s always going to be a couple of stocks that just kind of gets ahead of

Itself so if i’m holding on to a handful of dividend paying stocks anywhere between four to seven or eight percent and if one of them happens to go up like 10 20 percent then i can go well you know what this is a little bit high i’m gonna sell it and i’m just gonna set it and forget it in terms of like sell it and not really buy back into it because i think it’s

Hot then i’m just gonna go look for some other better opportunity that has a really great value that i do not think that the asset price is gonna keep on going down another one that i think it’s a little bit too high is pck i think this is actually fair market value so this is pimco california municipal income to look at the yield is four point six two percent now

For pck there’s a thing called nav history which is net asset value tits if they sold all the assets they have every share it’s going to be worth about this much this is not to say that sometimes a stock could go below this amount if there’s some pessimistic thing about it maybe people are gonna default on the bonds that they hold because sometimes if these entities

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They go bankrupt they cannot pay them back essentially they have to write down these assets go to zero because it’s not worth anything so there is some risk but bonds generally they waver less at they’re a little bit less volatile it’s a different kind of assets that’s why they’re called bonds so anyway i am really only interested in all of these different things

Really for their dividends and the summary here really is that i’m only gonna buy something that give dividends if it’s really good value if i’m not just gonna buy it just only for the dividend and just go okay you know i don’t care if it goes up or down i do care if it goes up or down so therefore i want to buy things when they’re down and when they go up i want

To reap the benefits as well so you can sort of think of this as putting your money on double duty right while it’s sitting there collecting you dividends you can also wait for the chance that one of these assets all of a sudden maybe some people are suddenly very bullish about this dividend stock then all this money flows into it it goes up then that’s when you’re

Supposed to sell of course so other than only collecting the dividend you can also have the benefit of stock appreciation and sometimes it’s really really lucrative to do this because sometimes i would buy something and it jumps up in ten percent in just three short months so yeah i’m gonna rather take ten percent in three months rather than five to ten percent in

A full year so i made money four times faster this way in some off-chance where you know the asset value shot up so going back i’m also gonna talk about irm iron mountain enterprise storage solutions you can see on the five-year chart over here it just goes up and down from 28 to 38 or something right now is around 33 the last time i talked about it i forget how

Much i bought it for like 31 or something it went up by 10 percent so i’m looking at my retirement account and i’m like i just bought this a few months ago and increase i didn’t even collect the dividend yet my initial purpose is that it’s low i want to hold it for a really long time i want to collect a dividend for a year or something or even two years that’s my

Time horizon over here and i wouldn’t mind if it remains depressed or even if it reduces about ten percent or something i’m just gonna wait around because all this time i can collect a dividend you know while i’m waiting which is very nice this is as opposed to if you just put your money in let’s say a savings account there’s a whole different story why you want

Actual cash right but instead of just having the money sitting there i’m deploying it to somewhere where this money is actually sitting there and i’m collecting a nice dividend while i’m waiting around so this is a you know trying a nice thing to do so these are all what i currently on send me actively looking at i was purchased into at&t probably six months

Ago but i kind of sold out of at&t after they increased in value and i was about to go on vacation so i’m like i’m just gonna sell it so i don’t have to worry about it going down right now i’m actually holding on to i xe an ir m i don’t hold any municipal pck municipal bonds although i really want to if it comes down to let’s say you’re like nine dollars and i

Would look to buy that irm i think if they go up too much maybe like 38 then i would probably consider selling them because this is kind of like a large cap stock they don’t move that quickly unless they’re doing something you know really amazing all of a sudden some sort of game-changing thing but usually these big companies usually don’t do that all the time so

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I am you know kind of eyeing like when it looks kind of frothy when the value of the asset is kind of ahead of itself and i don’t think it’s gonna stay around there so therefore you know that’s just basics of selling higher right i think it’s high i think it’s hide compared to the asset value so i’m gonna sell there’s other random stuff on my watch list here like

Fz ro x which is the fidelity zero total market fund they charges 0 percent investment fee for the etf and this thing’s and then i look at vo o vanguard s&p 500 which also has a low etf fee i’m looking at tesla amd microsoft spy gold all this stuff was pre-populated i think so this was not my doing just a few shares that i’m looking at right now and again if you

Guys are interested in using this app to get all the insightful information that’s not always on let’s say the apple phone where they have the typical stock ticker that you can track with their native app it doesn’t show you as much detail as this thing so if you guys are interested you can check out my referral link down in the video description below you can get

Two free stocks after you deposit $100 i think if you sign up you get one free stock and then after you deposit $100 you get another free stock on top of that so you know this is free money so thanks for watching this video and i know a lot of people are going to talk about this tesla thing because right now as i’m making this video the stock price is $918 i sold

Around 895 and well i have to you know you can’t feel too bad about it because i made a lot of money i think 300 percent or something and whenever i make a video about you know selling a certain asset bitcoin to be particular people always wait around until you know the stock price is always gonna go up some more i cannot time it perfectly i don’t have a crystal

Ball i don’t know when you know if i always sell it and then the next day it just keeps on going down then you know i’m suddenly gonna be recognized as someone that you know whenever i sell it would be like the signal it’s like oh you should do it right like right when i do it but the truth is you know the thing with these kind of cells is even though when you

Think an asset is over a price it may remain overpriced for an extended period of time and you know just as long as the market is going crazy it’s gonna remain there for a while it might go up to a thousand dollars even i sell mainly because i think in the short term it’ll go down that’s my assessment and i’m just gonna go along with it thanks for watching this

Video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you gather some of this nice dividend because dividend is very nice you don’t have to do anything because you just put money in you know every few months you get some money it’s completely passive you just got to make sure that the asset doesn’t go down while you’re holding on to it so that’s

Why i watch out for ds value dividend stocks you know when they’re low they can so they can actually increase in value rather than decrease in value and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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