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In this video, I show you how to change the air mass filter and air filter in a Porsche Boxster. The one shown in the video is a 2001 version. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes if you go in prepared with this video. A car shop will charge about $500-$700 to do this but the parts I listed here will run you roughly $180 total.

So the check engine light on my porsche boxter turned on luckily i have one of these obd two scanners laying around and i read up the code it said p0 102 which is mass airflow sensor low setting took it out cleaned it it was it was still dead so i bought the parts online and i’m going to show you how to replace the parts in order to get access to the mass airflow

Sensor you need to get access to the engine compartment so just open up the top you want to open it only halfway so i have one of these older version boxster’s and it has a vinyl bag you got to make sure to push it in a bit so that when you open the top it doesn’t crack the vinyl you want to unbuckle the two latches you twist these knobs on the top piece and then

Now you have access to the lid just twist the five positions open after you open the top the air filter is right here in the middle and then the mass airflow sensor is right here it’s held down with some security screws so you need a special bit to open it this is the security bit i’m using it’s a star shape with a cutout circle in the middle so all you have to

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Do is just remove those two screws pop that thing out and put the new one in so there you have it i have the old parts here this is the k&n filter dye that was in the car before i recommend to not use this at all because it’s what destroyed this mass airflow filter in the first place one thing to know is when you’re changing this make sure you don’t touch any

Other parts because they will break they’re very fragile there’s three sensors in this thing there’s this one i don’t know what it does there’s this one it’s supposed to pass a laminar airflow through this spot right here and then there’s this other thing that looks like a whistle it goes in and then comes back out and come out there’s a couple things those things

Oppose a sense i supposed to do temperature humidity and flow the way this thing works is that it heats an element up and allows air to pass through it the more air that passes through it the less resistance it has hence causing the current to rise and balance itself out okay so i toss these away i drove the car about 40 miles and the check engine light didn’t

Come back on so i think it’s fixed if you curious about the products i use in this video i put a whole bunch of links in the description one thing to note is that oh the obd2 scanner i use is a really cheap one i think about thirty forty dollars only allows you to read out the scan codes and delete them if you want so that your check engine light will turn off

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And the other thing is the mass airflow sensor all the other places i could find is about 240 online everywhere it but there’s this place on a really small website called amazon and they have it for about about 140 if you liked this video please click thumbs up for me and if you have any requests for future maintenance work you like to see please leave a comment

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DIY: Replace an Air Mass Sensor and Air Filter on a Porsche Boxster P0102 Error | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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