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Well folks do we have an interesting phenomenon going on in the market right now no i’m not talking about my hair okay we have a very interesting thing happening in the market today and i want to share exactly what’s going on here and my perspective on this because if you didn’t see the russell had a decent day up today up about point two seven percent meanwhile you

Had a lot of stocks uh had some great days i mean look at avant today it was up 22 percent tattoo chef was up two percent honest was up three and a half percent roughly you had corsair gaming up over two percent so you have a lot of stocks making some pretty good upward moves here today right now meanwhile you’ve got some folks that are very um well we’ll describe

It in a second okay but this person says the question is will these gains hold or just sell off the next day as usual says that individual right here brett says selling off 10 tomorrow that’s how it goes not used to any green days okay and so here we are in this make sure you subscribe the channel by the way if you’re not already here we are we have a decent day

In the market right and you get some some nice upward moves and some stocks here today and the nasdaq was down today if i recall finished red i think the dow finished red hand the s p 500 finished red and you got this group of stocks the small caps that had a pretty darn good day right and you got it folks is saying ah i don’t buy it you know it’s just going to go

Back down tomorrow or next week or or whatever right and that’s the sort of market we’re in right now and i want to talk people through this a little bit okay now first off i think it’s kind of natural for some folks to have you know these sorts of thoughts right especially if you’re somewhat newer to the market nor the market mean you’ve been doing this for less

Than two years on a high level right and so if you get very used to something that’s just what you start expecting and if you let’s say you got in the market in 2020 right you started taking the stuff serious and you got in the market after the you know the big march crash and you bought it in april may june well you were trained at that moment that every dip was

A huge buy right and like we were just going to go back up and then what you saw start playing out is especially in the small cap stocks right all these stocks peaked out in either january or february or 2021 right and then after that all these stocks started to dip dip now at first people are like oh it’s coming right back baby it’s coming back back lemonade was

188 dollars it drops to 150 people are like it’s going back to 200 plus okay and then it just drops again the next thing you know it’s 120 and then it’s 100 and then it’s 80 and then it’s 60 and then it’s 40 right and it’s like oh okay it never it never came back and it just got devastating and you go through stock after stock after stock like this teledoc was 300

Plus back in what was it january february somewhere around there right and teledoc when it first fell to 270 250 people like maybe that’s that’s coming right back we’re going to be you know give us a month and next thing you know we’re going to be at 300 plus again and then it fell to 200 like don’t worry we’re still coming back then it fell to 175 people like oh

Crap what’s going on here then it fell to 125 and then it fell to a hundred and then it fell under 100 right and so now you get folks that are just uh you know they’re so used to all these stocks selling off and selling off they’re just it’s become the norm now right and so you don’t you start to distrust every rally you get in the market every and this was even

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A market rally today that’s the best part of this this was not even a market rally the dow and sp nasdaq were all down the the russell was barely up it’s just these certain stocks rallied today and so people just start distrusting any move higher people like it’s probably just going to drop and there’s some really good news with that that is when you know you are

Very very close to a bottom in certain stocks when you start getting this sort of activity and you get so many people because i see these messages consistently over the last week including the latest video i did here today where i’m seeing folks just say yeah man nah it’s just going to go back down it’s just going to go back down because you’re being trained that

Way your brain is being trained that way it’s being formulated that way because every single time these stocks have had a decent day it’s down more the next day right and so when you start to get that activity you’re getting much much closer to a bottom i can promise you that that’s what happens every single time and when the thought process for investors is the

Opposite way right where it’s like if it just a little dip happens or any sort of dip it’s like hey we’re going back to all new all-time highs next week next month that when you that’s when you know you’re you’re at a peak right because there’s just way too much enthusiasm on a particular time right now there’s no enthusiasm right there’s no enthusiasm people are

Real quiet even if they’re bullish even if they’re really bullish people are real quiet right now i’ve noticed that recently real quiet even people that are that are you know very very bullish on the dl they don’t want to say it because they’re embarrassed to even say it right now and they’re going to feel like a fool if they come out and they say anything super

Positive about a stock right now like hey this stock’s going to go to this price by this time next year or over the next two years people are real quiet right now real quiet because they’ve been made to look fools and they can’t accept that going through that cycle right not everybody can mentally i can go through it like i have no problem like i can get a million

Views and i don’t care like you know and judge me off short term basis if you want to judge me off short term basis i’m like mentally at that place that i don’t care right i’m going to always say what i believe and i’m never going to be shy about saying it right most people can’t if they have one person on twitter you know they tweeted out something pause about

A stock and why they think it’s going to some some you know price and somebody says oh you you idiot look at that stock price now you posted the last month they can’t handle that they break down they’re like dude i won’t even speak positively about stock anymore because it really hurt it hurts them right it hurts their feelings and so a lot of people right now

That are bullish on the dl they’re quiet about it they’re real quiet and they’re not going to get loud again until they have enough positive days and enough positive weeks to really start getting back on that bandwagon until that happens they’re gonna stay quiet that’s the way it works and if you go back to last year because there was so much positivity everybody

Was really really loud i read the comments i’m in the i’m in these uh you know communities and whatnot and everybody was very very vocal on why their stock was going to go up another 100 in 2021 and why i was going to go up another 200 percent in 2021 in in the call options and posting trades and all that right that was that moment in time and now you don’t you


Don’t see that there’s none of that oh this is the next 10x stock this is the next um you know this stock’s going to 2x this year or 3x next year what you don’t hear a lot of that now all that has died way down now it’s almost non-existent right you know i’m still doing my thing but i can tell you for the most part all that type of activity is done man it’s so

Far done it’s not even funny it’s kind of like you know i always equate some of these um stock price moves to being in a hurricane right and you’re in this massive hurricane and you know just let’s say this is epic hurricane right and it’s going by right and you’re in it and you’re just getting sloshed around at first you’re like oh maybe it’ll be over soon and

Then it just keeps going because this is some sort of massive hurricane you’re like oh my gosh is this thing ever gonna end and then you get to the eye of the hurricane and you’re like oh finally it ended thank goodness okay and then also you realize oh no that’s just you know we’re only maybe halfway there and then you start getting pounded again and then you

Just start you’re getting you know so nailed in this dang hurricane that you start thinking oh it’s never going to be over right it’s never going to be over and um you know we’re just going to keep the the range is going to keep coming right the wind’s just going to keep coming and uh that’s the way these folks that’s where a lot of investors are thinking and i

Don’t think i don’t look at i don’t look at um you know folks that are thinking like this as um you know uh like like a lower being or something like that i think it’s natural like i said i think it’s natural if you’re being if you’re being trained that way and i’ve gone through markets before where you start thinking it’s just it’s just you know it’s done’s up

Right because you get so many negative days in a row and you’re down five percent on this stock and ten percent here and fifteen percent here and twenty percent there and you’re like oh my gosh man every time i buy i buy the every time i buy the dip it goes lower right every time i buy the dip it goes lower and so when you had that consistently happen time after

Time after time again what are you going to start thinking well it’s just going to keep happening because that’s the way our brains work and if we see a pattern that keeps unfolding a certain way and it keeps unfolding a certain way we think that that pattern is going to keep going that’s the way it is and so if you if every time you buy the dip in this stock or

That stock or that stock or that stock right and it goes down let’s say you let’s say teledoc right let’s say it dropped to 200 and you started positioning like well it’s down from 300 200 i think it’s gonna be a 500 stock in three years from now five years from now okay so you start your position at 200 and then it drops to 170 and you buy some more then it drops

To 150 and you buy some more and then it drops to 130 and you buy some more and then it drops to 110 and you buy some more and next thing you know it’s trading at 90 dollars a share what are you gonna start thinking well it’s just gonna go lower and lower because heck if you start buying at 200 and you’re buying at 90 it’s down 50 plus from where you started buying

Right and so every single time it’s dropped it’s dropped more and so you start thinking in your your head right you start saying well if i’m buying now it’s just gonna drop more and then it’s gonna drop more and then it’s gonna drop more and who’s to say teledoc’s not gonna be a 70 in a week from now or a month from now and then fifty dollars right and so that’s

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The way you start thinking now this also simultaneously leads to people getting really really picky around pricing if we go back to the end of 2020 in the beginning part of 2021 people got way too not picky about pricing it was just buy whatever at whatever price because it would go into the moon right and that’s the sort of market we were in at that particular

Time and now we’re getting in this market where people are getting real shy about buying the dip because they’re like well it might just go down more so why do i need to buy today because heck i bought the dip the last seven times it went down and it just went down more why do i need to buy today oh wait three weeks it’s gonna be down more and i’ll pick up shares

Then i’ll wait three months and it’ll be down more and i’ll pick up shares then and so you start to get people real real picky around pricing right and here’s a here’s the bottom line when it comes to that where do you think the stock’s going long term right first off do you know how to judge a stock and value a stock off you know long-term trajectories right and

If you don’t know how to do that watch uh some videos i have on the youtube channel like you know how i find my next million dollar stock that’s a really good video that goes really in depth it’s like an hour long video um obviously my private stock group had the course curriculums and things like that that that go very into detail on how you run projections on a

Company long term but at the end of the day like if you think a stock you know you’re buying a stock let’s say the stock price is ten dollars today and you think it’s going to be 50 stock in five years from now gosh buy the stock who cares if it goes down on nine you can buy more eight or seven or whatever right you know what i mean like like at the end of the day

If you think it’s really that much of a deal steal and it’s down huge and it has massive upside potential you buy you don’t get picky especially when you’re you’re you know it’s already down substantially from wherever you start buying it at right if you don’t think there’s much upside in that stock then don’t never buy it in the first place it’s not worth buying

Right if there’s not much upside there was never you should never have bought it right think about that for a moment and if it is a great deal and you think it’s got a huge upside potential then what does it make sense to do bye bye bye you know and so i just want to talk you guys through this because it’s something i’m seeing out there and i i actually like this

Because this is this makes me feel much more comfortable i’m so much more comfortable right now uh going into 2022 than i was 2021 because 2021 i was very uncomfortable it was hype it was excitement look at the stocks i was putting a ton of money in walgreens jp morgan the most boring of the boring companies because you couldn’t find that many good deals in the

Market right and now going into 22 i’m rubbing my hands i’m loving this sort of market i feel extremely comfortable i feel like my downside is extremely limited i see great deals all over the place it’s like shooting fish in a barrel especially for small caps specifically not large caps but small caps it’s like shooting fish in a barrel and you know yeah i’m

Ready to go that’s all i’ll say about that much love as always guys i hope this is a good little mindset video for you and have a great day

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