So definitely i totally respect how you’d like to talk about be careful in your stealthy some of the indicators work better in the short term but it’s not affected by the trump news or whatever but i like what you said you know could be right 9 out of 10 times stealthy and then that one stealth will wipe you out the fully and i like the idea of you know trading for

The long term and then you avoid the daily points but that can wipe you out with that little stupid weights that kills you right but that also gives you guys to climb the build right and i appreciate your advice today reminding me today be careful during the christmas time because yes it’s like very violently because of the low volume and that’s basically for no

Reason and then they swing down the next day so take this time and learn like for the same you say and i wouldn’t know your training time though do you factor into your convictions just the weekly so looking at the other perspective of non-tree too short of a time frame you look at longer fine things than you’re wondering prediction the fact that i’ve into your

Decision-making like or the decline in might in a new or two because you said you watch the economy like you know the structure stuff when you guys start seeing structure on the higher time today with a tus the mo monthly right on the one third time frame we’re seeing that it’s coming to that that sell the bike right we’ll talk about today and so they’ve already

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Had a gated off in that traditions all everything needs is a higher time frame support because you seemed a little wrong direction where the markets headed right so we know the best thing about it is just just following the train you use a higher time frames to see which way the momentum going and then you check you know you know you just follow the momentum right

Eighty percent of your guys trade should be going with one with the triangle 20 percent should be like per person to explode so really it’s just it’s just just zooming in and zooming out of the time frames very good question now it’s not like so much like self so when i was talking about the guys kind of years ago they were using indicators right i was talking

With him earlier we were talking about indicators when it comes down to he became is there a lag in it so you kind of the indicators are like lagging instruments right so they kind of tell you what’s happening after the news kind of already happening right so especially in the forex market that stuff is kind of comes and goes so good stuff a weird one going over

As a sidereal marquis geometry type stuff like the way you know there’s only that there’s a science and there’s a way that the markets move like you don’t really think like specifically they these patterns are people and the same stuff i’m for you guys today you can go back in time looking like the 90s and so so a big part of the way we’re doing is we’re playing

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Off to where the banks are moving the market right so first off we learned how to identify where they enter and exit like manipulation watch and then they play off of those same points several times where they exit an insert is pretty much where we’re exiting an entry level where the targets wanted to watch it but there’s not like perfect i don’t have to mix a

Mule robot again in the trade you know thankful character like texas it’s not like that’s just like based on what we’ve been able to learn and the consistency only given anything to see what happens and i mean you always take losses deeper oh my i mean lawson can it happen no matter what she’s hot right they just keep moving and the thing about these concepts do

Is kind of the guys from my 20 years ago and i’ll talk about those you said five years of the aqsa t it might not necessarily be obsolete but there might even more to make it better you know people back then they were just you know they were they were less information back into right tokenizing i think about

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