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Intey Body Fat Scale:

Público number date is to be published in to give me this body fat scale as his name implies it measures your body fat and also measures your weight but thing i’m puzzled over about these body fat scale is that this thing you see here it’s may about a glass there’s no electrodes here to connect you between you and the electronic device you may need electrodes here

To measure your conductive net through out your body so that you can measure how fat how much fat is in your body how much muscle in your body however i do know that glass is an insulator and this is all glass right here maybe it’s a special type of form a glass work it is conductive somehow and you see there’s a little pattern here but i’m not too sure what this

Pattern really does is it like a capacitive coupling or something i’m not sure if you can do that so after i unbox it and evaluate it i’m going to actually take it apart a little bit to see what’s inside and if it’s actually measuring your body fat or is it inferring your body fat just from your weight and your height and open it up apparently it’s a double box let

Me open it up again let me open it up again let me open it up again okay here is the scale for doublea’s these four positions is where they measure the way they just kind of sum up all four of them and you get your weights which four kilogram or pounds over here it does say six millimeter tempered safety glass platform capacity up to 400 pounds so to set this thing

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Up you just press set and it says male or female and then what kind of activity do you do are you just resting are you very active or are you walking pace i found this interesting because you can’t adjust the centimeter to inches on this scale and then you press that again and then ask you how old you are and then it has the kilogram just step on it yep that’s how

Much i weigh but since i want it in town going to click this and now you see i got 142 on six you’ll notice i’m wearing socks because i don’t feel like showing my bare feet on camera that close anyway if you want to do the body fat measurement you need to be on your bare feet and then you just step on it and then you wait until they’re done and you just remain on

The scale and then now it’s going to measure your body back and then there we have it fifteen point nine percent body fat muscle mass 49.8% bone weigh 43% visceral fat is four percent bmi twenty one point nine i guess that’s pretty good so it seems like there’s something underneath here and i opened it up so what i can do is try to measure the resistance of this

Thing if there’s any i’m quite surprised you can actually put a film on here durable enough that it’s actually measuring the resistance through your body 120 ohms just from the fact of me connecting to this glass directly about this distance here is 100 ohms so 320 okay 420 yeah you know roughly that’s quite interesting these little black nubs has nothing so there

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You have it you guys i can’t believe i doubted intae i totally was expecting to find out there’s actually nothing inside and that this was not conductive at all i’m quite surprised that they can actually deposit a film on this glass and have it feel like glass still and it looks like glass feels like glass and yet it’s conductive so that it can measure your body

Fat through this little little portal over here if you’re interested in this body fat go i have an amazon affiliate link down in the video description below don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of bodies are actually really measuring your resistance don’t forget you can support this channel through my audible

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