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Well holy smokes folks do we have some drama out there today in regards to bitcoin dogecoin cryptos in general oh my gosh okay uh we got to talk about what’s going on here with bitcoin what’s going on with dogecoin in my opinion um there’s specific things i think are happening that i don’t think a lot of people um realize might be happening behind the scenes and

Whatnot uh we’re going to talk about kind of where bitcoin dogecoin are going and those sorts of things i’m seeing a lot of conflicting things out there obviously you know uh the crypto market has attracted a lot of new folks to the financial markets in general like let’s be quite honest right i’m not just talking about cryptos i’m talking about stocks right a

Lot of folks have just gotten involved in the last year or so and uh they haven’t seen a lot of huge dips in those sorts of things and so we’re going to talk about kind of what’s actually going on here and things like that so i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video i’ll ask in returns that you smash that thumbs up button it helps out huge in the youtube algorithm i

Appreciate all you guys for being here much love as always but there is a lot of drama okay not just bitcoin it’s not just dogecoin it’s pretty much every single crypto out there is down huge today okay so obviously you look at bitcoin as of right now i was down about five and a half percent in the 24 hour it had it dipped i think all the way down to 30 000 or

So at one point here today okay and as of right now sitting at about 40 000 you look at obviously something changed in the past few weeks because it has just been down and down and down okay now obviously part of that was the elon musk situation right where he came out and kind of spoke negatively about bitcoin when it comes to the energy usage for mining things

Like that everybody’s got different opinions as far as that goes but obviously that was just one factor that kind of has sent bitcoin on this this struggle over the past week or so you know from 57 000 ish range to like i said today it was at literally thirty thousand something at one point like thirty thirty one thousand okay if we look at the doge dogecoin is

Even worse okay as far as the 24 hour it’s down about 16 and you look at it also over the past you know a little bit here and it’s just been it’s been ugly let’s be quite honest it’s been ugly you know you go back just a few days ago it was trading at 56 57 cents it’s 39 cents here today okay so obviously these markets are in a lot of trouble at the moment and

Like i said it’s not just dogecoin it’s not just bitcoin that are crashing it’s ethereum it’s xrp look at that ethereum 24 hours down 14 xrp is down 20 in the last 24 hours cardona’s down uh almost 12 percent right stellar’s down over 20 percent i mean you go through pretty much an entire list of kryptos they’re almost all down massively right now okay and some

Of this might even be bleeding into the stock market a little bit right look at specifically the russell 2000 which uh it’s much more likely if you own some cryptos you’re going to own some stocks that are in the russell 2000 look at the russell 2000 here today down 1.44 down far exceeding anything that’s going on the nasdaq the s p 500 or the dow 30 right so

Very very intriguing that some of this could even bleed over into the stock market okay now i saw this come out this morning i don’t agree with that at all let me kind of explain why okay bitcoins 40 crash does feel like capitulation says cr crypto specialitis uh no no let’s be quite honest okay capitulation in any asset class i don’t care if it’s crypto stocks

Whatever when you get to that moment it’s because your asset has been doing so bad for months and months and months okay this whole bitcoin situation it just kind of fell apart in the past week or so that’s not capitulation okay i’m telling you we you’ll know when you get to capitulation in any sort of of crypto or or stocks okay bitcoin when it was at 30 000

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A year ago or so that was capitulation okay not bitcoin falling for a few days or bitcoin just you know fell to blah blah blah number because it used to be here a week ago or something like that that’s not capitulation okay let me very clear about that that that you’ll get to that moment and you’ll feel that moment when you’ve been buying the dip and buying the

Dip and buying the dip and buying dip and buying the dip and buying the dip for weeks or months and you are so sick of buying the dip that you are just fatigued man and it’s hard to find anybody on this whole like little dip that bitcoins had here which let’s call it more than a dip let’s call it a crash okay this little crash bitcoins had here there’s plenty

Of people that are gladly you know uh buying buying bitcoin left and right right dogecoin in other cryptos right when you reach real capitulation it’s hard to find buyers it really is i mean it’s gotten to such a such a stage where man it’s just like you just are tired as a buyer you might be out of money as a buyer or you might just be in a situation in a stage

Where you’re just you’re just tired man because you’ve been buying and you’re been buying and you’re just like uh is it ever going to end no when bitcoin crashes for a week and dogecoin crashed for a week and these cryptos crash for a week that’s not you you can’t even you can’t even speak about capitulation okay you can’t even enter that word into the framework

Okay it falls for you know four months straight okay different situation it falls for a year straight different situation but give me a break a week come on man come on you’re like you know especially if somebody want us to claim they’re a crypto specialist you should have been around for some real for some real uh bitcoin crashes because everybody that’s in the

Crypto community uh knows when you get a real crash that’s that lasts for months man if not a year or two not just this little like oh it crashed for a week or something like that come on man okay now something very important to keep in mind here and i think a lot of folks aren’t factoring this in is bitcoin is still up huge for the year let’s be quite honest

Right now it was trading at what forty thousand when we entered this year bitcoin was at twenty nine thousand okay twenty nine thousand once again this is another reason why you can’t even enter that word capitulation into things let’s just put it that way because when you are still up for the year massively i mean bitcoin’s up what 50 for the year in a matter

Of what five months that’s incredible that’s absolutely incredible okay so before anybody laughs at crypto crypto buyers and says oh you guys are a bunch of idiots you know uh you know bitcoin’s still about 50 for the year let’s keep that in mind okay you can’t really talk any trash when something’s up 50 plus for the year okay that’s just not the way it works

Okay and um yeah there’s no way you can you can say this has been a capitulation stage or something like that it’s just not okay this is just a a big kind of short-term crash that is kind of going on in bitcoin okay now also when it comes to the dogecoin same exact thing literally dogecoin was six cents six cents on april 10th okay it’s uh what may 19 today and

Dogecoin is 40 cents okay so yeah the the crash recently over the past couple weeks has been obviously bad right and obviously you’ve seen some of the hype die down in dogecoin no doubt about that right the whole snl thing happened with elon musk and just like a lot of the the general hype that was starting to really build and doge it has it has begun to start

To fade right there’s no doubt about that but keep in mind doge was six cents literally a little over a month ago okay and it’s 40 cents now so needless to say that return on investment is absolutely ridiculous okay absolutely ridiculous all right i think it’s silly to laugh at those crypto buyers the same way it would be silly to laugh at like kathy would nor

Convest for the fact that tesla’s been going down recently they’re still up huge on tesla like you know what i mean like a lot of their shares are up a thousand plus percent so is it really makes sense to to laugh at her just because she might be going down her wealth might be dipping in the short term no it doesn’t make sense the same thing with with bitcoin

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Buyers and dogecoin and crypto buyers in general does it make sense to to laugh at those folks and and say you know they’re doing horrible when the fact is unless you bought in the past couple weeks that’s the only people that would be doing bad in that situation okay and that’s not the majority of crypto buyers out there okay now obviously this is even bleeding

Into coinbase and we still got to get into what i think is going to happen here with dogecoin and with bitcoin and the cryptos in general okay but this is obviously bleeding into coinbase stock i think i’m going to do a full dedicated video today just around coinbase stock because this one ipod a month ago or so right four hundred dollars a lot of folks didn’t

Even feel we’d see this stock under 400 is trading at 225 today 225 you flip my flapjacks and so we got to talk about coinbase we’ll do a dedicated video but there’s no doubt this this stock voyager stock as well right which are two public companies that essentially are crypto brokerages those stocks are getting just absolutely nailed today because essentially

What people feel is uh you know if there’s if if bitcoin’s not as high the transactions uh you know fees that coinbase makes voyager makes will not be as big okay something to keep in mind when the crypto market is very volatile you get a lot more trading volume sometimes and that can also help produce pretty good numbers okay so just something to kind of factor

In there just because crypto prices might be falling a bit doesn’t mean it’s the worst in the world that could also mean there’s a lot of volatility and there’s more trading volume and things like that just something to kind of factor in there when it comes to judging these stocks but i think i’ll do a dedicated video to coinbase later today okay now let’s talk

About bitcoin for a moment okay so uh in terms of where i think bitcoin price is going where i think bitcoin price is going and those sorts of things because i there’s definitely a lot of conflicting stuff and then we’re going to talk about dogecoin price and where i think dogecoin price is going okay so when it comes to bitcoin there’s been a massive massive

Change when it comes to the sort of buyers you’re getting in bitcoin over the past few years right i mean you go back to the 2017 huge run-up in bitcoin when bitcoin hit 20k right for the first time and then bitcoin just started sliding and just started crashing right bitcoin crashed uh and bitcoin just crashed and crashed and crashed until it was i think at the

Bottom it was about three thousand or so right from twenty thousand three thousand it was it was kind of a rough crash but there was a very different buyer market at that time right what we’ve seen come in bitcoin specifically over the past year or so is we’ve seen a lot of higher net worth individuals i’m talking folks with you know 10 million plus net worths

Put some some of their assets into bitcoin right we’ve seen that we’ve seen more and more folks that uh run companies put some of their money on the balance sheet into bitcoin right and so that’s helped bitcoin accelerate bitcoin price right it’s helped the bitcoin price continue to kind of rise and that’s why one of the reasons one of the reasons you kind of

Got this huge bull run in bitcoin recently right over the past year or so is because more and more companies have been buying into bitcoin in deciding to store some of their cash or almost all of their cash on their balance sheet in bitcoin right and so when you see activity like that it makes more and more folks consider using bitcoin or you know buying bitcoin

For themselves right and so that’s a whole movement you have so it’s a very different buyer base than we’ve seen in 2013 and 2017 and things like that for bitcoin and obviously the retail investors are still a big part of bitcoin right it’s hard for me to see bitcoin going under 20 000 okay and the reason being is i just feel like uh two reasons one is bitcoin

Has reached kind of a new a new level okay so each time bitcoin has a huge bull run right kind of like the nasdaq or sp500 anything right when it has its next big bull run it you know it’s very unrealistic that the previous bottom is going to be the new bottom okay that’s just not the way it works right and so like when bitcoin ran up to 20 000 right previously

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Bitcoin if it had crashed it crashed down to 300 right or a hundred it didn’t make sense for bitcoin to fall down to 100 or 300 it just had been at new levels right and so a bitcoin crashed to 3 000 5000 range that could make sense right that’s where bitcoin was kind of toward the beginning of that huge bull run right so that’s something to factor in so so when

It comes to bitcoin it’s very hard for me to imagine it falls to 5 000 10 000 something like that for the mere fact that now we’re at this stage where a new bottom has been set kind of in bitcoin right second part is i feel like there’s just so many folks that want to own bitcoin um and you know the court it’s folks own decision if they want to own bitcoin or

Not right but there’s a lot of folks that if bitcoin falls to something with a 2 in front of it 20 000 something there’s so many people that want to dang buy this thing right there’s so much money that’s been on the sideline that as bitcoin climbed to 40 050 000 and above right there’s so many folks that felt like they wanted to buy bitcoin but they wouldn’t

Buy bitcoin they’re like well i’ll wait for it to you know the next bitcoin crash i’ll wait for you know the next crypto crash or wait for the prices to come down when it comes to bitcoin right and so folks have been like hoping for this situation and so all of a sudden today look what happened as soon as bitcoin hit the 30 000 range immediately immediately what

Happened to bitcoin price it skyrocketed right it was it was down in those low 30s for like literally like snap of fingers and then also it was up up up right because you have so many institutions companies uh individual investors high net worth individual investors retail investors that are just waiting just waiting for price to come down so they can buy buy

Buy buy okay and so that’s why you know to imagine a situation where bitcoin falls back let’s say the 3007 it’s really really hard for me to imagine that not impossible but i just say like if i’m putting up you know likelihoods i don’t think it’s super likely because there’s just too many people that didn’t want to buy bitcoin okay we today was a perfect perfect

Example of that okay and so that’s kind of my opinion as far as you know bitcoin crashing worse and worse okay now when it comes to dogecoin i think that’s a wild card i’ll be completely honest dogecoin in the dogecoin price is a complete wild card you know i i i won’t make any prediction around dogecoin price okay let’s just put it that way because it’s not

At a stage that you can really predict yet it’s just not i mean you know the big you know dogecoin was seen as a joke just you know a month ago okay and a lot of folks still look at dogecoin as a joke and so there’s no way you can predict dogecoin like i wouldn’t be surprised if dogecoin is 10 cents in two months i wouldn’t be surprised if dogecoin is a dollar in

Two months there’s no way you can predict this one because there’s not enough big money in it yet it’s not enough high net worth individuals i’m talking 10 mil plus that are playing dogecoin at all and there’s not enough uh institutions companies buying dogecoin or anything like that so dogecoin is a complete wild card like i said two months from now i wouldn’t

Be surprised if dogecoin’s 10 cents i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a dollar um that’s just you you can’t you can’t predict that one it’s way way too much of a wild card for now but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video as always let me know what your prediction is for bitcoin and for dogecoin over the next month or so i would love to hear from you guys as

Always don’t forget to smash i appreciate it as always guys make sure to subscribe the channel peace much love

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