Dogecoin Crash Slashed My Portfolio

I hold Dogecoin and the latest tumble to 8 cents hurts! Should you hold now? I give my opinion on this and what I am going to do going forward. Not investment advice.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i’m going to talk about dogecoin and how it has fallen from what 75 cents all the way down to what is it eight cents now this video is brought to you by the moomoo trading app you can get five free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing money open up an account you get one free share stock you deposit a

Hundred dollars you get another free share of stock if you deposit two thousand dollars or more you can get three free additional shares of stock check out my referral link down in the video description below i would be very frank with you guys i don’t keep up very much with the crypto scene at all and i don’t even check dogecoin price every single day someone told

Me that oh my gosh it went really low i checked it and i was surprised you know the last time i checked it it was like 13 cents or something and then when i checked it again it was around eight cents and i even saw around seven and a half cents or so yesterday evening being someone that hold a million dogecoin ever since it was 75 cents that meant it was 750 000

If i were able to time it just right right at the peak and then sell it right then and there but realistically no one’s that perfect if i were to be a little bit off right it’ll probably be more like six hundred thousand dollars and then you knock off some money for tax it would be really well like four hundred thousand dollars in the pocket my initial principle

Is 70 000 in this thing so 72 74 or something like that so right now i am pretty much on par like like all my gains has evaporated it was sitting nice and pretty at uh around 100 gain 74 000 principal and 140 000 right that was what it’s worth when it was around 14 cents i got a million shares because it’s really easy to calculate 14 cents means a hundred forty

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Thousand dollars what’s been happening on my channel is that i’ve been taking some rest i haven’t been uploading as much to this main channel because i’m just resting going back to the core really and uploading what i what i really am passionate about which some videos are ending up on my beat the bush diy channel some videos are ending up on my beat the bush food

Channel i update those two you know almost as regularly as this main channel now but because i uploaded a video about treasuries savings eye bonds and then people go on the latest video and say oh well what happened to dogecoin oh my gosh it’s you know crashing and what am i gonna do am i worrying about it i feel these days i’m kind of numb to this like okay

Ten thousand dollars seventy thousand dollars i personally am prepared to sync with the entire ship i have a principal of 70 some thousand dollars in there and if it goes to zero so be it if it goes to thirty thousand dollars which is three cents so be it this is like a lottery ticket right to me there’s a chance that it’ll come back still if you are not trying

To troll me and you really are worried about the price action of dogecoin you really just can’t invest all your money in it because then you would be freaked out whenever there are these huge price movements even if it evaporates and goes to zero i will still be semi-retired in fact i have such a low burn rate and this is what creates such a kind of like don’t

Care attitude towards this price is because i don’t really need it for like 10 years i earn enough money to sustain myself pretty well because my burner is so low 1 500 a month times 12 is about 18 000 a year and you can imagine it’s really easy to earn this amount i can just sneeze and this amount just appears at my doorstep how sometimes when i just turn credit

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Cards i earn almost this much for my livelihood so i think investing in crypto you really have to have this type of attitude where you don’t really need the money you you can hope for it to reach a dollar or whatever right but you really need to not be reliant on it you know don’t lose your house over it i i still own my house i still have a pretty big portfolio

Although it also has taken a hit due to the downturn like 20 30 or so but i also still have a bunch of cash that i’m ready to pounce on the market i think like 50 to 100 000 or so that i’m ready to invest in stock market index funds the vo fund and really this is all i have to say i i really don’t know where dogecoin is going to go i mean elon musk that’s the sole

Reason i am buying dogecoin or and i’m still holding on to it you know there’s some glimmer of hope that maybe amazon is going to integrate it into their system there’s still some hope that doge one the rocket is gonna fly up it’s gonna be our interplanetary type of currency so there is some hope for it my view on this is that there’s gonna be a long winter right

It’s gonna be bitterly cold and it’s gonna make you want to sell if you think about the people who held bitcoin for you know five or six years they had to watch bitcoin tumble like more than 80 several times now dogecoin has tumbled like 90 or so and i mean it’s kind of really within the realm of cryptocurrencies it’s that volatile so maybe it goes down maybe

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It’ll come up maybe not at all so if you ask me do i know what do i think of it i i don’t know where it’s going to go i do know the more grit you have the less panicky you are the more chance you’re going to set to gain something if it ever recovers it’s kind of like a portfolio of someone that is dead has a really huge chance of like increasing a lot of value

Because they never look at it and they never get scared and they never sell so kind of like right now right this is like maximal fear right now for everybody for especially for crypto uh so people are gonna sell a lot of people is gonna sell so you’re gonna have this very very tiny amount of people that actually holds will this work out i really don’t know and

Um that’s just that’s just my opinion i probably look like an idiot because i could have had an immense you know hundreds of thousands of dollars i could take this and bought a car you know you just live lavishly for like several for for like a year let’s say or or two years you know just just just live in it right but instead look i’m spending eighteen thousand

Dollars a year just just doing it actually i think if i made that much money it probably would just sit in my account and just be kind of like a nest egg for retirement people call me greedy for holding it this long thinking that it’s going to you know skyrocket in value but it never does i call it investing you’re gonna have risk and cryptocurrencies is this

Risky these are just my opinion i hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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Dogecoin Crash Slashed My Portfolio By BeatTheBush

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