Dogedi will establish the new standard of DeFi tokenomics (Dogedi Token) RICH TV LIVE

Dogedi will establish the new standard of DeFi tokenomics (Dogedi Token) RICH TV LIVE – December 18, 2021 – #Dogedi #Defi #richtvlive #Dogeditoken #business #trading #bitcoin #doge #crypto #money #investing #Ecosystem #btc #blockchaintechnology

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing is your boy rich from rich tv live and where you can join the club and you can win we may have another big winner here a crypto that i think could 10x it’s right i think

It could 10x do jedi that’s right do jedi like star wars the only coin i know that has a focus on the star wars community also has a focus on saving and helping animals also has a focus on nfts also has a focus on defy also has a focus on the metaverse all in one place it’s true the doe jedi put on your radar put on your watch list it could be the next 10x

And you heard it here first from your boy rich from rich tv live and go to where you can get access to these types of trade ideas 24 hours a day seven days a week absolutely free or upgrade become a vip member and get access to behind the scenes information our education center where you too can learn how to become a profitable trader let’s

Take a look a little bit deeper into do jedi right here right now exclusively on rich tv live okay guys this is the do jedi website a token from a galaxy far away i think this is a really fun token a bnb binance auto claim rewards and auto buyback hyper deflationary token you can add dough jedi to your wallet you can get a dojada avatar you can also buy do

A jedi on pancake swap so such a cool platform you want to go and take a look at your avatar let me show you guys this check this out it’s a community avatar you can literally choose your avatar choose your character and live the legend from a galaxy far away customize avatar for the do jedi community and you can see many different avatars to choose from

And this is just some of the fun that you can do with do jedi so pretty cool really like what i see here you can see this is them on pancake swap right here finance paired with do jedi and you can create a community avatar and they are really well focused on social media as you can see i’m going to show you guys all their social media i’ve subscribed to

Them on youtube that’s their youtube and they’re also on twitch this is their twitch page this is them on instagram this is them on facebook so i’m literally following them everywhere this is how i get to know these companies and this is them on reddit so they are everywhere on telegram with 15 345 members and on twitter with 40 000 followers so you’re

Probably asking what is do jedi well we got a few videos that we’re going to show you in this video that will break it down they have a really cool do jedi card game in the doe jedi metaverse and this is the only coin that is focused on the star wars community do jedi is live on pancake swap and cg and cmc listed in less than 12 hours here’s some information

About the do jedi token and the dojedai token is d-o-g-e-d-i and it is a collateralized cryptocurrency that grants investors holding dojedi instant bnb binance rewards on all transactions with auto claim and protects them with its unique death star auto boost buyback and burn protocol get more free bnb tokens just by holding a project support by experienced

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Team and a sustainable model so you can see here the death star auto boost buyback function when the buyback function is turned on tokens are bought back from the market resulting in immediate effect on the price so this is a very bullish instrument that they’ve created there’s a focus on burning tokens which is very bullish as well the tokens bought through

Buyback are immediately burned this creates a true burn which means that the real value is exchanged for the tokens that are sent to the burn wallet rewards we love cryptocurrencies because they love to reward their holders holders are additionally auto staked instantly receiving four to seven percent it depends on buy or sell fees of the transaction volume

In binance rewards with auto claim and they can watch their wallet grow in real time a minimum requirement of 200 b of dojity token and it’s also an animal charity so we love the fact that they have a focus on animals obviously doge is an animal token so is shiba inu there are meme tokens that have had enormous success could the dojidi be next we want to be

Side by side with those who are working to fight against the animals abandoned hold dogedy do jedi and save a life so i like saying dog judy it’s do jedi uh doji sounds good too but it’s do jedi because of their focus with star wars so like i said the only coin i’ve ever seen with a focus on star wars and the star wars community it’s also a trust wallet pancake

Swap and poo coin logo and articles on many magazines yahoo finance coin quora and market watch all been featuring doe jedi let me show you guys here check this out when we go down you can see you can see they’ve been featured on the nasdaq they’ve been featured on bloomberg they’ve been featured on benzinga they’ve been featured on market watch

And yahoo finance so these guys are getting a lot of exposure and their community is growing these guys are working with binance smart chain pink sale solid proof tech rate bcs scan and pancake swap metamask so guys love to know what you guys think about this video if you like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere

And subscribe if you’re alive what do you guys think about do jedi i’ve always been a fan of star wars i never really thought there would be a star wars coin or a token but there is the doe jedi will establish the new standard of defy tokenomics we also love d5 here at rich tv live our community absolutely loves defy and do jedi will establish the new standard

Of defy tokenomics do jedi is the first to introduce the original ever rise buyback mechanism plus tiki bnb auto claim rewards system in the cryptocurrency space in addition to these the automatic rewards in bnb and the auto beast doe jedi also combines periodic burns that will increase the value of the token absolutely love the focus on burning tokens this

Is extremely bullish when you burn tokens you reduce the coin supply and that typically is very bullish for the asset so we’re really excited to see how that’s going to work in addition to these the automatic rewards and bnb bonanz and the auto boost do jedi also combines periodic burns that will increase the value of the token buyback function of the doe jedi

Smart contract exchanges liquidity from the reserve liquidity pool for do jedi tokens in the main liquidity pool these tokens are automatically sent to the burn wallet this adds value to the liquidity pool of the doe jedi token and permanently constricts supply love it billions of tokens will be burned and removed forever from the circulating supply as all of

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These tokens will be bought from the market sold and destroyed forever this will create a true supply constriction and makes do jedi hyper deflationary four percent on buy or seven percent on cell transactions is taken and redistributed to all do jedi holders in bnb once again bonanz accumulate bnb by holding dojedi token in your wallet there’s a white paper

We’re not going to go through the whole white paper but you can click on white paper and learn more about the white paper we can also go here at the very top and see how it works death star dojetinomics roadmap certifications let’s just click on certifications i want everyone to know that this is fully certified here the devs team fully docks yes more than that

What does this exactly mean many users mistakenly think that the fact that developers of a project show their faces in the video pictures etc then everything is okay and you can move forward but nope showing a face doesn’t mean that you’re honest developers and will not harm the project in a thousand possible ways please keep that in mind at all times and

Save yourself from troubles our devs team is a hundred percent kyc so kyc is know your customer which means they’re fully certified okay so with solid proof a top-notch certification company under the european laws and regulations that means that solid proof has all the required documents physical addresses passports and any other forms of id in regards to

The developers of the do jedi project of course we do not want any holder to have our passports or physical addresses even for the security of their own holdings and we are very sure everyone will understand that on top of that solid proof monitors all activities within the team wallets 24 7 and would immediately report to authorities the very first second any

Willingly harm to the project is detected so fully certified now let’s take a look at the dojinomics very important to know the dogenomics so let’s go back here and take a look at the dojinomics so these are the dogenomics as you can see here the buy fee the binance reflections paid every hour for marketing development and the death star auto boost buyback

Function you can see the buy fee you can see the selfie so everything is very transparent you know exactly what your fees are this is the road map you can see the force doe jedi birth in phase one and you can see what they focused on in phase one build the protocol create contract token and contract deployment on binance smart chain double code audit tech rate

And audit rate double kyc solid proof plus pink sale token and contract deployment on binance smart chain marketing begin to spread awareness build communities launch social networks creating safe website private sale and launch website so that was their phase one they are now moving into phase two pre-sale on pink sale pancake swap public launch which a lot of

This is already done trust wallet verified logo meme development stickers development 5 000 telegram members they are well over that now 10 000 twitter followers they’re over 40 thousand poo coin banner coin hunter coin vote coin mooner coins nipper and much more first youtube video 3 000 holders coin gecko coin market cap and shilling contest see if they’re

Listed on coin market cap all right and do jedi oh there they are so they’re also listed on coin market cap currently listed at rank 320 you can see they’re really really cheap they got a lot of zeros there so very risky highly volatile fun coin with a community that’s growing but obviously it’s very risky always remember that rich tv live is strictly for

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Information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that some of the coins that have done the best were at these lower levels when they got started so definitely a coin token a project that i think everybody should be aware of everybody should

Put on their watch list and everybody should put on their radar because you do not want to miss the next potential 10x coin and this just seems like it has a really good feel the fact that they’re helping animals and you can see here what their phase three goals are you can see their phase four goals and i’m really excited about their phase four do jedi card

Game a doe jedi marching merchandise store doe jedi nft platform i’m a huge fan of nfts so these guys are focused on nfts these guys are focused on d5 so absolutely love what i’m seeing here with do jedi do jedi nft platform do jedi wallet app for ios and android and web do jedi pay do jedi games and casino do jedi x dedicated doge exchange with cross chain

Capabilities my goodness so so much coming for do jedi take a look at phase three doe jedi master five million market cap large influencer offline marketing campaign coin gecko apply coin market cap apply obviously they’re already on coin market cap certex audit simplex partnership nomics plus lunar crush plus delta plus block folio apply develop partnerships

With worldwide animal shelters for charity donations banker doge staking integration apply for new exchange listings so so much happening with do jedi and it’s a security and safeness focus with the doe jedi platform that i really think is pretty awesome and double kyc with solid proof and with a pink sale double audit with decorate and auto rate and doxxed dev

All right and pretty excited about the metaverse integration vr shop for cards and vr arena battle i think that’s gonna be absolutely wild so this is like everything i’m looking for all in one coin it’s fun and it’s cute and these are the types of coins that have done well so you know we’ve seen coins in the nft space and in the metaverse absolutely explode

This one might as well and we’ve also been really excited about d5 and these guys are into d5 too so these guys are into d5 these guys are into nfts these guys are into the metaverse the doe jedi what do you guys think love to know what you guys think about these videos if you like this video smash the like button contact rich tv live if you have any questions

That’s the contract address if you need anything you’d like to know anything please guys let me know the doe jedi card game metaverse integration we’re talking about defy nfts metaverse all in one place a really cheap priced token you can even create an avatar they’re on pancake swap what do you guys think zorobor rich from rich to be live bringing you do jedi

A token from a galaxy far far away and the only token in the world that has a community focused on star wars and a focus on giving back to animals what do you guys think comment on the video if you haven’t subscribed hit that bell for notifications subscribe your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out peace you

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Dogedi will establish the new standard of DeFi tokenomics (Dogedi Token) RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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