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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna take a look at a relatively new startup company called dollar shave club i’m gonna do an unboxing of the lowest price subscription they have which is three dollars a month and then i’m gonna analyze the company afterwards i remove the shipping label says shave time save money over here has a logo

Dollar shave club and same thing on the other side just a recycling logo on the bottom and if you open it you get this some flyer about shave butter a pamphlet type of thing you can get a bunch of different subscription service this one is the one that’s in this box is two blades $3 a month it comes with five cartridges and it has this lubrication strip here and

The next level up it’s $6 and it comes with four blades a month it also has a lubrication strip and then the next one has six plus one blade six on the top and then one on the side and this one goes for $9 or monta and it comes with four cartridges and you can see the rest of this flyer thing and you can read through it and the back has nothing and then here is

A shaver it’s very simple it’s just a plastic piece here nothing very special about it kind of rubbery texture whereas this is a harder texture right here you push this and then it opens up and then this company likes to have these kind of witty comments everywhere and gamble on horses not your face and it says change your blade each week and

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Then when you take it out it has five blades here it says fresh and it comes with the shaving cream they call shave butter here it wants you to add it and customize this is three dollars right here let’s just put one in and see those and then you just pull it out just like any other shaver and so you see it tilts front and back but not left and right like some

Of the fancier ones and i mean it will do as a shaver i guess the company got so popular and so fast because it addressed a pain point of the consumer because razor blades are unusually expensive these days they kind of locked up little pieces of metal that are the blades and they cost maybe a couple dollars each blade sometimes so it’s really expensive to bible

And there’s no reason it should be because it’s just so little bits of pieces of metal right another thing that’s just as expensive as razor blades that you might want to think about our text messages where every single megabyte it costs about $1,000 because you’re sending so little data and yet the carrier’s charge you so much for it another thing is a printer

Ink cartridges because you’re only paying for a tiny little bit of ink for like 20 $30 for that i would suggest to not buy printer ink cartridges because it’s just a ripoff just like text messages but sometimes you just can’t avoid that but now you can actually avoid the expensive cost of razor blades by signing up to dollar shave club and i’ll leave a referral

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Link down below in the video description if you’re interested these are not actually very fancy shavers they’re very basic and they don’t have you know all these different axes of rotation so that you can bend it every which way and they’ll follow your face and of course you try to upsell you on shaving lotion and stuff along with your subscription so you decide

On that the business side of all this is kind of interesting to me that’s why i want to talk about this mainly is that unilever of a much bigger company purchased dollar shave club for 1 billion dollars 1 billion is a lot of money because look 1 2 3 4 9 zeros right here i can’t even imagine how much that is their sales for 2015 this past year is only 150 million

Dollars now the sales here if you look at how much they actually made they made zero dollars there in this startup mode where they’re pouring a lot of money into infrastructure and stuff and they’re not actually charging all that much for their razors uni leaver bought this company for 1 billion dollars and their projected sales for 2016 is 200 million dollars

With zero profit and so that’s 5x revenue and not the amount of profit so this is kind of strange why would a company that makes no money why would you leave by this company for five times revenue it’s crazy revenue is not profit so union livre really is trying to buy into the customer base here not really how much they make a lot of people are resonating with

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This company including myself because they’re selling razors act actually a reasonable price you look at this and this is a reasonable price much better than you know you buy a cartridge of five for like fifteen dollars or something that’s just crazy i can’t imagine this three dollars a box going much longer because it’s kind of like a freemium model most people

Can get this for three dollars pretty much close to that cost other people might go more premium and that’s where they earn a little bit of the money but you have to know after this company takes over it might start to want to start making some money after maybe a few years the popularity has kind of tapered off other companies are actually climbing along to this

Model as well where they sell really low price razor blades so it’s gonna have competition if you’re buying expensive razor blades you can actually save a lot of money by signing up with this club you can sign up through my referral link down in the video description below don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below let me know what you think of

This club and subscribe over here thanks for watching

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