Don’t Buy It: 13 Kitchen Gadgets You Do Not Need Ep. 10

Instant Pot: (Many keep on commenting this is the thing to get but I still do not have one yet)

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush welcome to another episode of don’t buy you don’t need it this is a series where i go through a whole bunch of different products and then i offer you ways to think about things so that you don’t buy them after all the effect of this is that you’ll end up not buying certain things and this will in turn help you reduce

Your expenditures and also increase your net worth now as i said before you may actually have very good reasons to buy a certain item i’m just offering you ways to think about it so that you don’t buy them for example i talked a lot about not buying the iphone 10 however you might be a developer developing apps for that phone and this is maybe a tool of the trade

For you so in that case of course you need this item and it’s very well justified today’s episode is gonna be about kitchen gadgets i picked up this flyer recently in the mail and i look through it i’m like wow i don’t really want any of this stuff so it got me thinking that well this way of thinking if i put it in a video that maybe you can also think of things

This way and also not want these random products that are you know pretty expensive and just generally a waste of your money the first item is a brining bag my first thought is why do you even need a brining bag why don’t you just use a big enough pot and just stick the turkey in there that’s what most people do you don’t need to pay five dollars for a plastic bag

The second item is world-market brine it’s just a whole bunch of spices and stuff inside um i’m sure you can cobble up you know something just as good it’s mostly salt i think so therefore you see this big weight package right and you think oh it’s pretty heavy so it’s worth it but it’s mostly salt um because of that you’re probably you’re paying $6 for mostly

Salt is really really not worth it there’s nick’s item is a food chopper this is a manual food chopper now not even then automatically now for a manual one you have to end up you know pushing it a couple of times and you’re sure it’ll save you a minute or two but at the end after you do that it won’t save you time when you have to go and clean this chopper thing

So better to just know how to use your knife you just slice a couple of times and then diagonally and then vertically and there you go you can chop it yourself just with an if you don’t need a $20 tool that is plastic and this thing looks like it will break – you know after i don’t know four or five years of use and you can just use a high quality knife and that

Thing will last you a lifetime instead the next item is a manual line well okay you might have some uses for this because sometimes you might want to cut things very thinly and all very equally thick however being $60 for this plastic gizmo to me it looks like it should be you know worth more like $20 or something i cannot see why it’s $60 it should have been

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Motorized or something to charge that much being thanksgiving soon you’re gonna have a roasting pan sure you can have a roasting pan but you know what i use i just use a regular one of those pyrex pans you know i’m pretty sure everyone has some sort of pan that’s like you know maybe an inch and a half tall and you can just as well use those you don’t absolutely

Need a roasting pan that’s like two three inches tall just to roast your turkey precision digital leave in thermometer you don’t really actually need this whenever you buy a turkey you have those little pop-up thermometers or you have the ones where you stick into the thigh and you don’t have a little wire coming out or anything you just leave it in there and it

Works just as well you can just as well buy one of those little doll ones those work really really well actually and i’ve used them to make really really juicy turkey so you just stick them right next to the meat of the thigh and i think they run for like about seven eight dollars for those things instead of forty dollars the next thing is a roasting rack and it

Looks like they want you to stick this inside a tray and put this on top so that the air can get underneath well this little trick that you can do is you have two racks in your oven what you can do is just place your meat right on the top rack and then you put your roasting tray right underneath to catch all the drippings and right there you have a roasting rack

Without buying anything the next item is a cutting board with juice well well i actually might need something like this actually because i have a cutting board but i don’t it does not have this juice well thing to catch all the juice but i’m doing just fine without a juice well cutting board because if it gets you know kind of cuddly you know i just kind of push

Everything off to the side into the sink so you don’t necessarily need this $30 is on the high end for a cutting board in general i think they would should be going for like $20 $25 the next item is a knife sharpener and by the way this thing does have a five dollar off coupon whenever you buy something so all of this stuff perhaps you just minus five dollars if

It’s over $15 but note that one of these items is $14.99 right here so if it’s $14.99 you can’t use this five dollar off coupon so you really need to go and hunt for you know like one dollar i number the next item is a knife sharpener and it’s $50 and i’m like oh my gosh why would i stick my really good knives into this like kind of grinder type thing that’s going

To ruin my knives i feel like this thing is just gonna chew it up all a knife sharpener is one of these things one of these sharpener stone costs a few dollars in chinatown so you just go to like a asian market and they would sell these for really cheap and it has two sides to these things one is the rougher side one is the finer side and basically you just stick

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Your knife wet this thing and then you just kind of drag your knife at an angle and you’re going to sharpen your knife just as well as this thing which is basically this thing in little circle wheels and then they add a motor to it and then just kind of it would be like whirling around as you stick your knife there so you don’t need motors to do this you can just

As well sharpen your knife manually and it’s really really quick it’s like you know a couple minutes and you can do it and you don’t sharpen your knives all that much often anyway i think i’ve used this you know just once or twice with my j a henckles willing because they’re really sharp anyway you don’t really need to use this to grind metal off most of time you

Use this little stick the sharpening stick which is not really a grinding thing it just kind of straightens the edge on your knife so that it becomes sharpen and it does work microscopically the edge of the knife just kind of like got bent and then it’s just making that straight again if you keep on grinding your knives you’re really good knives especially it’s

Gonna like thin out it’s gonna get smaller and smaller as you use it so you use this as a last resort where your nice is not so sharp and then you start grinding them the knicks item is yet another roasting pan for $15 one time i bought a really cheap pan for a cheesecake and apparently i use it once or twice in the bottom started flaking it was one of these cheaper

Ones and by the time i started flaking i could not return it anymore so watch out for these really cheap items where the nonstick surface might just flake off and you know once it starts doing that you basically can’t use anymore because you don’t want to eat that stuff there’s a $130 ninja four-in-one a q-tip cooking system with auto iq recipes so it looks like

Some sort of a slow cooker or baby fast cooker i’m not sure how fast that would be but $130 sounds a bit you know crazy you can buy one of those in step odd thing for $60 these days i think you don’t really need all these controls over here this is just nuts i know it has like a timer and everything but for a slow cooker you don’t really need a timer because you

Know you said it basically slow cooking it’s very easy on the beat you can like cook it for like 6 hours or 10 hours or 12 hours and it would all taste the same anyway nic’s you have this 20 pound extra large electric fryer you don’t need a fryer that you’re only going to use once a year to fry your turkey $100 $30 just sitting there just so that you can fry your

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Turkey it’s not quite worth it and i personally think if i’m gonna make a turkey i’m just gonna stick it in the oven i don’t even need any special tools whenever i’m making a turkey you just dress your turkey you gotta put butter in between the skin and the meat and you gotta season it there don’t just see this is ending on outside you can get in between the skin

Over there and stick on the pan you don’t even need a roasting pan and off you go you just bake it make sure you cover the breasts so that it doesn’t get too brown remove it halfway etc etc three and a half four hours or so gel pro elite comfort mat for $120 are you kiddin be a mat for $120 i think i’ve seen some of these mats you know something bigger than the

Size even at costco and i think they were going for i don’t know 30 $40 maybe 60 even but 120 i’m you know very very sure it was not a hundred twenty for one of these gel mats silico quilted pot holders now these aren’t too expensive it’s only nine dollars and i assume if you don’t have pot holders and i feel like most people have pot holders then sure you can

Finally buy this thing i’m not too sure how good the silicone is because having silicone on there if it’s a really thin layer if you after you use it for a while it might just you know tear once it tears then you know it’s done for you you have to replace this pot holder thing so i think i’ve rag don about this add long enough i’m like looking through all this and

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