Don’t Buy It: Black Friday Non Haul Ep. 11

Canon Duplex Monochrome Laser Printer:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about my black friday haul basically i bought nothing now right on black friday i actually brought in nothing however on thursday morning i actually did buy something i had to buy two four terabyte external hard drives for $80 each this is something i’ve been looking at for the past two weeks or

So this is needed for me to mirror all the data that i need to backup so that i can throw away all the discs i have so i think if you have a real need for a certain item before you even start looking at ads you already know that you need certain things and then you are hunting for it for a while and then you see a low price then yes buying it would most likely be

Worth it to you rather than ads showing you that something is really cheap you know trying to get rid of inventory something that they don’t really want then you end up buying this stuff and then you end up having all this stuff that’s just sitting around that you don’t really even use now like i said in previous videos i never used to be into black friday all that

Much however i think the hype and stuff people you know talking about it just kind of got me to buy more and more of it over the years and then i guess last year i started buying a lot less and now this year right on black friday actually bought nothing at all the first thing that helps me not buying anything is the realization that it’s not worth my time to flip

Items so i look at something and then i’m i still looked at a few items and i compared the street price of those things and i go you know i’m just eyeballing it and then i’m like well if i resell this yeah i might make a little bit but after all the fees and things i might make like $10 $0 sometimes even buying stuff it’s not a moneymaker opportunity here i don’t

Think it’s a big moneymaker mostly you should be buying stuff if you actually need it if you’ve been looking for it for like a month or more then you have it on a shopping list and then you’re like oh i need certain things and you purposely wait for black friday to come around so that you wait for you know maybe some store will have that for cheap and then you

Buy it then it becomes a money-saving opportunity now just recently i read a news article where there are about a hundred people waiting in front of a shoe store in el a the night of thanksgiving and then they waited 12 hours to you know be in first in line to get something i think the sneaker was like 500 to $1,000 so whatever value that they’re extracting from

This they spent about 12 hours and they need to be you know one of the first few people that get such good value and then i assume i’m gonna estimate that they made about $500 in this ordeal they might have roughly made off with about $40 an hour waiting outside in the cold and probably not sleeping very well because you know they just have to stand around or just


Sit so it really depends on the person if this is worth it or not because if you earn a lot less than $40 an hour let’s say you can only make 13 solid dollars an hour you know doing manual labor stuff blue-collar type jobs that i just tried out if that is the case for me then yeah i might just do that just to you know pick up a little bit of extra money but you

Also have to weigh in the fact of the discomfort level that you have to subject yourself to you have to wait in line you have to be in the cold you have to be outside you know just jumping through hoops just to earn that little extra money now i look through slick deals all the time just for fun you know sometimes i catched a really good deal but this black friday

I’ve been looking through everything and i didn’t see really all that much that i personally wanted it to buy i mean i did see this two-dollar blanket thing but i have plenty of blankets already so the mentality here is you really have to look at what you have already and what you can make do without mainly you don’t really want to buy stuff that that duplicates

Whatever you have you don’t want to pre buy anything either because you know you think oh it would be nice to buy this in preparation for whatever event yeah if that event ever comes but it might not be so good to buy duplicates or things such as blankets if you already have blankets to use another item that i cringe at is a label maker basically you have these

Really cheap label makers is basically this full-blown electronic device inside there’s a circuit board there’s batteries there’s a little printer inside and i do not think it actually costs them only five dollars to make this thing sometimes it goes on so fifteen dollars even you know maybe not black friday prices but this pricing of this item is highly suspicious

It makes me think about the inkjet printers where they price them really really low they get you to buy it and then you bring it home and it comes with like a really tiny roll of the printable media that you can print on it and once you finish this up you’re gonna realize that the the little rolls that you need to buy it’s gonna be very expensive and i looked it

Up it’s like 15 dollars per lead you know per cartridge and the worst thing about these things is that you’ve typed something in and then you press print and then it’s gonna spit it out and it’s gonna push it all the way out you know it’s gonna waste up out an inch of white space and a lot of people complain about this and you know there’s not much you can do and


That people just go oh you know if you want to save you know room save the tape then you can just print a lot of little pieces and then cut it yourself this is just ridiculous i feel like they have the technology here to basically print without you know wasting that much basically they can print it in such a way where you know they might only waste maybe one or

Two millimeter of space they’re doing this on purpose so that they spit up extra tape so that you use extra tape because this is their moneymaker the more tape they use the the more money they make because once you finish up this roll of tape you had to buy another $15 roll of this this printable media stuff so what’s the way around this i personally do not have

A label maker and what do i do well basically you can just write on a little piece of paper and use a little piece of tape that’s wider than the piece of paper you didn’t you can just you know write on a piece of paper and cut it sort of thin and then you tape a piece of tape over that and then that becomes a sticky you stick that on whatever you want it works

Just fine the next item i like to talk about in this black friday shopping thing is a color laser printer now why is this important is because i personally have a monochrome laser printer and it works just fine i don’t actually need to print color at any point in time very little people require color laser even it’s kinda something nice to have and you know if

Mike monochrome laser printer ever breaks then or maybe if it runs out of ink but if it seems like it’s lasting forever basically so if it ever breaks then yeah i’m gonna go and you know upgrade to a color laser one day basically for a lot of people what i saw is color duplex even i don’t have duplex it means it prints on both sides color laser for $69 for this

Thing and it’s basically about the same price i paid for the monochrome laser you know about eight years ago and for a lot of people that aren’t as thrifty i guess they would just go and buy it i guess and then they would go you know it’s upgrade to a color laser and then what do they do with the monochrome laser i don’t know that i guess they’ll sell it toss it

Give it to someone else something like that now if you have just too much money to throw around where you retired early financially independent you’re not working anymore then yeah that might be you know something that you can do if you just want to burn money sure in my case i’m trying to convince you to do the same where if you can hold on to something that is

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Useful that is you know that will do for whatever that you need you don’t actually need to upgrade sometimes people’s mentality is when they see something that’s really cheap they might pre buy things like you might have a second item of the same thing and you’re like oh it’s so cheap let me buy it again because i really like this item i want to buy this brand

New one even though i don’t need it and you’re gonna you know shove it in the closet or something in preparation for when one day the one that you’re using actually breaks now i’ve been guilty of doing this i bought a dsl modem actually i didn’t pay all that much for it but i had to sign up for some service in order to obtain this but i had that dsl modem for the

Longest time i actually never used it and i’m sure a lot of you guys out there have duplicate items of the same thing just sitting around not being used now sometimes it’s very helpful to have duplicate items if you need a backup for example if you have very critical systems where you absolutely need an internet connection or something then then sure you need a

Backup where you can just swap it in but most of time for you know daily consumer home use stuff you don’t need backups of anything and if you can get over this fact of not needing backups of anything then you can greatly reduce the depreciation of things that you have duplicates of that are sitting around i hope you enjoyed this black friday at non halt and this

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