Don’t Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8

Don’t Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush welcome to the eighth episode of don’t buy you don’t need it this is going to be the electronics edition now this is a series where i try to convince you to not buy certain items in an effort to help you increase your net worth all that much faster you might be opposed to my idea of not buying these items and you

Might have very good reasons of buying it an example could be you have vision problems so therefore you need to have a really big screen in order to see anything on a screen so therefore you have very very good reasons to buy that certain item even though i’m recommending you to not to now when i walk into an electronics store is a total gold mine for this type

Of episode where there’s so many different items where i can recommend you to not buy and i can just go in on and on about each item that i find these items i’m listening today are the more ridiculous examples hopefully they’re so ridiculous that i’m gonna be able to convince you to not buy them at all the first one being a color changing led light bulb that is

Wi-fi enabled so that it allows you to change the light bulb color through your smartphone now who really needs something like this other than to have someone over so that you can show people hey look at me i can change the color of my lights really whenever you have it on most the time it’s going to be a regular white color you’re not always gonna have everything

Blue all the time one of these things will run you about $50 when a regular led light bulb will normally run you about two dollars so this is a forty eight dollars for one single light bulb more then you would have anyway now there’s a problem with these light bulbs i cannot quite prove but i do know that these light bulbs they run unusually hot they’re very very

Hot in terms of electronics temperature so therefore if you put a wi-fi module in or any kind of electronics in it’s going to have an a seller rated lifetime therefore i’m going to conjecture that whenever you have something like this one of these color-changing ones that it’s wi-fi enabled i bet you that the wi-fi it’s not going to last all that long the second

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One being action cameras now there are people that would legitimately need action cameras for example if you go surfing a lot and you want one of these action cameras but most of the population is not going to have all these fancy lifestyle where they do all kinds of dangerous stuff stunt double things and they just want to record themselves now let me tell you

Before i started doing a lot more youtube videos the only action my action camera got was maybe when i go on vacation or maybe when i go to a pool or something so it got very very little usage and from what i hear from other people that have these gopros they also get very very little usage and i feel like most people are buying into this because they see this

Awesome footage online or whatever they always say oh gopro you know it’s always a surfing thing or someone base jumping but most of us is not going to do something like that and when i looked at my vacation footage from my gopro it was just kind of you know boring even because i’m not like jumping over cliffs jumping over things so really reconsider getting an

Action camera especially if your anticipated usage is not going to be all that much the third one being a wireless mouse i used to think a wireless mouse is really great and all because it is indeed wireless and there’s no little cord that’s tethering it however after many many years of usage of a wireless mouse i realized that i really hate changing the battery

In these things and i really hate taking this thing and docking it if there’s a dock i know they would say it’s gonna last maybe three months six months or something but if you have to do this every three months or six months it gets really old really quick every single year you’re just like changing battery changing battery changing battery however if you switched

Over to a wired mouse that’s really lightweight and you just plug it in you never have to ever change the battery again saving you time the fourth one being 4k tvs that are 75 inch or smaller now 75 inch 4k tvs are going to be quite expensive and if you’re not going to buy something that big – will not buy it in 4k at all because if you buy a 4k tv and don’t sit

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Close enough to it you can essentially not be able to distinguish the resolution between a 4k and a 1080p tv now the optimal numbers here where it actually matters is if you have a 4k tv that’s actually 75 inches in diagonal and you need to sit up out six feet seven feet away from your tv to be able to absorb all the resolution that your tv has to give if you sit

Any farther with a 75 inch tv you’re essentially going to reduce the amount of resolution that is has to offer which is 4k this means that wherever you’re gonna put your tv it’s gonna be more than 10 feet away you don’t really need to buy a 4k tv you can just as well buy a 1080p tv for a lot less for like $1000 this essentially means that if you’re gonna sit ten

Feet away from your tv you can either buy a 4k tv or a 1080p tv that is 75 inch in diagonal and it would not matter at all even if you play you know 4k content or whatever you cannot distinguish the two you’ll notice at a store they always put 4k tvs next to each other they never go around putting a 1080p tv that’s a lot cheaper that’s the same diagonal right next

To a 4k tv just so that you can you know kind of step backwards until you realize hey there’s no difference between the two so for 4k tvs for a typical living room you really need to go 75 inch or larger and for 75 inch tvs they’re quite expensive they’re on the range of about $3,000 or more for a 4k version of that thing now i’m not actually giving the go-ahead

To buy a 4k tv that’s 75 inch or larger this really depends on your own personal budget and what you need it for the fifth thing being these brand new wireless earbuds where they have earbuds that are too tiny things no wire in between and you just stick them in your ear kind of like those apple earpods if you have one of the newer apple iphones then well there’s

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No headphone jack if you don’t want to use a dongle then you have to buy one of these wireless earbuds things these things will run you about $100 to $300 now there’s no reason these things should be that expensive there’s a little tiny battery in there there’s very very little electronics although the bluetooth ic might be a little bit expensive however you got to

Know that the material costs of these things are very very low i estimate that this niche of wireless air but it’s going to be commoditized really really fast to the point where maybe i think a year – it’s gonna drop down in price very very quickly and eases you can find over the head wireless bluetooth headset for like thirty dollars this is exactly what’s gonna

Happen with wireless earbuds that does not have a wire in between so i hope you enjoyed this episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it and got some good ideas on how to not buy these items that i listed if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and

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