Don’t Buy It: Fidget Spinners Ep. 9

There are a lot of things that you do not really need to buy. With the right information, it will make you not even want to buy the item at all. This 9th episode covers the following items:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush welcome to the ninth episode of don’t buy you don’t need it this is a series where i try to convince you that you don’t need a certain item in various ways saving you time and money and then helping you increase your net worth all that much faster now i do realize that not everyone will agree with not buying all these

Items that i listed sometimes there are very good reasons for buying a certain item even though i recommend not to for example bottled water most of time you should not be buying bottled water but maybe sometimes the water might be poisoned there might be quality issues in those cases then yes there is a very good need and very good reasons for buying bottled

Water anyway the first thing i like to talk about is fidgets spinners now i don’t even have one of these myself although i do want to have one however after reading some news articles about these fidgets spinners containing lead paint i’m a little skeptical of you know trying to figure out which one does not have lead paint at which i can buy safely now you might

Say any inferior product brought from china might also contain lead paint and this is very very true especially the low-cost ones for the typical consumer we can’t really tell which products really does contain lead paint or not by the time we buy and then we find out later on due to health issues it’s probably going to be too late already so my stance with fidgets

Spinners is i rather be safe than sorry so i rather just buy a really smooth bearing one of those abec five or eight back seven ones and then just make my own now as this channel goes bigger i’m a big fan of buying test equipment things to test things out that other people cannot do in order to test for lead in certain items you need a thing called an x rf meter

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It’s this device that has an x-ray source that bounces off something and then it will measure the things that bounces back now one of these things cost twenty thousand dollars and i think the cheapest it would go is maybe five to eight thousand dollars for like a less sophisticated version so in the future if my channel will support something like this i definitely

Will buy these kind of crazy test equipment just to test things out just test various consumer items out and and you know just let people know that oh yeah you know this animal these things are safe to use does not have lead paint the second thing i want to convince you to not buy is dna testing for your ancestry information it’s really great that you can get more

Information about your ancestry but to me this is not where it stops to me there’s a huge privacy concern here because when you send in your dna you’re sending in a lot of information about yourself the part i’m most worried about is not the part that they’re trying to sell you where you get all this information is the part where when you send in your data they get

To keep whatever residual information about you that they want i’m guessing here but i’m pretty sure they aggregate all of this stuff so that they can make better determination of other candidates now just a speculation alone makes me not want to give them my dna because if they are profiting off of my dna somehow making them be able to determine future candidates

Information a little bit better however i’m not getting paid for my dna information makes me not want to share this and makes me not want to use this service at all the third item is sugary cereals when we go to the supermarket there’s a whole aisle of cereals for some reason and there’s boxes and boxes of all these different kinds i used to buy cereal of course

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And i did not know that oh my gosh these things contain so much sugar and in fact when i go in there i’m like oh i want the sweet one i wanted to taste sweet but little did i know that having a bowl or two of sugary cereal is equivalent to having one can of soda it’s like 10 teaspoon of sugar in there so why is having so much sugary stuff bad for you it can cause

Diabetes once it enters your system it’s gonna cause an insulin spike and i do not think i need to be labored this point of having too much sugar is really bad for you the fourth item that you should not buy is frozen or low-quality pizza the cheeses that they sprinkle onto your pizza is most likely pre-shredded and it contains a chemical called cellulose cellulose

Is naturally occurring in vegetables of course however the cellulose that gets added to your cheese so that it does not clump together it’s derived from wood and in order to derive cellulose from wood you have to put a lot of chemicals into your wood to dissolve it all now i’m sure to get rid of most of the chemicals by the time they use it as a cellulose in food

Products however it’s the trace chemicals i’m worried about i don’t want to have you know you know acids and things like that that’s in my food and then somehow they wash it away i know there’s a little bit that’s left in there still now you might think oh my gosh i can’t buy pizza now this is crazy well you know what i do i just make my own and i have my own recipe

Over here the fifth thing that you should definitely cut out is whenever you go to a restaurant you should just stop ordering any kind of drink at all drinks are typically a very high margin item for a restaurant if its high margin for them it means it costs you a lot for them it might only cost them about half a penny for the syrup in fact the cup probably cost

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Some more than the syrup itself of course it’s gonna be hard to cut out sugary drinks if you normally drink a lot of soda so this is something that you need to work yourself into you drink a little bit less each time knowing that sugary drinks are really really detrimental to your health it’s gonna cause you a lot of health problems further down now there’s also

Alcoholic drinks that can add to your tab so the less of these drinks that you buy a restaurant the better because then you’re gonna save a lot more you do not need to buy a sugary drink you don’t need to buy a beer or an alcoholic drink you can just have water i hope you enjoyed these tips on not buying these products and if you believe me you’re probably gonna

Save a lot more increasing your net worth all that much faster don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know other products that you think you should not buy if you’re interested in supporting this channel i’ll have an audible link down in the video description below or you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this service you

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