Don’t Buy It iPhone X Edition Ep. 7

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How’s it going everybody this is peter bush welcome to the seventh episode of don’t buy you don’t need it now in this episode i’m gonna feature the iphone 10 only and i’m only gonna talk about the iphone 10 and why you should not buy and i did a little bit of price estimate to figure out how much last year’s phoned appreciate it if you bought it brand new now the

Iphone 7 plus 32 gigabytes sold for seven hundred sixty nine dollars and about one year later right now you can go on ebay and buy for about five hundred dollars now this is ebay sold listing prices so you’re looking at about a two hundred seventy dollars depreciation after one year if you bought it brand new yourself and then sell it yourself this is roughly a

Thirty five percent depreciation now if you buy the cheapest iphone 10 at $1000 the estimate is that one year later if you choose to sell it and perhaps buy a brand new one again maybe the iphone 11 if they have it or iphone 10s or something like that you’re gonna get back about $650 this is a $350 of depreciation now i put these numbers out there just to give you an

Idea how much you lose in depreciation if you do all the work yourself now however if you sign up with the carrier and do these upgrade plans where you can just give them the phone without doing any work at all it’s gonna cost you forty nine dollars and 91 cents every single month for two years now if you do it for the first year it’s gonna cost you about $600 and

Then you get to trade in your phone so out of pocket it’s gonna cost you $600 instead of the two hundred sixty nine dollars that it would have cost you to do it yourself or an estimated of $350 if you do it yourself or two iphone 10 on top of the $600 you have to pay for the phone itself you still have to pay it for the service which runs roughly between 50 to 80

Dollars over one year this is roughly $600 to 960 dollars every single year now if you add all this up together if you choose to upgrade every single year and you choose to use one of the big carriers it’s gonna cost you out of pocket about $1,200 every single year that you do this now so far i’ve only really told you about the actual cost of the thing most people

Would go oh yeah you know i’m willing to pay $500 $800 $1,200 for the privilege of using this brand-new phone because once you have it you’re gonna go you know you can show it off and stuff you can say hey you know look at this new augmented reality thing and you can do all kinds of fancy stuff with it now for me i have to upgrade phones every once in a while and

I think in the past 10 years i might have bought about 2 or 3 phones outright and they’re very expensive like 500 $600 i have not bought service for the past 10 years because most of time i can use the phone for my work as a personal phone or other times as of recently i’ve been using freedompop for the past about three or four years where i have my own service

Plan however this is a free service you might be a little bit confused about this free service but i use an iphone 5 with freedom pop the voice data it goes over voip and i would have to say the voice data is not very reliable at all people have a hard time contacting me but i’m able to contact people pretty easily through chat wechat facebook messenger and things

Like that so i use the chat channel as a more reliable communication channel with the free freedompop service i do get one gigabyte of lte service every single month for free now i pay zero dollars for this in comparison to the 50 to 80 dollars a month and on top of that i don’t upgrade my phone every single year i’ve used this iphone 5 for three or four years

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Compared to someone that has the latest and greatest all the time they’re spending about $1200 more than me every single year now i’ve done this for the past 10 years instead of you know people like to say oh instead of you know buying a coffee or whatever let’s say you invest it let’s say you get 8% compounded annual growth rate over 10 years instead of spending

$1200 every single year and if i invest it instead by the end i calculated this already i would get 19 thousand dollars more in the bank than someone who chooses to have the latest and greatest now you have to understand this whole time i’ve been using a phone most the time i also have internet most of time i can also call people i can get texts and every thing

I have the functionality there the service may not be as good and you know i don’t get the immediate gratification and stuff it’s just kind of like shifting to a mode where i’m not on the bleeding edge i still have an iphone okay i still unable to use apps and things like that but in the bank compared to someone who upgrades every single year i’m nineteen thousand

Dollars richer then someone who does this now i’m plan to keep on doing this for as long as i can and every single ten years and i think i have you know several more of these ten years ago it’s just gonna get worse and worse it’s not gonna be $19,000 every 10 years it’s gonna get compounded more and more it’s just a mode of changing your lifestyle and how bleeding-edge

You want to get when you have the latest and greatest all the time it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny and in the long run you realize that the quality of life does not improve dramatically because for me having a slightly older phone i still get all the services all the essential of services at least as compared to someone who has the latest and greatest phone

Now let’s talk features here the iphone 10 has a lot of great features but which one of them do you think will materially improve your life now this really depends what you’re upgrading from if you’re upgrading from a flip phone you’re likely gonna see a lot of improvements because after getting a smart phone from a flip phone you’re going to see a lot of drastic

Improvements such as access to apps and things you have access to a really really good camera so let’s just not talk about upgrading from a flip phone to a iphone 10 because most people is not going to do that most people are upgrading from an iphone 5s six or seven into the iphone 10 now the biggest thing about the iphone 10 is that the screen covers the entire

Front surface or mostly of the entire front surface of the phone because of this they had to remove the button so then you can no longer have the fingerprint id to log you in so then they have to invent something new such as a face id thing now the face idea thing is completely new it uses these infrared sensors to sense the contours of your face and this is

Likely hard to duplicate but it’s not impossible think about one of those square boxes with like a thousand pins on it if you stick it on someone’s face it’s gonna have the same contour as this person so this might be a possible spoof for this phone spoof meaning that you’re gonna trick the phone into logging you in in other cases you might be able to log into

Someone else’s phone by sticking the phone in front of them while they’re sleeping although they might check that the eyes are open so i don’t know maybe you paint eyeballs onto their eyelids or something in order to get into their phone let’s just say with any given technology especially with something brand new like this face id think people are going to find

Ways to trick it and this is something that’s gonna happen i believe in the coming months now do you really need this face id thing i think it’s only there just to replace that button so that you can have a larger screen so it’s not a necessity perhaps it’s more like a replacement of the fingerprint id which only became necessary because your whole front face of

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The phone became a screen now because you have this face id thing they suddenly need to implement this whole neural network thing just so that it can adapt to your face so then they have this neural engine thing well do you really really mean this well if you don’t have this phone with the screen all over the front then you may not need this neural engine thing you

May not need this face id thing you may not need this screen to cover the whole front face now what is this about the screen covering the whole front face of the phone do you really need this this is an aesthetic thing when you take out the phone well yeah it’s gonna be smaller now because the bezels it’s all gonna be screened instead so you’re gonna have a larger

Phone a larger screen phone but the physical dimension of the thing is gonna be smaller now is having the biggest screen possible on a phone really necessary you can kind of argue probably not to me because this is an aesthetic thing you don’t absolutely need this now the iphone 10 has other features such as wireless charging do you really need wireless charging

So having wireless charging i think will improve your quality of life just incrementally because you do not have to plug this lightning connector into your phone or you know it’ll take you about two seconds every day so it’ll save you that much is this absolutely necessary well you can argue or two seconds is kind of worth your time or not to me yeah two seconds

We can just kind of do away with it’s something really fancy and it’s nice to have of course but it’s absolutely not necessary there are three additional things our improvements such as you have this an emoji thing where you have emojis where you can like move your face because of this infrared detection thing from the face detect they can you know just double up

The infrared sensor there and use the data from there to animate your an emoji so yeah you’re gonna be talking to some people and they’re gonna have some an emoji and maybe you don’t have the iphone 10 yet so they’re gonna be like you know haha you know they can move around this is great and all but we have to understand how many people are actually going to use

An emojis it’s gonna be great and all it’s gonna be a new thing people are you gonna go oh wow you know it’s cool and all but we have to see if people are going to use this in the long term or people always gonna like if they laugh right are they really gonna try to record themselves you know laughing and then just send an emoji more often than before or not you know

Time will tell i don’t really know this there are augmented reality games which to me are pretty interesting however if you’re not into these augmented reality games well you know this is something that you may not need and on top of this augmented reality games are games after all so if you spend a lot more time playing these things then you know to me you know on

This channel that i think you know generally a lot of games are a waste of time because you are essentially putting a lot of hours into it and you’re not getting any anything back and you kind of skills any kind of life skills one additional thing that you’re gonna get better on the iphone 10 is incrementally better color and higher brightness now to me i think if

You go on a blind test or something you’re not going to be able to notice the color difference or the higher brightness most people cannot the better color some people are more sensitive to this this better color better brightness it’s going to incrementally improve your usability of the phone perhaps but in the end is likely something that you don’t absolutely

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Need now like i’ve said in this series all the time is that there may be applications where you may absolutely need the iphone 10 maybe you absolutely need the augmented reality version maybe you need that to develop games or something because you’re a developer for augmented reality games then sure yeah absolutely you need the iphone 10 then now with any iphone

If you’re gonna buy it outright and keep it for a really long time you should look at the long-term depreciation of this now we don’t have data for the iphone 10 but we do have data for the iphone 5s which has been out there for about four or five years already as you can see here once it’s released you know the price got really high for some reason so it’s $800

How about one year later it dropped all the way to about $350 about two years later it dropped all the way down to about $180 and three years later it dropped all the way down to about $120 so if you studied this chart from camel camel camel calm carefully you will notice that apple normally releases their devices sometime you know late september and the phones

Don’t really reach the mass-market until maybe december where they have produced enough and that most people have such phones once many people have these phones you will notice that the previous versions of these phones drop dramatically as you can tell over here on the chart you can see some time around you know about february is when the price of the previous

Versions of the phone dips dramatically so once this iphone 10 comes out this is a really good time to get perhaps the iphone 6 iphone 6s or iphone 7 you pick it up you wait a few months you pick it up sometime end of january to end of february and you’re gonna get a really good price if you do get one of these earlier phones you’re gonna be able to pick them up

For like $500 rather than the $1000 that you need to pay for the iphone 10 now here’s what i’m thinking picking one of these earlier devices is really good because you have like 4k recording you have really great cameras you have the big screen you have mostly everything that the iphone 10 asks the iphone 10 has you know these incremental improvements it’s nice

And really fancy and all but i think if you upgrade to something like iphone 6 or later then you’re going to have you know very very good features already and you’re going to be you know pretty up to date you’re not gonna be on the bleeding edge but you’re gonna save yourself you know like five hundred dollars more every single year even if you upgrade to like the

Second generation from the bleeding edge every few years so thanks for watching this episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it the iphone 10 edition don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if these topics convinced you to not buy the iphone 10 after all if you’re interested in supporting the channel don’t forget to check out my

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